Batman vs Superman


Marvel vs DC Comics? We’ve established I don’t have a dog in that fight. In fact, I grew up watching Superman. And Nolan’s Batman was my jam. I will also probably see every single Marvel movie when it hits the theaters. Because they are so bloody fun.


When the trailer for Batman vs Superman was leaked online I was like – oh goodie, let’s see, let’s see! (insert jumpy claps) Man of Steel was hm ok-ish? I mean, if they cut short that battle scene that lasted forfreakingever, it would have been a great movie. Just my opinion, ok?

And they had me. They had me. Come on – Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely? And then that shot of Superman’s statue? With False God graffitied all over his chest? Please, that’s some great sh*t. Sure, dark and depressing sh*t, but great sh*t.

Then two things happened.

Ben Affleck got out of the batmobile.

I mean… what the what with that chest? No, seriously? But let’s call that a personal preference what with me a being a shallow, superficial bish and move on. I’m sure Ben Affleck worked very hard on his chest.

Then the second thing happened.

“Tell me, do you bleed? You will.”

And some of this for a good measure.

Come on. COME ON!

What is that?

Unless the follow up is that Superman blows a big fat raspberry and tells Batman he can shove his bat doodahs where the sun don’t shine because he is freaking Superman and them things can’t hurt him…

and yes, I’m not holding my breath that will happen…

WHAT is that?


Well done Netflix. Well done.

As far as I’m concerned Netflix has knocked it out of the park this year. As you know they employ we’ll-do-as-we-damn-well-please model. And it’s working.

House of Cards. Orange Is The New Black. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Have you seen the trailer for Grace and Frankie? So watching that.

Also? Daredevil.

Just watched the first couple of episodes over the weekend and it was – OMG what is this? WHAT IS THIS? It’s good. Really, really good. F*cking awesome to be honest.

I shared this a million times already, but it bares repeating – I learned to read by reading comics. However. At the time and where I was at we had no access to Marvel stuff. Or DC stuff for that matter. So you know, I’m not really a rabid fan of either? I’m sure this would upset the die hard fanboys and fanladies, but I love Marvel movies and I love Batman. Let the pearl clutching commence. It’s probably a blasphemy of some sort, but meh, sue me.

I know there are other superhero shows around (The Flash, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD – sorry can’t be bothered with the punctuation), but I never got into any of them.

Daredevil however is f*cking awesome.

Daredevil is created by Drew Goddard. Whose writing credits include Buffy, Lost and Alias. And who directed Cabin in the Woods. And was mentored by Joss Whedon. Which explains a lot. Daredevil is about Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) who is a lawyer by day and a crime fighting vigilante by night.

The series chronicles Daredevil’s early crime fighting days. Which is obvious by his costume. Poor bugger. It’s some sort of a black top and black trousers combo? And the mask? Sweet baby Jesus. It’s not even a proper mask. You kinda feel bad for the dude. Like Batman could borrow him some of his shit, you know? And before you shout at me – it’s freaking black, I ask you who will know?

The cast also includes Deborah Ann Woll (from True Blood) as Karen Page, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk and Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson.

The action scenes are so well done. Remember those super awesome super slow motion scenes from Matrix? The I-know-kung-fu one? And Sherlock deduction scenes? It’s as if they smooshed the two together for Daredevil? You know that the guy is blind and that he is using his other senses to win a fight. I explained that one so eloquently, right? (facepalm)

Well trust me, it’s good. And whoever came up with the concept should get an award. Serious awesomeness.

Also it’s quite dark? Both literally and figuratively?

Anyway Daredevil? Awesome sauce. Try not to gobble it down in one sitting.

Schitt’s Creek

Dear ladies and gents,

have you seen Schitt’s Creek? I love it. I do.

It’s a Canadian show and it’s quite funny in an awkward kinda British way? Just regular kinda awkward, not cringe-y kinda awkward (a la the Office let’s say).

Schitt’s Creek is written by Eugene and Dan Levy (who also star in the series together with Catherine O’Hara, Emily Hampshire and Annie Murphy) and it’s about the Rose family. So the Roses used to be filthy rich. And now thanks to their dodgy business manager they no longer are.

The only thing they still own is a small town called Schitt’s Creek. So they are forced to move to Schitt’s Creek and live in a rundown motel and they are all – woe is me… which you know, understandable. There is like one store and one cafe. Which sweetbabyjesus… that would drive me mad.

HOWEVER. You live in a freaking town called freaking Schitt’s Creek, how cool is that?


I’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek for weeks now and I get blank stares whenever I mention it. Or it’s normally – Schitt what??? SCHITT’S CREEK.

Effing plebs.

So it felt like my own secret. Kinda like Luther. Before everyone (MY OWN MOTHER INCLUDED!) got on the bandwagon.

But it seems I’m not the speshul snowflake I thought and I’m definitely not the only one watching.

According to CBC Schitt’s Creek averaged 1 million viewers per episode and has been renewed for second season. FYI – in the US the series airs on Pop.

I know it can be difficult to muster enthusiasm and watch something when you don’t know whether it will be renewed or not. But this one has been renewed. So you have no excuse.

On a side note – I want everything (and I mean every.single.thing.) Dan Levy wears on the show. What are these sweatpants?

Image: CBC

Don’t know, don’t care, I want them. Also ALL the sweaters. ALL OF THEM.

I know.

But who cares.

The Jinx


I watched The Jinx over the last week. Obsessed. Seriously. I never was into true crime, but this was addictive.

However. Couldn’t watch more than one episode per day, because it was just… ugh. Too heavy and creepy.

Do I think Robert Durst is guilty?

Yes. (I know, I know – innocent until proven guilty, but whatever).

Do I think he should be convicted?


Do I believe this documentary was sensationalized?

Yes. (The director who put himself front and center over the last episode? Also sitting on a piece of evidence? Really?)

Do I think Durst was right to believe he was prosecuted so people could score political points?


Do I think that Durst family is messed up beyond belief?

Yes. (Look no further than “Wave to mummy”! I ask you – who does that to a kid? Any kid? Let alone your own?)

And here I think lies the crux of the matter – the Durst family.

Don’t get me wrong, Robert Durst should serve time for the crimes he has committed. But that family should be charged with aiding and abetting.

What would make sense? Taking care of their own long, looong before any murders were committed, you know back in the day when it was obvious there was something wrong with him. Sure, we can shout weirdo, creep, freak, oddball, whatever. But let’s have some empathy and say he wasn’t/isn’t in the right state of mind instead of throwing around various armchair diagnosis. Also please let me be clear – I don’t think him potentially being gay means there is something wrong with him. His family however probably disagreed.

I mean ALL the other stuff. And fo sure there were signs. There always are.

And worst of all – if they got him some help on time, at least (AT LEAST!) 2 people would still be alive today.

So instead of helping their own family member, what do they do? Close ranks. Cover it up. Throw some money at it. Shut him out.

That went well, didn’t it?

Well done the Dursts, well f*cking done.

And if anyone tells me they didn’t know anything about anything – please note the side eye.

There is a reason his brother is frightened of him. It’s because he KNOWS. They all knew. And they just stood by.