Fresh Off the Boat

What it is labeled as: A sitcom. It is based on the memoirs written by Eddie Huang. Huang’s family moved from DC to Orlando, Florida where his dad managed a number of restaurants in the 1990s. While Eddie’s dad is all about the American dream, the rest of the family has a bit of trouble adjusting to their neighborhood (apart from Emery. Emery is adjusting surprisingly well, as his mum puts it).

What I like to call it: A good sitcom.

Reasons to watch: All the cast! I like all of them, although if I HAD to pick a favorite it would be Constance Wu.

Why it shows promise: a) It’s funny, I mean some scenes made me snort out loud. b) Did you know that this is the second EVER Asian American sitcom? (first being Margaret Cho’s All-American Girl)

Freaking Hollywood, behind the times as ever.

The down side: I thought it was funny. It is not super funny just yet. But then again that is the case with most sitcoms, it takes a while to get into that groove. So yes I was snorting and sh*t and then I looked the show up and read this article written by Huang. So now I’m what the what?! It’s network television, they are going to water stuff down, that’s kinda what they do. I’ve read Kuhn and remember (a little) about paradigm shift and whathaveyou. But am I out of touch? And offending anyone by laughing?

Has anyone seen Fresh Off the Boat? How did you like it?


What it is labeled as: a psychological thriller. Me thinks however they were aiming for a Scandi noir.

What I like to call it: Broadchurch on ice. Yes, I am aware how that sounds like, but it was my first association.

Reasons to watch: Stanley freaking Tucci! Michael Gambon. Sofie Gråbøl. Also? Fuzzy sweaters! So many fuzzy freaking sweaters!

The down side: I’ll be honest – I don’t have a clue what the what is going on at the moment (3 episodes in).

A dude was killed with a potato peeler (yes, a freaking potato peeler of all things! They peeled him to death. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Everyone is sleeping with everyone else. It seems to be a normal thing?

Also everyone walks around with riffles because polar bears? BUT if a polar bear attacks someone you kill the human rather than the bear? I thought that was odd, but what do I know, Bear Grylls I am not.

Why it shows promise: So did you know that in permafrost nothing can decay? As in corpses and stuff? So they still have people buried there with the plague. BUT plague aside there is this mammoth, yes? And they showed it a number of times already. So am thinking ancient virus/bacteria? Or wait – that would be more SyFy’s jam, right? I KNOW, I’m facepalming myself. See?

Where to watch: Sky in the UK. Pivot in the US.

New Scandi show alert – Arvingerne (The Legacy)

Well new-ish?

Arvingerne was translated as the Legacy. The series premiered in January of 2014 in Denmark and the second season started airing earlier in the month (or so the Wikipedia tells me).

Arvingerne was created by Maya Ilsøe and it follows the story of the Grønnegaard family.

See, the mother of the family Veronica, was an artist and this kinda wild and eccentric bird who had four children. Due to her eccentric ways her children grew up with some baggage (obvs!). So after she dies, the children gather to divvy up her estate. BUT what noone knew was that Veronica had a daughter Signe who she gave up for adoption. And just before she died, she left all of the estate to her.

As you can imagine this complicates the story somewhat.

In the UK the series can be viewed on Sky.

I have tried to find some information where and when the Legacy will air in the United States, however I was unable to find anything. Arrow Films do ship the DVD worldwide in case anyone is interested, but after looking over their FAQ page a) shipping charges apply and b) their releases are in the European PAL format.

You can find the series elsewhere on the Internet *cough* and I think I have spotted that subtitles are available. In case anyone is interested that is.