Random thoughts on fall TV

Dear ladies and gents,

some of the fall finales have wrapped up (hm since when do we call it a fall finale? Did I miss that particular press release?) and I have thoughts about it. And what better way to express them then in a form of gifs.


IcannotwithFitzseriously. What an entitled asshole.

And when Olivia finally (FINALLY) dumps his ass


Winchester boys are back! YAY!

The Good Wife

I’ll be honest with you – the only reason to watch? Jeffrey Dean Morgan. God, that man is hot.

Also? Alicia’s wig is driving me to distraction.

Jessica Jones


So I’ve been watching Blindspot. And it’s not bad. But that guy, the main guy, Weller, why does he always make the same face? It looks like Leslie Knope’s angry face. All. the. freaking. time. Seriously, it can’t be I’m the only one who noticed it?

Fall TV shows

Dear ladies and gents,

in the interest of science (not really, I just had some spare time) I checked all of the trailers for all of the new shows that are due to air in September and October.

Remember way, waaay back when Fringe premiered? I was like

Sadly there was no similar reaction this time around. I did see a trailer for a Dallas rip off (Blood and Oil), 2 shows based on movies (the Minority Report and Limitless), a Dexter rip off (Wicked City) and honestly just a bunch of lackluster stuff. Given it’s kinda hard to judge anything based on the trailer alone. And any one of these might be a sleeper hit. So here is some stuff that kinda looked interesting? Please do let me know if there is anything you are terribly excited about that I might have missed.

Life In Pieces

This one gives me Parenthood vibes, but it seems heavier on the comedy rather than drama.


This seems like a cross between dunno Memento and the Whispers? It must be all the tattoos.


I *think* this is suppose to be an alternative to Castle/Bones? A police procedural with some romance thrown in?

The Player

Based on the trailer alone… well, meh. This is suppose to be another big hit for NBC (like Blacklist was/is). Hm, have they seen Chosen? This is kinda the same thing only with higher production values.


Ok this seems like it might be funny? And John Stamos because obvs I watched the Full House way back in the day. On the side note – how is it possible he still looks exactly the same all these years later? Plastic surgery? A magnificent skincare routine? Or there is a picture in the attic somewhere that reveals his true aging self? Lord knows but I do know I don’t understand it.

The Grinder

Another new TV show that looks like it might be funny. Another reason to watch? Rob Lowe (LITERALLY) and Fred Savage.


Based on the trailer alone and if I had to guess, if there is one show that might be a Blacklist contender (although Blacklist has James Spader so it’s kinda futile to compete with that) than it is Quantico. It seems hm interesting? But again as I mentioned above, it’s not like there is tons of exciting stuff.

Summer TV confessions of a tetchy cow

Dear ladies and gents,

last week we had a bit of a heatwave going on. Most of Europe did. We got a few days of respite where it was blessedly cool in the mornings and evenings. And even though today it was raining, another heatwave is predicted for this week (am slightly obsessed with both of the weather apps on my phone).

I do not do well in warm weather. At all. I do not understand why British people complain about theirs. MOAR RAIN PLEASE!

Can’t eat, can’t function properly, can do sh*t all apart from the bare minimum. 37°C (98.6F for our American friends) does that to me.

tl; dr

I am currently a tetchy cow, so bare that in mind.

OMG. WTF with the True Detective? I was all like True Detective started – YAY something to watch! And it’s been utter rubbish. I case you haven’t gotten round to it yet let me tell you – you aren’t missing anything. Because nothing happens. At all. I don’t understand what is the point of having this freaking great cast. And have them do nothing. But just kinda spout rubbish I could have written.

So at this point a normal person, a smart person, would just give up on TV altogether. To be fair, I have been reading loads more. But then I get annoyed at how the book ends (that’s another story altogether).

But no. Noooooooo.

I did what any not-sane person would do. I switched over to Hannibal.

Which is… I normally like Hannibal. But omg (OMG!) what is it with the freaking water/blood/whatever dripping? And it’s not only occasionally, it all. the. freaking. time. Also snails? I mean by the time they crawl to whatever the hell they are going I want to tear my hair out. Also – da f*ck with kaleidoscopic scenes?

Can I be frank?

I will be frank with you.

I don’t have an effing clue what the hell is going on. There it is, my secret is out.

Most of the time I’m just

I will tell you this much though. The fight between Jack and Hannibal? A thing of beauty.

And you know, a fight is well and good. But Jack could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble if he did one thing. Just one thing.

Threatened Hannibal with some refined sugar. That would have him running for the hills. Or curling up in a fetal position.

That’s where I’m at ladies and gents.

I will be on the balcony. Cooling off my feet and armpits respectively.

Summer TV shows

Dear ladies and gents,

as I have mentioned before, there isn’t much on at the moment. But that is about to change in a week or so when summer TV shows start airing. Down below you can find a list of some of the stuff I’ve found that *looks* interesting (looks being the operative word). I’ve used TVLine’s handy calendar to check the dates.

True Detective – returns June 21st. This season stars Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn. I am really curious how will the story unfold this season.

Hannibal – returns June 4th. Lord. It will be guts galore fo sure.

The Strain – returns July 12th. I forgot how effing gross the Strain is.

Royal Pains – returns June 2nd. Your summer dose of light and fluffy.

Murder in the First – returns June 10th. Murder in the First had a solid first season. The second season will deal with a new crime.

Orange Is the New Black – returns June 12th. Always solid. And I can already see sh*t all will get done that weekend.

The Last Ship – returns June 21st. I’d never thought I’d enjoy anything made by Michael Bay. But there you go. They had me at viral-infection-that-kills-almost-all-of-the-population.

New shows

Aquarius – aired already. Aquarius is produced by NBC and they have released all of the episodes at the same time. I saw the first two and it’s not bad?

The Whispers – premiere airs June 1st. It’s something about a paranormal force trying to take over the Earth by possessing kids? At least that’s how I got it. Could be great or it could disintegrate after a couple of episodes.

Sense8 – premieres June 5th on Netflix. So this was created and produced by Andy and Lana Wachowski and Michael Straczynski. Normally this would make me… pause? I mean – have you seen Jupiter Ascending? BUT. If we have learned anything at all this year is that Netflix does not produce sh*t. Also? SAYID!!!

Dark Matter – premieres June 12th. I realized I still haven’t found a replacement for BSG. So you know, I am game to give this a go.

Proof – premieres June 16th. Jennifer Beals stars as a doctor who is trying to find a proof whether there is life after death.

Killjoys – premieres June 19th. It’s about space bounty hunters you guys. Space bounty hunters! The only problem is it’s been a long (looong) while since anything made by SyFy grabbed me.

The Brink – premieres June 21st. Jack Black and Tim Robbins. That alone will make me check it out.

Mr. Robot – premieres June 24th. New summer show by the USA Network. The pilot is available for streaming already and it’s in my queue. Don’t know what to tell you to be honest – this looks interesting. But then on the other hand – I know USA Network is trying to be all edgy and sh*t, I’m just no certain it’s working.

Do let me know if I have missed anything interesting.