Mid-season shows

Dear ladies and gents,

it’s mid-season and a new crop of shows started. Do let me know ladies and gents have I missed something interesting? Do any of these series jibe with you? Somehow this season it seems the pickings are rather slim?


I have to admit I kinda like Crisis. I do think the concept would be more suitable for a mini-series, but that’s just me. Crisis is about a group Washington DC students who get kidnapped. Their parents are some of the most influential/richest/insert appropriate people in the world. So the kidnappers use that to their advantage and manipulate the parents for all sorts of evil schemes. Did I give too much away? But anyhow I dig Crisis. It stars Dermot Mulroney, Gillian Anderson, Lance Gross and Rachael Taylor.


A rip of the French series Les Revenants. They are saying it isn’t, but it totally is.


Turn is produced by AMC and it is based on the book written by Alexander Rose titled Washington’s Spies: The Story of America’s First Spy Ring. It is about a group of farmers in Setauket, New York during the American Revolutionary War who become the so-called Culper Ring. They turned spies against the British and changed the course of the war. The series stars Jamie Bell (of Billy Elliott fame).


Believe was created by Alfonso Cuarón and Markus Friedman (obvs Cuarón was the biggest draw for me). It is about a girl named Bo who has extraordinary powers and the government wants to use her as a weapon. Because obvs that is the only thing you can do with supernatural powers – use it as a weapon to murder people. Sheesh. Anyhow saw 2 episodes of Believe and then got distracted with the stuff I normally watch, so will have to revisit.


Martin Freeman. That is all!

The After and Bosch – we are getting a full season, y’all

Dear ladies and gents,

one of my pet peeves is people who don’t read. And by this I don’t mean books (although that gets a side-eye too). I mean instructions, small print, work related emails, you get the drift.

An example – if you have ever taken an escalator while using the tube in London, the sign (usually placed somewhere it is really and I mean REALLY difficult to miss) states in black and white “Stand on the right”.

And yet you always get some assh*le standing and chatting away merrily. On the LEFT side.

Another example – work/personal related emails. You’ll write something. Plain as day. And then whoever will respond by asking: “Yes, but what about…” and if they only scrolled a bit further down they would be able to see the answer to their question. If they, you know, BOTHERED TO READ the email in the first place.

Well… I turned into one of those assh*les.

A while back I wrote about the After and Bosch, two of the new Amazon pilots.

I didn’t realize that meant there was only one episode each. Because again, I turned into an assh*le who doesn’t BOTHER TO READ.

BUT… but…

Amazon picked up six of the original pilots. And two of these are Bosch and the After (am not too fussed about the others to be honest). In case you are wondering, I checked and read the article. Twice. I am nipping my arsehole-ish tendencies in the bud.

The series are going into production and should be available for viewing at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

Source: Variety

Amazon pilots: The After and Bosch

Dear ladies and gents,

I saw two really good pilots over the weekend.

The After was created by Chris Carter (yes, the X Files guy) and it’s about 8 strangers who kinda get thrown together in what *seems* to be a post apocalyptic world. Yes, I’m being vague and that is in part deliberate and in part because I really don’t know what the what is going on after seeing the pilot. It starts Aldis Hodge (from Leverage) and Adrian Pasdar (among others).

Now Bosch is based on the Harry Bosch books written by Michael Connelly and stars Titus Welliver as the titular character, who while on trial for the murder of a serial killer, is investigating a murder of a 13-year old boy.

I’ll preface this by saying that out of all the Harry Bosch books, I’ve only read The Black Echo, so I’m not an expert or anything. But I loved both pilots. Bosch is truly a thing of beauty and me thinks die hard Bosch fans will not be disappointed. Given the After could go either way – spectacularly bad or exceptionally good, but after seeing the pilot, I definitely want to see more.

So here comes the problem – both pilots were released via Amazon. Which means I was only able to find a mash up trailer for all of the pilots released (10 altogether).

Also (stupidly) I didn’t REALLY read the small print. Meaning I didn’t realize these were just that – pilots. I thought (again stupidly) this was supposed to be a Netflix kinda deal, where you’ll get ALL of the episode at the same time (insert facepalm emoji here).

Now Amazon wants your feedback and based on that and the stats, they will decide which of the pilots will get a full season pick up.

So yay for feedback! However, it freaking sucks there was only one episode!

If you are in the US you can leave your feedback for the After at the show’s page and the same goes for Bosch.

If you are in the UK you can catch both shows on LOVEFiLM – Bosch and the After (and again leave the feedback there).

Also at Amazon Originals.

So tell me dear ladies and gents – have you seen any of the Amazon pilots? And if you did, what did you think?

When enough is enough

Dear ladies and gents,

the following shows have been removed from the schedule. As in I-just-kant-with-this-anymore.

Do tell – what tips you over the edge? What gets you to say enough is enough? (for example – I might hang in there longer then most, but I do get bored easily. If the story is not grabbing me for a couple of episodes, I’m done with it).

Downton Abbey

The Following


The Killing

(which by the way got cancelled. And then renewed. Again.)