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  1. I really am enjoying the Maria Wern series; is similar in flavour to the British series Vera, though the title character is a more attractive woman!

  2. Hello, a few months ago I watched nearly all of the Wallander, Krister Henriksson, episodes and now am not able to locate them. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you for your insightful input.


  3. Hello,

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  4. Dear Berta, I love your blog.
    It’s been a long time now – a month – you have not written anything. What am I to watch now? I already read your blog backwards and watched things you recommended previously. I also follow your book recommendations and even workouts! Are you on vacation? Without Dr. Who and all that?
    Please, come back!

  5. Olga,

    thank you so much for your kind words, it is much obliged. And truly humbling. Am doing my best to get into the swing of things again, so hopefully there should be some new posts up.

    Thank you again for your lovely words.


  6. hi!

    I read your post about old mtv europe with pleasure. I am MTV lover myself. I’ve been collecting MTV Europe stuff for years. I have tons of material, from Greatest Hits (with Paul King mainly), Most Wanted, Headbangers Ball etc. I wonder whether you are interested in any exchange/share/trade between you and me. If you have any old VHS tapes with MTV, that’s wonderful. In that case, I would really like to contact you and discuss several issues with you – i’m sure you will be interested.


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