Boy Meets Girl Compels Me to Write

boymgirlWe have seen this story dozen times. Two characters, one big electric shock and presto they change bodies. You can make this story funny, dramatic, intriguing;  but the creators of ITV’s newest fusion between comedy, drama and disappointment, Boy Meets Girl, decided to do none of the above. The only good thing they accomplished is that after months and months of not posting anything, they finally compelled me to write something.

ITV describes this show with a following sentence: “Rachael Stirling and Martin Freeman star in Boy Meets Girl, a fast paced, stylish new comedy drama which hilariously transcends the gender divide.“ Oh, come on! Did you even watch this show? Let’s deconstruct this sentence:

· a fast paced – for the most part of twenty minutes I could force myself to watch, main characters are looking themselves in a mirror, touching their boobs or a combination of the two, accompanied by music attempting to be intriguing. This can only be fast paced only if I press fast forward on my remote and play the bloody thing at 16x.

· stylish new comedy drama – May I ask just one thing: What makes a show comedy drama? Wikipedia to the rescue: “Comedy-drama, also called dramedy or seriocomedy,[1] or dramedy, is a style of television and film in which there is an equal or nearly equal balance of humor and serious content.“ So, to have comedy drama you have to have a combination of the two. Except for the light touches of soft porn there’s neither. Although if they wanted to go in this direction they should have gotten different music score. Something like pow chiki chiki pow pow. But, I must admit, the show is new!

· which hilariously transcends the gender divide – You know what, I give up. This is a ridiculous show with no humor, no plot, and since the main characters don’t even share a proper scene there’s even no point in calling it Boy Meets Girl.


In a great words of Simon Cowell, the show is utter rubbish and not worth our time. Apparently, my opinion is shared by ITV itself; because its own website is lacking the basic information about the show. They literally copy and pasted a few sentences from the press pack.


So proud of myself! Haven’t used turd once in the entire post.

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Mistresses – Desperate Housewives minus Botox

God bless England – at least their writers are not on strike.
And it has to be said BBC does come up with good series, although their latest hit Mistresses smells a bit like an English version of Desperate Housewives. Minus the Botox and Teri Hatcher of course.

Hell you can even see some wobbly bits, not much but still you have got to love BBC – they actually hire actresses and actors that look normal.
The story centers around Trudy (played by Sharon Small) who lost her husband during 9/11 attacks and is coping with her life as a widow, Siobhan (played by Orla Brady) and her husband are desperately trying to conceive, Kathy (Sarah Parish) is a doctor who had an affair with her dying patient while Jessie (Shelley Conn) is a party planner with a taste for sleeping with her superiors.
The plot is tad more realistic and little less predictable (as you can notice I have said only a tad bit) then that of Desperate Housewives and as I said actresses look like normal women rather then starved anorexics who had one liposuction too many. Part drama, part thriller with a good few sex scenes thrown in for a good measure Mistresses make for an easy and undemanding viewing material.

It is not the best thing that has come out of BBC nor it is turdilicious turd but it will do.