Fall TV – Quick Judgement

Dear ladies and gents,

can we talk about how there was nothing to watch this summer? And when I say nothing, I do mean nothing. Well apart from Stranger Things. I LOVED Stranger Things. Even with all the bad men and creepiness factor, it was one of the most delightful things I’ve seen.

At any rate – no TV means I could read more. And read I did. I went through 10 out of 13 Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne novels (among other things).

As much as I enjoy reading (and I do, a lot) by mid-September I was itching for something interesting to watch. Thank heavens for the Great British Bake Off.

So like a gluttonous cow I wanted to watch EVERYTHING. Here are my first impressions (I can also be a judgemental cow, so bare with):

BullLie To Me knock off. Without Tim Roth. No offense to Michael Weatherly, but he is not Tim Roth. I prefer Tim Roth in all of his twitchy glory.

The Good Place – tries too hard to be quirky. And I normally like Kristen Bell.

Designated Survivor – Jack Bauer on Prozac.

Timeless – created by Kripke. I thought I’d be ALL OVER that. It’s like Stargate Atlantis and Back to the Future mated. A bit meh if I’m honest.

ConvictionHayley Atwell is in it. And she is supposed to be this bad-ass lawyer who is also a bit of a mess. Yeah, not really buying it. Viola Davis knocked that one out of the park.

Westworld – obviously this was hyped like crazy. I get it, the cast list is stellar. First time around I switched it off after the opening credits. I saw it was long and there was no way I’d make it through the end without falling sleep (it was late, ok?). Gave it another go and it was a bit touch and go in the beginning. I thought it’d be some rape-y sh*t and I don’t have time for that. In the end, it was fine. But I’m reserving my judgement until I’ve seen at least one more episode.

Luke Cage – now I love me some Marvel. Jessica Jones is one of the best things I’ve seen in years. I love Daredevil. I *thought* I’d be all over Luke Cage. ALL OVER IT. I saw 4 episodes so far. I managed to fall asleep 3 times. Yeah, I’m all



So tell me dear ladies and gents, have you seen anything interesting of late?

So? The X Files?

Ok I’ll be upfront with you – I loved The X Files growing up. LOVED it. Couldn’t get enough of it. Ate that sh*t up.

And that was back in the day when we didn’t even understand what the term spoiler meant. *sigh*

Loved it. It was gross, it was funny, it was unexpected, it was good television.

tl; dr The X Files was my jam.

Now we all know by now that all these TV reboots (or whatever they are called) rarely if ever work. I mean do you remember Dynasty reboot? Do you? I do. It was sh*t.

OH YES I WENT THERE. I managed to include the X Files and Dynasty in the same blog post *cackling like a demented banshee*

So when I sat down to watch the first episode despite my apprehension I can’t lie – I got a bit of a thrill when I saw the opening credits (again I’m easily amused).

ANYWAY – for the love of everything holy can someone explain to me what this X Files reboot/miniseries/whatever is suppose to be about?

Because I don’t understand. Anything I’ve read was – oh just you wait for episode 3. And I did. And I still don’t understand. Is it supposed to be a parody? And then you have some sad bits and strange bits and bits about the baby and then no one mentions the baby again. Is it an inside joke? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

As it stands now in my book the first and the last episode were the best. There was some actual talk about the aliens. Something actually happened. The rest of the stuff? Not so much (even though I will admit I did laugh at Mulder tripping his balls off).

So I’m kind of disappointed and a bit sad and I still don’t understand.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Random thoughts on fall TV

Dear ladies and gents,

some of the fall finales have wrapped up (hm since when do we call it a fall finale? Did I miss that particular press release?) and I have thoughts about it. And what better way to express them then in a form of gifs.


IcannotwithFitzseriously. What an entitled asshole.

And when Olivia finally (FINALLY) dumps his ass


Winchester boys are back! YAY!

The Good Wife

I’ll be honest with you – the only reason to watch? Jeffrey Dean Morgan. God, that man is hot.

Also? Alicia’s wig is driving me to distraction.

Jessica Jones


So I’ve been watching Blindspot. And it’s not bad. But that guy, the main guy, Weller, why does he always make the same face? It looks like Leslie Knope’s angry face. All. the. freaking. time. Seriously, it can’t be I’m the only one who noticed it?

Random thing about the Strain

Dear ladies and gents,

so I mentioned a number of times how I wasn’t super excited about anything that aired this summer. But fall is here, it’s not hot anymore and we can watch telly like normal people again.

The problem was what to watch since as I mentioned there wasn’t much on. I thought and thought and then I was like ok I’ll catch up with the Strain. My reasoning was that I can have it on, not pay too much attention and read a book at the same time. Oh please, like you never do that! Sheesh.

So I watched a few episodes, then skipped a few episodes, then watched a few episodes.

And then this character called Mr. Quinlan showed up. I thought something sounded familiar, but again I wasn’t really paying attention?

For reference this is what Mr. Quinlan looks like.

Image via the Hollywood Reporter

I was down to the last couple of episodes and it was nagging at me. Like nagging to the point I had to google. There was something about the face and the voice.

Well. I’m a freaking proper blond, I’ll tell you that.

It was only bleeding RUPERT PENRY-JONES!!!

For reference (for anyone who hasn’t watched Spooks or Whitechapel or Silk) this is what Rupert Penry-Jones looks like.

Image via the Telegraph

What the ever loving ****?!

Did they really have to hide the pretty? (look, we have already established I’m shallow, ok?)

But on the plus side:

a) I’ve read the following interview and according to Penry-Jones the character in the novels doesn’t have nose or ears, which you know they at least left him with that (before you shout at me, no I didn’t read the books. Not yet anyway).

b) he obviously loves it. Like any actor would say no to Guillermo del Toro! If he tells you to slap some goo on, you slap some goo on.

Image via Rupert Penry-Jones’s Twitter

and c) he really is good. I didn’t even realize until a few episodes in. Given I wasn’t REALLY paying attention, but still.

Although honestly? I would prefer another season of Whitechapel.