Ready to be scared sh*tless? Watch Remember Me

Dear ladies and gents,

the other day I was looking for stuff to watch. I can be a bit of a hoarder* when it comes to TV shows (especially around Christmas time since there is nothing to watch).

So I came across a new BBC series with Michael Palin. Remember Me it’s called. First of all – this is Palin’s first acting role in two decades. So I was like YAY – Michael Palin! I DID see that the articles mentioned scary, horror, supernatural etc, but I was so YAY Michael Palin, I didn’t pay much attention. I mean – it’s Michael Palin, funny and warm and cuddly, how bad can it be?

Very, VERY bad!

So much so in fact it scared the living bejesus out of me.

There were a few moment where I was

And afterwards I was like

I kid you not, it’s scary freaking creepy stuff.

Michael Palin plays an elderly Yorkshireman Tom Parfitt who doesn’t want to stay in his home any more. So he stages a fake accident that sees him get placed into a nursing home. But soon after he is in situ at the nursing home a murder happens and he is the only witness. That’s kinda the gist of the first episode. I am still working up the nerve to watch the second episode if I’m honest.

Apart from the creepiness, the series is very visually arresting (apart from ALL the scary stuff, there are some beautiful shots of Yorkshire countryside). Also there is a scene with Palin (there is a bit of it in the trailer below) that is so joyous, it is difficult not so smile.

If you are a fan of horror, you will LOVE this. If you are not and you are curious, do proceed with caution. As I mentioned – freaking scary.

*Not to worry, I don’t have a problem that would qualify me for Hoarders. Only possibly when it comes to the skincare stuff. But I am getting better with that too.

UK shows to check out in February

Dear ladies and gents,

here is a short selection of some of the shows that premiered in February (also returning this week is Silk. And I hope you started watching Moone Boy)*.

The Smoke

The Smoke is produced by Sky. It stars Jamie Bamber as Kev, a fire fighter with a fire station in East London. He gets badly (and I mean BADLY) injured on the job. Fast forward 9 months later and Kev is back to work. But… but… he is off to a wobbly start. Anyhow, don’t want to give too much away.

I loved the Smoke. It was almost visceral. And I cannot for the life of me explain why. It’s a good show, great even, but definitely not the best I have ever seen. I like Jamie Bamber. To get the shallow out of the way – he is pretty to look at. And I do have a soft spot for him because of Battlestar Galatica. But I am by no means a die hard fan. So yeah, I cannot explain it. Just watch the first episode and if you hate it, come back here and call me a silly cow.


Uncle is a sitcom for BBC Three staring Nick Helm as an out-of-work musician Andy. Andy is not only unemployed, he is a bit of mess. Depressed, suicidal mess. Then his sister ropes him into taking care of his 12-year old nephew Errol (played by Elliot Speller-Gillott). The two develop an unlikely friendship. This is not a straight up sitcom, me thinks it’s a bit dark and twisty for that? But anyhow, I enjoyed it. And second season has already been commissioned.

Edge of Heaven

Oh Edge Of Heaven. Well. It’s about an 80s themed B&B in Margate run by Judy and her husband Tandeep. Then there is her daughter Ann-Marie and her son Alfie who still live at home. Now Alfie gets jilted at the alter by his fiance. Which obvs sucks. And Alfie is all woe is me and whathaveyou. Anyhow, I wanted to like Edge of Heaven. I did. God knows I’m a sucker for a good UK sitcom. Or even a mediocre one. But this was just… flat.

Inside No. 9

Inside No. 9 was created by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith (they did Psychoville if that helps any). It is about creepy/funny/odd stuff that happens to different people who all share one thing in common – their residence is a number 9. It is anthology series so the episodes are not connect. Second season has already been commissioned.


Suspects is the latest show for Channel 5 and if you are a fan of police procedurals you might want to take note. The series stars Clare-Hope Ashitey, Fay Ripley and Damien Molony. The episodes are not connected and what is unique about Suspects is that it is not a scripted series (it is filmed as fly-on-the-wall documentary). The cast is given a detailed plot description and they take it from there. Now you know David Caruso would never agree to that! But that is what makes it interesting.

*On a side note – I saw the Lego Movie last weekend. Now I can’t get that blasted song out of my head. Also I have taken to shouting Moone Boy as Benny, 1980something space guy. You know how he shouts “SPACESHIP; SPACESHIP” the whole time? Yeah kinda like that. Anyhow. ANYHOW. Feel free to judge me.

BSkyB to let us watch (some) their stuff. For free.

Dear ladies and gents,

y’all know how I love (LOVE!) to complain when various networks/broadcasters geoblock their content. I mean… some even do it for the trailers. I just can’t with that. Seriously.

But in an interesting move BSkyB has decided to make some of their content available to everyone. EVERYONE!

On February 1st BSkyB will launch a brand new YouTube channel called Sky First Episodes where all of us will be able to view some of their programming including The Tunnel, A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Moonfleet. Then there are the new dramas slated for this year (The Smoke and Fleming), and a new comedy series Mr Sloane with Nick Frost.

Not to mention Moone Boy. Because if you still haven’t seen Moone Boy, what the what people? What the what?! It’s excellent! (although a date for the second season would be appreciated. Ta!)

You know, I remember back in the day yonks ago, we got a satellite dish. And Sky had all of my favorite shows. Then stuff got scrambled for the non-subscribers, it all went to shit and now… we have come full circle. Well… sorta. I know it’s only one episode and it’s YouTube but whatever!

Source: Sky via The Next Web

Comfort TV

Dear ladies and gents,

autumn has arrived. Do you know how I can tell? Because it’s been pissing rain for a good week solid.

Don’t mind me, I might gripe but in all honesty I love it (unless it’s 6:30am, it’s pouring down and the dog is taking for-bleeding-ever to do her business. Which coincidentally happened this morning).

Be as it may – it’s the perfect weather to curl up with a book or do a series marathon. Am I watching something super cool? Like Friday Night Lights, which have been on my watch-it-already list forever? Of course not.

I fancied some comfort TV and it turned into a Doc Martin marathon.

I know.

I’m behind on The Bridge, Dexter, Ray Donovan, Whitechapel… you get the gist.

But it has wonderful scenery, quirky and odd characters, it has just the right amount of drama and nothing too violent and stressy… given the old doc is a grumpy bollocks. And it just makes me miss Kingdom. Because it had all that plus a much nicer titular character. Not to mention, it was filmed in Norfolk, which is totes my happy place. Also there is a smaller matter how I’d really like to know how it ended.

So what is your comfort TV?

Or maybe I shouldn’t ask for suggestions because it will turn into another bleeding marathon and I would like to check out a few pilots because I might be missing something interesting. Ugh.

No, really, I’m all for suggestions, so fire away.