Rob Thomas is back!

Ladies and gents,


And no, I don’t mean Matchbox 20 dude.

The other Rob Thomas.

The dude who gave us Veronica Mars!

iZombie premiered the other night and I have to say I love it. Sure, I should be cautiously optimistic. I mean I love the dude’s stuff, but it does have the tendency to get cancelled before its time. However. I have thrown caution to the wind at this point.

iZombie is based on the comic book written by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred and about Liv Moore (played by Rose McIver), a young medical resident who gets infected and becomes a zombie. She gives up her medical career and becomes a coroner’s assistant so she can have access to food. Food in this case being brains. Brains with noodles in fact. I know. Gross. But who am I to judge what’s gross? You should see the stuff that has been coming out of my sinuses. Or rather you shouldn’t since it’s like something out of a Science fiction movie? And yes, am on antibiotics thankyouverymuch.

But I digress. If Liv doesn’t eat she gets dumber. If she does eat regularly she gets flashes of memories from the people whose brains she has eaten. Which comes in handy in murder investigations. She teams up with a homicide detective Clive Babinaux (played by Malcolm Goodwin) to help him solve cases. Liv and her boss Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (played by Rahul Kohli) tell Clive Liv is psychic to explain how she knows the stuff she knows about the victims.

tl; dr

iZombie – watch it and love it! If you don’t, come back here and call me a silly cow.

CSI Cyber – a worthy successor to CSI: Miami

It is.

It truly is.

The only thing missing is David Caruso. Other than that? Spot on.

We are talking Defcon 1 level of naffness here.

Given I have only watched one episode but still.

Elijah Mundo? Really? REALLY?

The dialogues? OMG! You know it’s bad when “online shopping network for babies” is used in a sentence.

All the slo-mo shots? *groans*

And then the last scene when Avery Ryan (played by Patricia Arquette) goes to *think* on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial… well. It’s something Horatio would do. Also as a side note – when I was little when I said I had to go to think, it meant I had to poop. Just saying.

Anyhow. Defcon 1 naffness I’m telling you.

That said. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s CSI after all. Honestly if I want to watch something super smart or you know scientifically accurate, it sure as hell wouldn’t be CSI anything.

But for a bit of mindless fun, it is definitely a worthy successor to CSI: Miami.

Supernatural – 10 years on and 200 episodes in.

Dear ladies and gents,

I was watching Supernatural the other day. And then it occurred to me – it’s been 10 years! 10!!!

That’s some marriages! Relationships! Jobs! In fact some marriages/relationships/jobs last a lot less.

So instead of being all like – OH NOES what am I doing with my time! And OH NOES where did the time go! I have decided to take on a more hm relaxed approach? Because you know… yes I might have been watching Supernatural for 10 years. And while it might not be all “PENNY IS MY CONSTANT”…

Image via Lostpedia


… it has been damn fun spending time with the Winchester brothers.

So let’s see what we have witnessed over the past 10 years (please bare in mind this is by no means an extensive list. I wrote stuff down as I remembered it, please feel free to share stuff in the comments):

- ALL the monsters! And who knew there were so many.
- Bobby dying.
- Bobby coming back as a ghost.
- Dean going to Hell.
- Dean coming back from Hell.
- Sam going all evil and sh*t.
- Angels exist.
- Lucifer escapes from Hell.
- Cas becomes human.
- Cas becomes an angel again.
- Cas’s head explodes. (sorry, had to include this)

- Sam loses his soul.
- Cas goes all evil and sh*t, thinks he is God.
- Cas comes to his senses.
- Leviathans try to turn humans into a food source.
- Dean goes to Purgatory.
- Dean comes back from Purgatory.
- Metatron chucks the angels out of Heaven.
- Sam gets possessed by an angel.
- Sam gets unpossessed by an angel.
- Dean takes on the Mark of Cain.
- Dean turns into a demon.
- Dean goes all evil and sh*t, becomes BFFs with Crowley.
- Dean turns into a normal Dean again.

And that’s where we are at ladies and gents.

The thing is sometimes I do need to remind myself it’s just a show. Because I can’t help but feel bad for the Winchesters. Good Lord, have they been dealt a shitty hand! Everyone near and dear to them keep dropping like flies. The monsters want to kill/eat/blow them up/drag them to hell. Sh*t just happens. ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. And Dean eating all that burgers can’t be good for him.

And them I’m all like…


But after 10 years I guess I am invested :)

How to Get Away with Murder

Dear ladies and gents,

so. Shonda Rhimes has got me again. With her How to Get Away with Murder. Yes, I know she is just the producer and Peter Nowalk is the dude behind the show, but this has Shonda’s fingers all. over. it.

It’s ridiculous. Absolutely bloody ridiculous. ALL the cliffhangers. I mean – come on! And ALL the flash forwards. And ALL the smart interns who will stop at nothing to win that damn trophy. And then there is Annalise Keating. Who is scarily brilliant at her job and never loses, but her personal life is a bit of a mess. What with the cheating husband and the now ex detective boyfriend and the crying and the pleading and whathaveyou. And then there are all these other characters and it’s kinda hard to keep track of them all… and… and…


The thing is all of Shonda’s shows start like that. Remember Grey’s back in the day. Remember Scandal.

In the beginning I’m all like this bastards and bishes all be crazy and what the what is going on. And then a couple of episodes in I realize I’m hooked and I can’t stop watching. *sigh*

See, Shonda knows. Shonda knows how to get us hooked. Resistance is futile.