What I watched (so you don’t have to) Part 2

The Last Ship

I am well aware the Last Ship is a Michael Bay production. You can see it a mile off, the pilot looked extremely expensy. BUT as much as I loathe Michael Bay (blech), I actually enjoyed this one. Or the first two episodes anyway (sometimes I have an attention span of a gnat).

Be as it may a short summary – some sort of virus has wiped out 80% of the Earth’s population. And the captain and the crew aboard USS Nathan James have been tasked to a) find a cure and b) prevent the extinction of the few people left on Earth. No biggie. Eric Dane plays Tom Chandler, the commandeering officer of the ship. Look – I want McSteamy to do well because I’m a soft touch that way. Like me that old dirty mistress. Also I love me a good “viral” thriller. The Last Ship while not ground breaking, at least is a) interesting and b) looks more expensive than Helix.

Murder in the First

Another TNT production created by Steven Bochco and Eric Lodal. Steven Bochco might not be a familiar name to all of you fetuses born after 1990, but the dude was behind some of the most popular series in the 80s and 90s (L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blues and that all time favorite Doogie Howser MD*). So it was a safe assumption Murder in the First wouldn’t suck. And it doesn’t.

It stars Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson** as two San Francisco homicide detectives who are investigating two separate murder cases. But as it soon turns out the murders might be related after all and lead to a computer prodigy Erich Blunt who soon becomes the prime suspect (played by Draco Malfoy. Or if you want to be persnickety about it – Tom Felton).

Be as it may – I thoroughly enjoyed Murder in the First and it made it to the weekly viewing list.

The Leftovers

The Leftovers in based on the book written by Tom Perrotta and the script was written by Perrotta and Damon Lindelof. The pilot was directed by Peter Berg. So that’s loads of talent right there.

What it is about? Well… after watching the Leftovers there was a moment – what the what have I just watched? But in a good way.

There was a Rapture type of event and 2% of world’s population have been taken?/went missing?/disappeared into thin air? So the series explores how people who have been left behind are dealing with the aftermath. Because how do you explain/comprehend something when you don’t know what happened to these people in the first place? And it is human nature to need some sort of order. Our world view (no matter how warped our world view might be to begin with) needs to make sense, because that is the only way we can function. It’s fascinating to me.

But I digress.

Then there is some dude who unburdens with hugs (f*ck off?) and a cult like group of chain smokers who wear only white. I told you – what the what have I just watched? Also what the what (WHAT THE WHAT) with all the stags lately (looking at you Hannibal)?

It’s nuanced. It’s heavy. It’s messy. But interesting to watch all the same. Hopefully it will not turn into another Flashforward.


Good God above, the Dominion! I’m sure it will have plenty of fans, but I didn’t care for it one bit. I’ll be frank with you – there is a scene at the very beginning with some crazy looking lady in control pantyhose that looked all sorts of awesome. And scary. And that is the only (ONLY!) reason I watched the pilot. The rest of it was meh.

The series is created by Vaun Wilmott and based on the 2010 movie the Legion (written by Scott Stewart and Peter Schink). The gist of it – 25 years ago the angels led by archangel Gabriel have started a war against the humans (something something they had to possess the humans so they can live something).

In the war archangel Michael sided with the humans (how dare he). Now humans live in fortified cities, one of these cities is Vega aka Las Vegas from the ages ago, the food is scarce and whathaveyou. The legend has it only “the Chosen One” will be able to end the war once and for all. The Chosen One turns out to be a soldier in the Vega’s Archangel Corps Alex Lannon (played by Christopher Egan).

tl; dr

Not impressed at all with Dominion. And I’m all OVER a good angel fight normally (file under years of watching Supernatural will do that to you).

* With Neil Patrick Harris or that dude of HIMYM. There I saved you the bother of googling that sh*t.
** Clare off Beverly Hills 90210. The proper one, not the CW one. Also she still looks the same. THE SAME. HOW is that possible?

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The “new” Batman.

Will not even go into the whole Ben Affleck thing. But why? Whhhyyyy? Let me remind you – The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012! 2 years ago! Do we need another Batman? Seriously?

Every new sitcom got cancelled. Or at least it feels that way. I kinda liked Sean Saves the World. And The Crazy Ones. Another example is Bad Teacher (and no, I haven’t watched it). It started airing end of April, middle of May I read the news it got cancelled already. What the what with that?

Speaking of – Two and a Half Men got cancelled. Which you know, not really surprising? What is utterly ASTONISHING is that the series aired for 12 seasons (12!!!)

Scandal, yes? Why do they all talk the same way? They all use the same intonation or whathaveyou and it has been DRIVING me insane. Oh I know Scandal ended, but for the love of everything that is holy, fix that shit! And please, I know I can’t be the only one who noticed it!

Hannibal, yes? So. Good. But OMG gross!

Interstellar trailer

Dear ladies and gents,

I saw Inception on what was the hottest day that summer. Or at least it felt like it. I hobbled home all pukey and sh*t and on a verge of a heat stroke. But you know what? It was worth because the movie was amazing. Even Leonardo diCaprio was hmmm what’s the word… palatable?

Now here ladies and gents we have the trailer for Interstellar.

Ambiguous or what? It can be about bloody anything (although to be honest them wheat fields gave me a nasty flashback to the Happening and them trees. And that was NOT a good movie).

But I will go and see it. Not because I’m ride or die Nolan fan. It is because I have every faith the movie won’t be sh*t. On the plus side – the release date is November 7th and thank heavens for that, don’t fancy another brush with a heat stroke.

On a side note – who would have thought we’d see the day Matthew bleeding McConaughey would be in a Nolan movie? And not taking his shirt off? Fair play to him and his agent.

Down the black hole – House of Cards

Dear ladies and gents,

I have fallen into the black hole that is House of Cards (week before it was Orange Is the New Black) *sigh*

Be as it may, any spare moment I might have is wasted on Frank Underwood. And his wife Claire obviously. Folding laundry, drying my hair, doing whatever.

But also… just one more episode…

At times it’s so bloody horrifying, it makes my blood run cold. But then again, that’s what makes it so compelling, no?

Remember that scene when Frank is playing chess against himself? That’s the essence of Frank right there, no? Always, always at least three movements ahead of his enemy.

To cleanse the palate if you will – Moone Boy is back! And you can never (EVER) have too much of Chris O’Dowd! (and David Rawle obvs)

So ladies and gents, House of Cards? Have you gone down the black hole only to return when you are done with the last episode?