Worth the money – Sicario

Dear ladies and gents,

go and watch Sicario. Like now. It is easily the best movie I saw in the last couple of years.

I do have to warn you – Sicario is not a relaxing movie. It’s more anxiety inducing if anything. Intense. Heavy. Morally ambiguous. It is not the most pleasant watch.

Remember how in Dark Knight there was this deep, deep bass pumping from the very first scene? Like the beat of the heart?

Same here.

I’ll find myself in the cinema and usually around the midpoint my attention will wander off. I’m there, but not there fully, does that make sense? But from the very first scene this movie grips you and doesn’t let go. For the full 2 hours. And not because you are trying to keep up with what the what is happening (like with let’s say Inception).

It’s about drug lords, cartels, FBI, but really the less you know, the better.

Benicio Del Toro can act. No doubt about it. But he OWNS this movie. He is that bloody good. He will punch you in the gut and pull you in on a visceral level you probably didn’t even know you had.

And can I have a hell yeah for Emily Blunt who I think did her best work with this movie? And they originally wanted a guy! Hm hello. Denis Villeneuve had to fight (!!!) with the studio executives to have Emily Blunt play the role.

As far as I’m concerned, give them all an Oscar now. This is not an Oscar bait-y movie that has one strong performance and the rest is faff. No.

Start to finish this movie is the dog’s bollocks.

Fall TV shows

Dear ladies and gents,

in the interest of science (not really, I just had some spare time) I checked all of the trailers for all of the new shows that are due to air in September and October.

Remember way, waaay back when Fringe premiered? I was like

Sadly there was no similar reaction this time around. I did see a trailer for a Dallas rip off (Blood and Oil), 2 shows based on movies (the Minority Report and Limitless), a Dexter rip off (Wicked City) and honestly just a bunch of lackluster stuff. Given it’s kinda hard to judge anything based on the trailer alone. And any one of these might be a sleeper hit. So here is some stuff that kinda looked interesting? Please do let me know if there is anything you are terribly excited about that I might have missed.

Life In Pieces

This one gives me Parenthood vibes, but it seems heavier on the comedy rather than drama.


This seems like a cross between dunno Memento and the Whispers? It must be all the tattoos.


I *think* this is suppose to be an alternative to Castle/Bones? A police procedural with some romance thrown in?

The Player

Based on the trailer alone… well, meh. This is suppose to be another big hit for NBC (like Blacklist was/is). Hm, have they seen Chosen? This is kinda the same thing only with higher production values.


Ok this seems like it might be funny? And John Stamos because obvs I watched the Full House way back in the day. On the side note – how is it possible he still looks exactly the same all these years later? Plastic surgery? A magnificent skincare routine? Or there is a picture in the attic somewhere that reveals his true aging self? Lord knows but I do know I don’t understand it.

The Grinder

Another new TV show that looks like it might be funny. Another reason to watch? Rob Lowe (LITERALLY) and Fred Savage.


Based on the trailer alone and if I had to guess, if there is one show that might be a Blacklist contender (although Blacklist has James Spader so it’s kinda futile to compete with that) than it is Quantico. It seems hm interesting? But again as I mentioned above, it’s not like there is tons of exciting stuff.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Dear ladies and gents,

earlier this year when I was in the UK we went for a meal at Marks and Spencer. I had their chicken and leek pie with mashed potatoes and gravy. I freaking love that pie. Had it before, enjoyed it immensely, no problem whatsoever. But that day for whatever reason it turned me into a bloated mess.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a bloated convulsed mess. What a freaking disappointment.

The cast was… well.

The only one who showed some personality (and some, you know, acting skills) was Armie Hammer. The rest not so much. I saw Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina and she was fine there. Here however… Pardon me, I’m not an actress and don’t know a first thing about acting. But you would *think* it would be one of the requirements to pick an accent and stick with it for the duration of the movie? Her accent was all over the place.

Henry Cavill is a good looking man. Too good looking in fact. Like a cardboard cut out? Does that make sense? And I’m sure he is a nice man (like anyone who plays WoW can’t be THAT bad), but he lacks… personality? Charisma? Something. Sure, he is nice to look at, but I don’t think that is enough. Think about Tim Roth for example. Not the best looking guy in the world. But he has that something and I’ll watch the sh*t out of any movie Tim Roth stars in. Or if we are drawing a “pretty” comparison – Matt Bomer. That man is so pretty he probably farts unicorns and angel dust. But he brings something to every single thing I have seen him in. He would have been perfect for the part. He DID this part in White Collar.

Which brings me to the main problem. Guy Ritchie. Who co-wrote the script with Lionel Wigram. And directed the movie. Now I freaking queued at midnight for a Guy Ritchie movie (Snatch in case you were wondering). And I loved it. So I’m all about Guy Ritchie. So wtf was this?

Some bits of the story made no sense whatsoever. When you combine that with the fact the movie was too long (at least 30 minutes too long and I’m being generous here)… well. It was long and bloated and made no sense.

The movie was pretty to look at, I’ll give Guy Ritchie that. Just like Henry Cavill. But that doesn’t mean that is enough.

tl; dr

If you want to watch a funny spy flick see Spy or Kingsman: The Secret Service.