The Librarians

Dear ladies and gents,

do you remember those Librarian movies with Noah Wyle? You know the ones. Looked like a low budget version of Indiana Jones? That seem to be sold in bundle packs with Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme movies?

Those ones. Looks totally naff, no?

Anyhow. It was made into a series. Which, you know, normally? Yawn inducing.

BUT… this is produced by Dean Devlin! The same guy who did Leverage! AND it also stars Christian Kane from Leverage!

The first two episodes aired one after another and I have to say I absolutely LOVED it!

The Librarians is balls out fun. No other way to describe it really. You throw some art, archeology and history together, then you mix it up with some random action sequences and a bit of magic shenanigans and you get the Librarians.

And it seems I am not the only one who loved it, because the series is the most watched cable series to launch this year (with 5.4 million viewers).

Look, this is not highbrow stuff – you don’t need to make notes or consult diagrams to understand what the what is going on (like let’s say Intruders). Also it’s fast paced (always a plus in my book!) AND there is minimum blood and gore (yes, I’d never think I would list that as plus).

Be as may – watch the Librarians. And if you absolutely hate it, you have my permission to call me a silly cow.

Ready to be scared sh*tless? Watch Remember Me

Dear ladies and gents,

the other day I was looking for stuff to watch. I can be a bit of a hoarder* when it comes to TV shows (especially around Christmas time since there is nothing to watch).

So I came across a new BBC series with Michael Palin. Remember Me it’s called. First of all – this is Palin’s first acting role in two decades. So I was like YAY – Michael Palin! I DID see that the articles mentioned scary, horror, supernatural etc, but I was so YAY Michael Palin, I didn’t pay much attention. I mean – it’s Michael Palin, funny and warm and cuddly, how bad can it be?

Very, VERY bad!

So much so in fact it scared the living bejesus out of me.

There were a few moment where I was

And afterwards I was like

I kid you not, it’s scary freaking creepy stuff.

Michael Palin plays an elderly Yorkshireman Tom Parfitt who doesn’t want to stay in his home any more. So he stages a fake accident that sees him get placed into a nursing home. But soon after he is in situ at the nursing home a murder happens and he is the only witness. That’s kinda the gist of the first episode. I am still working up the nerve to watch the second episode if I’m honest.

Apart from the creepiness, the series is very visually arresting (apart from ALL the scary stuff, there are some beautiful shots of Yorkshire countryside). Also there is a scene with Palin (there is a bit of it in the trailer below) that is so joyous, it is difficult not so smile.

If you are a fan of horror, you will LOVE this. If you are not and you are curious, do proceed with caution. As I mentioned – freaking scary.

*Not to worry, I don’t have a problem that would qualify me for Hoarders. Only possibly when it comes to the skincare stuff. But I am getting better with that too.

The curious case of Gregg Wallace

Dear ladies and gents,

a couple of weeks ago I was in the UK. As we were snacking on Ben and Jerry’s All or Nut-ting (so delish!) and Sainsbury’s Pavlova (OMG SO freaking GOOD!)

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…we watched some TV. For research purposes obvs *cough*


We started watching MasterChef: Professionals. I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge fan. Sure they create some wonderful stuff and it’s all fine and dandy, but it just gets a bit repetitive after a while. Oh let’s smear some sauce on the plate! Oh let’s make some chutney/puree (from parsnip of all things! Blech!) Oh let’s stuff something in a blast chiller! Bah.

But what I don’t understand is this guy:

That ladies and gents is Gregg Wallace. He is introduced as a professional diner. Hm ok. I missed that first bit of the episode so I kept asking but who is this guy? Is he a food critic? A cook book writer? If it’s not obvious I am blonde.

So we asked our British friend (waves at Jo :) what the what with this Wallace guy? Who is he? So she patiently explained he was a green grocer and he also hosted Veg Talk. In case you are wondering – it’s a radio show where they talk about vegetables.

Hmm okay.

So this is the sum of his duties:

- makes faces
- calls time
- asks daft questions
- says something is delicious
- says something “doesn’t work for him” (which roughly translates it tastes like sh*t)


Anyway – if he decides to leave MasterChef at some point, I swear I will pitch myself to BBC.

I have already started practicing (much to annoyance of my friends).

I keep shouting 20 minutes left at random. Also surely you can say something different than just oh this is delicious or this doesn’t work for me. I thought something along the lines oh this tastes divine or this will give me the poops? Obvs am still working on that. Also – I have hair? A cheap shot? Yes. But also true.

But seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Dear ladies and gents,

the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron dropped this week. Well. It was leaked online and then Marvel just posted it anyway.

Sure there is plenty to parse here – Hulk and Iron Man and Captain’s broken shield and whathaveyou… But it’s really about Ultron for me. It’s great to see James Spader being up in our faces once again. Now if I could just stop falling asleep while watching Blacklist (facepalm)