Mr. Fry’s new documentary Out There

Dear ladies and gents,

I haven’t written about Mr. Fry’s endeavors in yonks. But you might be interested to know he has a new documentary out this week called Out There. The series explores different communities across the globe and how the lives of gay and transgender people were impacted because of where they come from.

Anyhow, I love me a good documentary and obviously Mr. Fry is only an added bonus.

Source: BBC Media

House series finale (and a bit of Fry and Laurie news)

Dear ladies and gents,

so did you see the House finale? What did you think?

I’ll preface this by saying I watched about hm… 3 episodes of House in the last few years. So bear in mind I am not as emotionally invested.

Having said that I thought the finale was fine. You know – good, but lacking a bit of oomph? Sure it was nice to see all the familiar faces making cameo appearances – Anne Dudek, Kal Penn, Sela Ward, Andre Braugher and Jennifer Morrison – but I was expecting more… anguish, misery and desolation. As for the big twist – well I kinda knew they wouldn’t kill him off. Don’t know why but I just knew. I was kind of sad though no-one mentioned lupus as possible diagnosis at least once.

So after I had some time to digest what I saw I realized – the ending we saw is a happy ending in David Shore‘s world. Some things were tidied up, many things were left unsaid, but yes overall me thinks that was a happy ending. After years of people leaving and coming back, suicides and people dying, mental institutions, hallucinations, ODs and bleeding from the bottom – yes it was a happy ending and I found it quite satisfying, for me it was always, always about Wilson and House anyway.

And in case you are wondering what Mr. Laurie will be up to now that the filming has finished – Mister Pip is in post-production, there is the world tour with his band and this tweet might cheer you right up:

So tell me dear ladies and gents – what did you think of the House finale?

Did You Know? Blackadder Goes Forth

Dear faitful readers,

for this week’s edition of Did You Know? I have decided to do Blackadder Goes Forth. It was one of my favorite shows growing up and to this day (and even though I have seen it countless times) it still leaves me in fits of giggles. And while I love all Blackadder’s reincarnations my favorite by far is Captain Blackadder. Not to mention the talent involved in creating this show is staggering.

Richard Curtis and Ben Elton – I had to include the writers because I mean how could I not?

Did you know that Richard Curtis worked on some of the most popular movies to come out of UK in the last few decades? Oh yup he wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, The Boat that Rocked and adapted both Bridget Jones books for movie screen. He also wrote the Vicar of Dibley for Dawn French.

Last but definitely not least he is also one of the founders of Comic Relief.

Ah I love Ben Elton and his books. I really do. If you haven’t read any of his work please do it’s good fun. He also wrote 3 West End plays, adapted his own novel Inconceivable and directed the movie himself AND did stand up.

It is a bit sickening though, is there anything these people cannot do? If their resumes are anything to go by – nothing much.

Hugh Laurie

We all know and love Hugh Laurie as the curmudgeon-y House MD. And we all knew he could sing quite well. But did you know that he also wrote a book? And that he did get dressed as a woman quite often? As in numerous times? Did you know that he also got harassed by Dawn French in ITV’s sitcom Girls on Top?

And just so that you don’t say I’m a heartless cow here is a clip of Hugh Laurie doing some semblance of Thai Chi in Maybe Baby. In his underpants.

And in Annie Lennox’s video for Walking on Broken Glass

Stephen Fry

We have talked about Stephen Fry extensively. Did you know that he will play Mycroft Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes? I DIE! I loved the first movie so much and by the looks of it the second installment should be even better.

Anyhow here is Mr. Fry in a very non-PC (by today’s standards) commercial for Panama cigars.

And down below you can find interview with the Sunday Times. You might want to take a sea sickness pill though because I don’t know what that cameraman was on but he/she should have his/her head examined.

Rowan Atkinson

You might know Rowan Atkinson as the positively goofy but very bendable Mr. Bean. But did you know that he studied electrical engineering at both Newcastle University and Oxford? While I was browsing for some of his clips on YouTube I found bits and pieces of his Rowan Atkinson Live and forgot how giggle worthy it was. Down below you can find some of my favorite clips from that performance.

Barclaycard ad

Rowan Atkinson did a number of commercials for Barclaycard which I thought were hilarious at the time. He based the character of Johnny English on the persona he invented for this commercial.

Tony Robinson

We all knew him as Baldrick. Who always had a cunning plan. But did you know that Tony Robinson wrote 16 (!!!) children’s books? He worked on a number of programs after Blackadder including Time Team (an archeology show), Tony Robinson and the Paranormal, Catastrophe (show about major disasters that shaped the Earth) and Tony Robinson’s Crime and Punishment (about the origins of law and punishment). And if clips below are anything to go by it seems there is so much more to Tony Robinson then catch phrase I have a cunning plan!

Down below you can find a trailer for Tony Robinson’s Crime and Punishment

And here is a clip from The Worst Jobs in History where Robinson explores some of the most bizarre occupations starting with Roman and Anglo Saxon period and ending up with Victorian era (did you know there was such a thing as sin eater?)

Tim McInnerny

Remember Captain Darling? Ha! Well Tim McInnerny is quite a prolific theater actor (he appeared in Pravda with Anthony Hopkins) and played Iago in Globe’s production of Othello. Now that is impressive. But before you accuse me of being a snob (which I totally am sometimes) he also stared in Westlife’s video for Uptown Girl.

Fry and Laurie to reunite. On TV!

Image: UKTV Gold

Dear faithful readers,

just to get it out of the way – no Mr. Fry is not going to finally appear on House. Or at least not to my knowledge. I’m not an exclusive scooper that’s Ausiello’s job.

But Hugh Laurie and Mr. Fry will be sharing the same screen this autumn on UK’s digital channel Gold for an one-off documentary. They will be talking about their 30 year friendship and their work on a number of project – A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster and Blackadder to name a few.

By now you all probably know that Mr. Fry’s second book of memoirs Fry is also due in September. And Mr. Fry will be going on an UK book (you can find all the details on his website in case you would like to attend).

So you know wheeee and yaaaaay on so many fronts. Am dying to get my hands on that book. I’m sure it’s going to be well… delish. I predict another creek in the neck from reading all night.

And I leave you with this image my dear readers because this shirt still gives me the giggles teehee