16 hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows

We are all about equality here and since we already did the lists of Old guys our mums think are hot, hottest geeks and simply hot guys of 2007, today we present to you the list of hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows.

I do not want the lads to feel left out or anything of the sort. I did have some consultation on this one mainly my brother and another friend who shall remain nameless as I don’t think she is ready just yet to come out to the worldwide audience. The point is the list has been approved by both a male AND a female, so I do hope I have not left anyone out.

Sarah Michelle Geller aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer
There was definitive glint in the eye at the mere mention of Buffy and it seems she still has a lot and I mean a lot of fans even though the show has been defunct for years. When I tried to argue Buffy was perhaps more horror then Sci-Fi I was met with angry stares. And I value my life.

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