Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – iPad UnPacking

Dear faithful readers of Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday,
After about a month of silence from our protagonist, he has finally given us a pinch of himself to discuss and ponder. On the March 31, he simply twittered:


This twitter was followed by unpacking video and an article written for TIME MAGAZINE about Apple and the iPad, culminating with the web-wide “iPad distortion field” this weekend. I will not comment the article, device itself or Apple; but for a good measure I recommend reading post written by Cory Doctorow on that gives a slightly different view of the device and the company. Whether you are on the pro or con side of this device, it was great to hear from Mr. Fry and we’re looking forward to him finishing his present obligations and his return to Twitterverse full time.
(Jeez, this thing looks cool. Need to get me one of them. Oh, shyt, did I say that out loud?)

Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday or You are being shagged by a rare parrot

Dear faithful readers,

No – you have not messed your dates up – it really is not Monday. And I am aware we have not done one of our Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays in a while. I do apologize but I was lacking inspiration. That does not mean I am any less fond of Mr. Fry but I’m not going to drum out a post just for the sake of it, you know what I mean? :)

So while I write about other bits and bobs to keep you entertained I had to share this because quite frankly it gave me a fit of giggles. Good heavens – this particular parrot does really not know when to let up and maybe just maybe bless him but if he knew how to distinguish between a human head and another parrot the species just might not be on the verge of extinction.

Does it come as a surprise this is turning into a YouTube hit already? :)

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Kingdom


Dear faithful readers, happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

So have you seen the first episode of Kingdom? Have you, have you?

You can tell I am in a desperate need of a holiday when I see Wells beach and all I can think of is those divine fish and chips at French’s (well either that I need a holiday or that I am desperately hungry :) I don’t know which to be honest.

So did you like the last night’s episode? I’m so thrilled there is something to watch I can’t even begin to describe it. And I do have to go on record I absolutely love Hermione Norris. She is very giggle inducing.

Now I have pulled up the ratings (you can find them here) and it was a healthy audience of 4.95m (which is 19.1%). Given first series pulled in on average of 6m but I think there is reason to hope since:
a) Apprentice finally ended and there is literally nothing to watch and
b) ITV waited till the very last minute to change the website (tsk!)

But since I am a helpful sort for anyone who has missed the first episode you can see it on ITV’s Catchup. Now this is for UK viewers only.

US viewers can check Kingdom out on Hulu. Given it is only first season but this was actually a good move on ITV’s part so yay for that!
So our dear faithful US readers if you haven’t seen Kingdom before do give it a whirl why don’t you? :)

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Kingdom Viewing Party


Dear faithful readers,

in a week’s time the new season of Kingdom will finally premiere (well at least that is what I have read on Stephen Fry forum but of course ITV’s Kingdom website hasn’t been updated as of yet). Unless you live in Belgium – then you had the chance to see it already.

Be as it may it is the UK viewing figures that matter the most (and I say pants to that). So I thought what better way to kick off the new season then with a little viewing party? Those are always a lot of fun.

Now it might be too hot for a nice cup of cocoa but who says we cannot enjoy some Pimms? (If you click at the link just there you can find a recipe for Pimms, aren’t I nice? :)

And I also associate Kingdom, Norfolk and Wells in particular with some of the best fish and chips I had. Ever. So deliciously tasty. So I tried to make them at home and I did manage to come up trumps with that one. Yes I know it is not the same as shop bought but when in a pinch… If you click on the link above you will find a recipes for fish and chips (although I do have to note I used beer instead of sparkling mineral water).

And did you know there is such a thing as Norfolk parcel? Or Norfolk pudding Well now you know.

Anyhow these are just suggestions.

If you do decide to have your own viewing party – take a pic and send it to our e-mail and I’ll put it up for our next edition of Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday.
Slippers and cocoa, pimms and fish and chips – whatever takes your fancy, just remember to take a pic.

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