Kingdom pre-screening – Q & A Session

Ok dear readers, off to the Q&A part of the press conference. Do pardon me I’m doing this from my notes and for the life of me I can’t read my hand writing in some bits. But you will get the gist I promise.

On sequel to Moab is My Washpot – this was by far the most interesting news to me (and not only because Monika threatened to thump me if I didn’t find this out) but the second part of the memoirs is in the works. It should cover the period from the age of 28 to 40 (which I think will make for an even more interesting read).

On projects completed and in the works – for anyone following Mr. Fry on Twitter you know he just finished filming Last Chance to See (2 out of the 8 species Douglas Adams originally followed have now became extinct). And this summer he is off to Germany to film a documentary about Richard Wagner. And he did an episode of Bones which has him dancing at the very end (!) Nowhere near as bad as I thought :)

On losing weight – Mr. Fry shared he simply stopped eating certain foods (such as bread, potato and sugar – which are basically my only food groups I have never met a chip that I could resist, well that and meat) and he does go for a brisk walks as a form of exercise. He went from 21 stone to 15 stone (which is a LOT!) so obviously I need to reconsider my basic food groups. He also shared how he enjoyed listening to a number of audio books such as James Bond books, Crime and Punishment and some Trollope rather then to fiddle with his iPod and find a suitable song (don’t we all do that?!) And he shared that exercise did help with the depression.

If he could pick one character he played and he could be for the rest of his life – the answer was Peter Kingdom. But “I do get a bit irritated when people think I am playing myself when I play Peter Kingdom, because I am far less charming then he is. I am far more likely to be grouchy.”

On possible guest appearance on House – sure it was discussed on a number of occasions but they cannot quite decided whether he should be a better diagnostician but incredibly nice just to annoy House. Or should he be ruder, nastier and crueler. And he would keep his English accent!

On Twitter – (that was actually one of the first questions) and no it is not the source of all evil and it will not replace journalists (well not completely of course :)

On MySpace poll that declared he should replace St. George as the patron saint of England – Mr. Fry said if anyone should replace St. George as the patron saint then it should definitely be Shakespeare (as April 23th is marked as Shakespeare’s birthday and death day). Hm yes like we expected him to say yes I’d looove to be a patron saint :)

Oh and of course the iPhone came out (very snazzy – red cover) and we all ooh and aah-ed appropriately :)

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – to tweet or not to tweet?

Stephen Fry promoting his latest book

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

I am well aware I did not post last week, but well I’ll try to compensate today.

Last week I think it was I read a lengthy opinion piece in Independent.

The illustrious journo basically called Mr. Fry a twit for tweeting.

I really do not want to write a rant (I do not need premature wrinkles) but I find it fascinating how it is always black and white with journalists. I do understand that sells the papers but honestly.

I mean how dare Mr. Fry tell us anything – like that he is stuck in a lift, filming parrots or going for a walk. Because in the good old days you would need a publicist, a journalist, a date set for an interview and the actual interview to take place (and live through the editor’s, well, editing) so we can read 6 months down the line Mr. Fry was stuck in a lift, filmed parrots and went for a walk.

But of course in all probability journalist would never be so low brow to ask those type of questions.

And now the tabloids (and even some more respectable newspapers) are saying who needs to know when Mr. Fry went to the loo when it is those same tabloids (and even some more respectable newspapers) that are making stories out of nothing nowadays.

How dare Mr. Fry tells us anything himself tsk!

You know I never signed up for MySpace (it takes forever to load), I opened up a Facebook account but gave up after people started throwing sheep and poking me but I like Twitter.

It is just 140 characters and it is a fun way to interact with people from all over the globe.

It will never ever replace my need to have a coffee and a chat with a real life human being. Ever never.

And it is preposterous to claim so.

But to call it “odd form of self stalking” – now that takes the biscuit altogether.

Sure I am a mere pleb and not famous. But why shouldn’t someone like Mr. Fry – who actually has interesting things to say – interact with people? He never struck me as a divalicious celebrity (no pun intendend) who is too high and mighty to interact with his fans/admirers/add an appropriate description.

And yes imagine the horror – Jonathan Ross is a total geek and he goes to the loo. How dare he!

Honestly some people should just lighten up. Twitter is not the evil to end all evils, it is just some harmless fun and yes a way to connect with people and exchange ideas.

Me thinks Terence Blacker is either one of 2 things a) jealous he cannot limit himself to 140 characters or b) forgot to take his brans for breakfast.

Either which way – in the words of our lovely Mr. Fry – arse, poo and widdle. Tsk!

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