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Dear ladies and gents,

sometimes when there is a full TV schedule some things will slip through the cracks. UK shows especially. It would help if there were premiere dates listed anywhere. What’s up with that, seriously? Early in 2016 doesn’t really help. At any rate it does come in handy when there is nothing to watch and I can can go on a crime series binge.

So Shetland. I remember watching the pilot. And I liked it. But I never gotten round to the second season (third season is currently on air). So I kinda caught up over the last two weeks.

And I think for anyone who is a fan of UK crime series, it will be a solid watch.

Shetland is based on the books written by Ann Cleeves. On the side note – she also wrote the Vera Stanhope novels that have been dramatized by the BBC. Vera is also not bad and will start airing its sixth season at the end of January. Just fyi.

Anyway. ANYWAY Shetland is based on the books about the Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) who lives at the Shetland islands in Scotland. Obviously the scenery is beautiful, but it’s Scotland after all so it is to be expected. But what I think the series does really well is depict just how isolated the area is and since it is a small community just how much people can get up in each other’s business. The murder mystery is solid and there are usually some twists and turns along the way. This is not cozy mystery a la Midsommer murders, on visuals alone it is far more haunting. But I like it all the same.

If you plan to binge watch 10 episodes aired so far. Also I might add that in current season Ciaran Hinds and Archie Panjabi make a guest appearance.

Worth the money – Sicario

Dear ladies and gents,

go and watch Sicario. Like now. It is easily the best movie I saw in the last couple of years.

I do have to warn you – Sicario is not a relaxing movie. It’s more anxiety inducing if anything. Intense. Heavy. Morally ambiguous. It is not the most pleasant watch.

Remember how in Dark Knight there was this deep, deep bass pumping from the very first scene? Like the beat of the heart?

Same here.

I’ll find myself in the cinema and usually around the midpoint my attention will wander off. I’m there, but not there fully, does that make sense? But from the very first scene this movie grips you and doesn’t let go. For the full 2 hours. And not because you are trying to keep up with what the what is happening (like with let’s say Inception).

It’s about drug lords, cartels, FBI, but really the less you know, the better.

Benicio Del Toro can act. No doubt about it. But he OWNS this movie. He is that bloody good. He will punch you in the gut and pull you in on a visceral level you probably didn’t even know you had.

And can I have a hell yeah for Emily Blunt who I think did her best work with this movie? And they originally wanted a guy! Hm hello. Denis Villeneuve had to fight (!!!) with the studio executives to have Emily Blunt play the role.

As far as I’m concerned, give them all an Oscar now. This is not an Oscar bait-y movie that has one strong performance and the rest is faff. No.

Start to finish this movie is the dog’s bollocks.

Fall TV shows

Dear ladies and gents,

in the interest of science (not really, I just had some spare time) I checked all of the trailers for all of the new shows that are due to air in September and October.

Remember way, waaay back when Fringe premiered? I was like

Sadly there was no similar reaction this time around. I did see a trailer for a Dallas rip off (Blood and Oil), 2 shows based on movies (the Minority Report and Limitless), a Dexter rip off (Wicked City) and honestly just a bunch of lackluster stuff. Given it’s kinda hard to judge anything based on the trailer alone. And any one of these might be a sleeper hit. So here is some stuff that kinda looked interesting? Please do let me know if there is anything you are terribly excited about that I might have missed.

Life In Pieces

This one gives me Parenthood vibes, but it seems heavier on the comedy rather than drama.


This seems like a cross between dunno Memento and the Whispers? It must be all the tattoos.


I *think* this is suppose to be an alternative to Castle/Bones? A police procedural with some romance thrown in?

The Player

Based on the trailer alone… well, meh. This is suppose to be another big hit for NBC (like Blacklist was/is). Hm, have they seen Chosen? This is kinda the same thing only with higher production values.


Ok this seems like it might be funny? And John Stamos because obvs I watched the Full House way back in the day. On the side note – how is it possible he still looks exactly the same all these years later? Plastic surgery? A magnificent skincare routine? Or there is a picture in the attic somewhere that reveals his true aging self? Lord knows but I do know I don’t understand it.

The Grinder

Another new TV show that looks like it might be funny. Another reason to watch? Rob Lowe (LITERALLY) and Fred Savage.


Based on the trailer alone and if I had to guess, if there is one show that might be a Blacklist contender (although Blacklist has James Spader so it’s kinda futile to compete with that) than it is Quantico. It seems hm interesting? But again as I mentioned above, it’s not like there is tons of exciting stuff.