#FirstWorldProblems – Kindle


A couple of months I got a Kindle as a gift. And even though I was a bit hesitant about it at first, now I love it. To explain why I was hesitant – I’m the type of person who used to buy books and lug them back home whenever I would travel somewhere. Also no trip is complete without P. G. Wodehouse. Don’t ask me why, it just isn’t.


Kindle is so (SO!) convenient! Like Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon that I was looking for for ages? (Went to three different book stores). It only took a couple of clicks and there it was – I could start reading.

So now I’m perusing Goodreads and any other place imaginable to get some good book recs and have been averaging 3 books per week. I mean I’ve read before. But the honest truth is I am super (SUPER!) excited about reading again. While before I would do a thorough research prior to buying a book (never could understand those people who bought books and didn’t read them, what the what up with that?), now even if the book sucks, I don’t feel so bad. It is just a matter of deleting it off Kindle.



And this is where the #FirstWorldProblem comes in… I love books. And I love the feel of a book. And what about all the book stores? And libraries? Will it all go to sh*t now that we are all so obsessed with technology?

I know.

So does anyone have any good book recommendations? It would be much obliged.

New Scandi show alert – Arvingerne (The Legacy)

Well new-ish?

Arvingerne was translated as the Legacy. The series premiered in January of 2014 in Denmark and the second season started airing earlier in the month (or so the Wikipedia tells me).

Arvingerne was created by Maya Ils√łe and it follows the story of the Gr√łnnegaard family.

See, the mother of the family Veronica, was an artist and this kinda wild and eccentric bird who had four children. Due to her eccentric ways her children grew up with some baggage (obvs!). So after she dies, the children gather to divvy up her estate. BUT what noone knew was that Veronica had a daughter Signe who she gave up for adoption. And just before she died, she left all of the estate to her.

As you can imagine this complicates the story somewhat.

In the UK the series can be viewed on Sky.

I have tried to find some information where and when the Legacy will air in the United States, however I was unable to find anything. Arrow Films do ship the DVD worldwide in case anyone is interested, but after looking over their FAQ page a) shipping charges apply and b) their releases are in the European PAL format.

You can find the series elsewhere on the Internet *cough* and I think I have spotted that subtitles are available. In case anyone is interested that is.

Supernatural – 10 years on and 200 episodes in.

Dear ladies and gents,

I was watching Supernatural the other day. And then it occurred to me – it’s been 10 years! 10!!!

That’s some marriages! Relationships! Jobs! In fact some marriages/relationships/jobs last a lot less.

So instead of being all like – OH NOES what am I doing with my time! And OH NOES where did the time go! I have decided to take on a more hm relaxed approach? Because you know… yes I might have been watching Supernatural for 10 years. And while it might not be all “PENNY IS MY CONSTANT”…

Image via Lostpedia


… it has been damn fun spending time with the Winchester brothers.

So let’s see what we have witnessed over the past 10 years (please bare in mind this is by no means an extensive list. I wrote stuff down as I remembered it, please feel free to share stuff in the comments):

- ALL the monsters! And who knew there were so many.
- Bobby dying.
- Bobby coming back as a ghost.
- Dean going to Hell.
- Dean coming back from Hell.
- Sam going all evil and sh*t.
- Angels exist.
- Lucifer escapes from Hell.
- Cas becomes human.
- Cas becomes an angel again.
- Cas’s head explodes. (sorry, had to include this)

- Sam loses his soul.
- Cas goes all evil and sh*t, thinks he is God.
- Cas comes to his senses.
- Leviathans try to turn humans into a food source.
- Dean goes to Purgatory.
- Dean comes back from Purgatory.
- Metatron chucks the angels out of Heaven.
- Sam gets possessed by an angel.
- Sam gets unpossessed by an angel.
- Dean takes on the Mark of Cain.
- Dean turns into a demon.
- Dean goes all evil and sh*t, becomes BFFs with Crowley.
- Dean turns into a normal Dean again.

And that’s where we are at ladies and gents.

The thing is sometimes I do need to remind myself it’s just a show. Because I can’t help but feel bad for the Winchesters. Good Lord, have they been dealt a shitty hand! Everyone near and dear to them keep dropping like flies. The monsters want to kill/eat/blow them up/drag them to hell. Sh*t just happens. ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. And Dean eating all that burgers can’t be good for him.

And them I’m all like…


But after 10 years I guess I am invested :)

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Dear ladies and gents,

the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped this week. Well. It was leaked online and then Marvel just posted it anyway.

Sure there is plenty to parse here – Hulk and Iron Man and Captain’s broken shield and whathaveyou… But it’s really about Ultron for me. It’s great to see James Spader being up in our faces once again. Now if I could just stop falling asleep while watching Blacklist (facepalm)