What’s new in Scandinavian noir?

Dear ladies and gents,

it’s been a while since I last checked what is new in Scandi noir. So here is a list of new-ish noir series you might want to check out. By all means feel free to let us all know in the comments in case I have missed anything interesting.

Bedrag (Follow The Money)


Bedrag (Follow The Money) is a Danish series that centers on 3 protagonists – a CFO of a renewable energy company who will stop at nothing to gain the monopoly on the market, a police officer that investigates the case and a car mechanic who gets involved in the conspiracy by accident. In the UK the series aired on BBC Four.


Okkupert (Occupied)

If you love Jo Nesbø, you will probably love this (as the series is based on his idea). The series is set in not-too-distant future and the Green Party is in power in Norway. The government decides to stop all oil and gas production in the North Sea. As a consequence Norway gets occupied by the EU with the help of Russia. In the UK the series aired on Sky Arts, while in the US the series is available on Netflix.



Modus is a Swedish series based on the book Frukta inte written by Anne Holt. It follows the story of Inger Johanne Vik (played by Melinda Kinnaman), a criminal psychologist and a mother of two daughters. Inger returns to Sweden after a stint with the FBI in order to work in the academic community. But after her autistic daughter is the sole witness to a murder, she gets involved in the investigation. It soon turns out that a serial killer is on the loose.



Jordskott is a Swedish crime series that follows the story of Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad (played by Moa Gammel). She returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter has disappeared at the nearby lake. Her daughter’s body was never recovered. During her visit another boy goes missing and Eva starts to look for similarities between the two disappearances and soon finds out there is a pattern.


Øyevitne (Eyewitness)

Written by Jarl Emsell Larsen Øyevitne is a Norwegian crime mini-series. It follows the story of two 15 year old boys who are attracted to each other and secretly meet in the forest. While there they witness a showdown between four men. The criminals see them, but they manage to escape. They live in fear that not only they will be discovered by the criminals, but also that their secret will be revealed.


Arvingerne (The Legacy)

Arvingerne (The Legacy) is a Danish family drama created by Maya Ilsøe. It follows the story of four siblings who come together after their mother Veronica dies in order to divide the estate. But matters become much more complicated when it turns out that their mother left the manor to her daughter Signe who she gave up for adoption. The series aired two season, while third (and final) season will air in 2017.

The Night Manager

Dear ladies and gents,

have you seen the Night Manager? You should. It’s really really good.

Based on the novel written by John le Carré the Night Manager is produced by BBC and AMC. It is about a former soldier Jonathan Pine (played by Hiddles). Jonathan gets recruited by an intelligence officer Angela Burr (played brilliantly by Olivia Coleman) to infiltrate the inner circle of one Richard Onslow Roper (played by Hugh Laurie). Now this Roper character is icky. Kinda creepy and sh*t. Angela calls him “the worst man in the world”. Don’t know that I would necessarily agree with that sentiment. Make no mistake, he IS bad, but honestly? There are politicians that are far worse. *cough*

At any rate – Jonathan goes deep undercover in order to gain Roper’s trust all the while trying to avoid alerting the intelligence community as to what he is doing. Because obvs Roper has the intelligence guys in his back pocket (goes to prove my point there are far worse people than some creepy arms dealer. Politicians namely. It’s the hypocrisy and the corruption that makes me shout obscenities at the tv on regular basis).

So tl; dr – the Night Manager is a snazzy looking crime thriller.

Hiddles is great (can I just say how refreshing it is to see him be all doom and gloom and sh*t and not farting rainbows for a change?)*, Olivia Coleman is absolutely superb and Hugh Laurie is obvs solid as ever. The pacing is a bit slow, but that’s AMC for you. Overall definitely worth the watch.

Which brings me to a single thing that has been bugging me. I’ll preface this to say I can be a shallow cow. Nothing to be proud of, but we’ve been hanging out for a while so I might as well be honest with you.

Please look at the image below:

Image via AMC

What the ever loving… lemme try again… what in the world… no. WHY are those pants?

They are giving me the vapors. And not in the good way. You’d think “the worst man in the world” would be able to shop at better places than Marks and Spencer’s clearance rack. Although I suspect even the kindliest M&S sales assistant would take one look at those pants and be all like

And before you tell me off for being a shallow bish just look at that abomination and tell me you don’t think those pants are ugly. Hugh Laurie is a fine looking gentleman and even he can’t make them work. These are not the pants of an arms dealer. These are pants of an eccentric old person who hikes them up all.the.time. Or that guy off Gogglebox. So yes, just… f*ck no.

*That said – if you need cheering up, watch this. This will never not make me laugh.


Dear ladies and gents,

Deadpool is glorious. Glorious!

It’s been a long while since I saw such a delightful movie. So vulgar, so gross, so violent. And so unapologetic about it. I swear as a fisherman’s wife and I absolutely relished every single curse (needless to say I am easily amused). I mean – when was the last time you watched a superhero movie that had curses in it? Quite imaginative ones at that.

There were body parts flying all over the place, people getting shot in the ass, all sorts of grossery (I’m aware it’s not even a word) and it worked. It bleeding well worked.

Another thing worth noting – for a movie that apparently had a super low budget (it is referenced often in the movie), it doesn’t look like it at all? It looks as slick as any superhero movie I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty).

And I have to say Ryan Reynolds = Deadpool. Simple as. To do comedy and to do it well, now that takes skill. I never had any particular affection for any of the Marvel’s superhero. I mean Iron Man was cool. In the beginning. Now it’s all about Jessica Jones and Deadpool.


Any movie that uses this song within the first 5 minutes gets a big thumbs up

If you haven’t seen Deadpool because you are all like

Go. Go now. And if you hate it, as always, you are free to come here and call me a silly cow.

I’m including the trailer because a) I like it so much and b) it actually lives up to the expectation, you know what I mean?


Image via BBC

Dear ladies and gents,

sometimes when there is a full TV schedule some things will slip through the cracks. UK shows especially. It would help if there were premiere dates listed anywhere. What’s up with that, seriously? Early in 2016 doesn’t really help. At any rate it does come in handy when there is nothing to watch and I can can go on a crime series binge.

So Shetland. I remember watching the pilot. And I liked it. But I never gotten round to the second season (third season is currently on air). So I kinda caught up over the last two weeks.

And I think for anyone who is a fan of UK crime series, it will be a solid watch.

Shetland is based on the books written by Ann Cleeves. On the side note – she also wrote the Vera Stanhope novels that have been dramatized by the BBC. Vera is also not bad and will start airing its sixth season at the end of January. Just fyi.

Anyway. ANYWAY Shetland is based on the books about the Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) who lives at the Shetland islands in Scotland. Obviously the scenery is beautiful, but it’s Scotland after all so it is to be expected. But what I think the series does really well is depict just how isolated the area is and since it is a small community just how much people can get up in each other’s business. The murder mystery is solid and there are usually some twists and turns along the way. This is not cozy mystery a la Midsommer murders, on visuals alone it is far more haunting. But I like it all the same.

If you plan to binge watch 10 episodes aired so far. Also I might add that in current season Ciaran Hinds and Archie Panjabi make a guest appearance.