PSA – (stream Scandinavian TV shows)

Dear ladies and gents,

I know many of you are forever looking for places where you can screen Scandinavian shows.

Thanks to one of our lovely readers Wm for the heads up – it seems that all US based readers can subscribe for MHz Choice. Starting May 3rd for $7.99 per month you can gain access to a number of Scandinavian shows. The series will be unedited and feature English subtitles. MHzChoice also offers a selection of European shows (such as Spiral, Montalbano, Cenk Batu etc).

At the moment MHz Choice is running a special promotions – if you register now, the first month is free.

The Walking Dead Bingo

With the first episode of the latest season of The Walking Dead having just aired, its millions of fans from all over the world are getting restless trying to see what happens to Rick and his friends this season. The series has veered away from the comic enough to be unpredictable, but let’s face it, there are some things that you just know you’re going to see: Rick spirals further into dementia, Carl skulks away and tries to be a man, and Michonne shows up just in time to slice a zombie’s head off before it can eat a survivor.

So, we figured, why not make a game out of watching The Walking Dead? A game of The Walking Dead Bingo is perfect for both watching the latest episodes, and binge watching the entire series to pass the time before the next episode airs. It’s quite simple, really: make a set of bingo cards containing all of the things you expect to see in an episode of TWD (i.e. legless zombies, zombies on fire, someone smearing blood and guts on themselves to try and look like a zombie, etc…) and distribute them to your friends. Once you start watching, cross off the things you encounter in the episodes, with the first one to complete a pattern being dubbed the winner.


What does the winner get? It’s all up to you. Free Bingo Hunter says that prizes for online bingo games now have ranged from huge prizes (we’re talking Peugeots and hundreds of thousands of dollars) to, well, meh prizes like shopping vouchers for obscure stores. Zombie-themed goodies will always be the better choice, of course, and maybe you could even charge a $1 entrance fee to your friends per game so you can save up for a big prize.

Too lazy to make your own cards? There’s an amazing set over at Paste Magazine, but it hasn’t been updated in a while so you’re better off using them in past seasons. Healthy Tipping Point has a couple of cards too, but if you really want to play for Season 5, you’re going to have to put your heads together to make your own cards!

You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Dear ladies and gents,

Robin Williams passed away less than a month ago. We will never know the extent of his suffering. And he must have suffered so badly.

The outpouring of support for his family and the tributes from regular people like you and me has been nothing short of… astonishing? Is that the right word? But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. For some it was Mork & Mindy. For others Dead Poets Society. Good Morning Vietnam. Jumanji. Aladdin. Awakenings. Good Will Hunting. Mrs Doubtfire. The Birdcage. The Fisher King. Hook. Man of the Year. *

He was so brilliant at comedy. But his dramatic roles… ah!

It will be a while before I’ll be able to see What Dreams May Come. And many of the dramas he starred in.

The only stuff that I can watch at the moment is his stand ups. And Birdcage. I would love to give you the reason why, but I don’t know. So here is a short list of stands up that you might want to check out in case you haven’t had the chance to see them before.

Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002)

Hands down Live on Broadway is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. If you need a laugh, if you are experiencing the mean reds, if you had a stressful day at work… just give this a watch.

Robin Williams: At the Met (1986)

Oh the joy! The joy you’ll experience watching this is indescribable. Also – f*ck it! :)

Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction (2008)

Watch it. And love it. There is a reason why this particular tour was sold out.

An Evening with Robin Williams (1982)

Ah now this! THIS is the stand up where you will be able to see Williams do what he did best – improv. He dives right in there and doesn’t stop. Or stand still. For a second. Genius at work.

Rest in peace Robin, rest in peace finally. And we’ll miss you terribly.


*(On a side note – first ever review I wrote for the school’s newspaper was for Mrs Doubtfire. Good Will Hunting I saw on my first trip to Dublin. Dead Poets Society was just… no words. Standing in line to get the tickets for the Fisher King on a rainy afternoon because it was THE movie to see at the time. And it was worth getting the feet wet. It is pointless to try and explain how some of his movies are connected to specific events in my life. And I know I’m not the only one who had the same experience.

I am adding this as a side note because this tragic, immensely sad thing happened and we lost a brilliant man who made us weep with laughter. It is about him. Not about my navel gazing.)

Murphy’s Law of TV watching


  • That one show you get super (and I mean SUPER!) excited about will get cancelled (see Veronica Mars).
  • That one show you loathe (and I mean LOATHE!) will stay on the air for gazillion seasons (see Two and a Half Men).
  • You sometimes eat while you watch TV? Proceed with caution. It is not advisable to eat before/during/after some shows as they will put you off your food. Or at least some food stuff (as is the case with Hannibal).
  • Most (if not all) people who do reality television are arseholes. If they weren’t arseholes, they wouldn’t agree to it to begin with.
  • Spoilers, yes? You might avoid all social media in order not to have your favorite show spoiled. BUT… even though you might have taken all (and I mean ALL!) the precautions, the spoiler will hit you from where and when you least expect it. See the Good Wife and THAT episode. And google freaking news *shakes fist*
  • Binge watching is great. Or rather it can be great? Until THAT moment. One more episode. Just one more. And then you are done. And then comes THAT moment when you realize you have just watched x number of episodes in span of 48 hours. And you now have to wait a whole freaking year for the next season. See House of Cards. And Orange is the New Black.
  • Truly awful shows will have at least (AT LEAST) 20 episodes. Truly great shows will have 12-13 episodes tops.
  • That said – it could be worse. Truly great UK shows have 6 episode tops. See the IT crowd. Or Luther. Or Sherlock (3!!!). Or any of the UK crime shows.
  • Trying to adapt UK shows for other markets? It rarely (if ever) works.
  • Put any of the cast members in fuzzy, cozy sweaters and make them speak any of the Nordic languages, and we will eat that sh*t with a spoon. On repeat. It does help that Scandinavian shows rarely (if ever) suck.
  • To save you some time – most sitcoms are utter crap.
  • That said – if the sitcom is not crap, odds are it will get cancelled.
  • TV shows adapted from comic books and/or complicated books that you thought never in a million years would work on television, almost always work. Surprisingly well at that. (See the Walking Dead. Also Game of Thrones).


  • If you are a fan of a soap, any soap, no matter how ridiculous the storylines get, you will eat that sh*t up and be all like – oh yeah, it totally figures. Also applicable for Doctor Who for example. Even though it is not a soap.


  • You might be at the furthest end of the world. If you switch the TV on at any given moment you are bound to come across an episode of CSI: Miami.