TV and fashion – TV shows with some damn cute outfits

Dear ladies and gents,

a while back I did a fashion post. Or shall we call it by its proper name – fashun? I mean I guess these can be worn ironically, but yeah, I refuse to take it all too seriously.

On a side note – I don’t believe in paying full price. Ever. Not even for investment pieces. God bless the Internet! What with online shopping, ebay, promo codes, ASOS and their free shipping, we are being spoiled rotten. However. HOWEVER. This can also lead to over-consumption. And that is something I am trying to be prudent about of late (the whole do I need it or do I want it internal debate).

Be as it may and what I’m trying to say – please don’t look at this post as oh-omg-so-pretty-want-need-to-spend! Some of this sh*t is expensive! It is more of “inspired by” post, if that makes any sense?

Anyhow, here is a selection of shows that have some damn cute outfits.


I will admit I do have a big honking girl crush on Kerry Washington. But O!M!G! Olivia Pope’s clothes! So pretty! Now here is a situation where I’m well aware these type of clothes would never work for my lifestyle (I’d be afraid to wear any of her coats or bags (all Prada by the way) in case I spill something down my front. Also gorgeous and expensive cashmere doesn’t really mix well with cats and dogs), but doesn’t mean I can’t admire them all the same.

Also who knew (WHO KNEW) long leather gloves could look so appealing?

Additional sources: Pinterest board where you can find all of Olivia Pope’s outfits. Also here you can read an interview with Scandal’s costume designer Lyn Paolo (of course they will be doing an all Prada episode).

Images: Fashionista


Elementary might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I get that. Hell, I prefer Sherlock myself! However. Lucy Liu’s character has some serious fashion game. I mean her coats alone… this Vince one is a beauty. And don’t get me started on this Ann Demeulemeester coat!


Additional sources: Some great blogs where you can look this stuff up if you are that way inclined. Also some of these even offer great options for less – Joan’s Fashion Show; Pop Detour; Worn on TV; Shop Your TV
Here is the Entertainment Weekly interview with Rebecca Hofherr, Elementary’s costume designer

Parks and Recreation

I might have mentioned already I love me some gang from Pawnee. Also Leslie’s tops? So pretty! But I do have to agree with the comments on this Jezebel article, while I do think Steven Alan and Equipment come up with some really pretty stuff, you can easily find similar tops at the high street (yes, it’s true! And not all of it is 100% polyester!). Because yeah, almost $400 for a silk shirt? Not happening (Uniqlo has a nice range if anyone is interested).

Additional sources: Worn on TV


French shows worth a watch

Dear ladies and gents,

it’s an never ending quest to find decent shows to watch. Like, I watched the IT Crowd and loved it so much. So I tried with Black Books (the logic being one of the writers was the same and because I’m greedy like that), alas it wasn’t meant to be. Then you have shows like Lost that only happen every couple of decades (if we are lucky, that is).

So we kinda have to look elsewhere. We’ve covered UK shows, we covered Scandinavian shows, we covered Australian shows, now here is a short selection of French shows that might be worth a look.


Spiral (French title Engrenages) is a crime drama series produced by Canal+. Crime investigation is presented from the perspective of the different bodies of the French justice system (if we had to compare, it would sorta be like Law and Order with the Wire feel and some CSI thrown in for a good measure). In the UK the series aired on BBC Four, while in the US it is available on Netflix and more recently MHz Worldview. Fifth season was filmed last year, while sixth season has already been commissioned.


Braquo is another crime series produced by Canal+. It follows the story of four police officers working at the Hauts-de-Seine police precinct in Paris. One of their colleagues gets accused for misconduct and subsequently commits suicide. They make it their mission to find out the truth and clear their colleague’s name, even if it means doing stuff that is not necessarily legal. And before you can say Bob’s your uncle, Internal Affairs in on their case. In the US the series is available on Hulu. Season three has been commissioned.

Les Revenants

Les Revenants (or the Returned) is a supernatural drama series produced by Canal+. The series is about a small mountain community where people who have died start reappearing. They look the same, they are not aware that any time has passed or that they have indeed died. But. To coincide with their return, a bucket load of strange sh*t starts happening that affects both the dead and the living. In the UK the series aired on Channel 4, while in the US the series was available on SundanceTV. Second season was commissioned and it will air in November of this year.

R.I.S, police scientifique

R.I.S, police scientifique is produced by TF1 and if we again had to compare it would be similar to CSI (mind you, not CSI: Miami, because obvs that cannot be compared to anything. Looking at you Horatio). It is based on the Italian series RIS Delitti Imperfetti. So far seven seasons aired.

I watched so you don’t have to.

Dear ladies and gents,

I watched so you don’t have to. Also if you saw something great, do let me know, I hate to miss out!


Hostages is about Dr. Ellen Sanders (played by Toni Collette), a surgeon who is scheduled to operated on the President of the United States. On the eve of the surgery her family gets taken hostage by Duncan Carlisle (played by Dylan McDermott), an FBI agent who wants Ellen to kill the President during the operation.

Ok this show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and obviously he has plenty of hits under his belt. And while I found it interesting how they started to deconstruct the characters in the first episode, I am a bit baffled what’s the long game here. Obviously these people cannot stay hostages forever. So I think this show might play out as Prison Break type of situation, if that makes any sense.

Watch if you liked Prison Break.

The Blacklist

The Blacklist marks the return of James Spader to our screens. In Blacklist he plays Raymond “Red” Reddington, a fugitive off FBI’s Most Wanted list who made his living by brokering deals for criminals. His nickname was “the Concierge of Crime”. He turns himself over to FBI and stipulates he will co-operate only if his liaison is Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone), a rookie FBI profiler. He will help them hunt down terrorists FBI doesn’t even know about (the so-called “super-duper terrorist”*), in return he wants immunity, constant security and Elizabeth as his go-to person.

I thought the Blacklist wasn’t too bad, although there was a predictable moment that made me groan (in short FBI got the information a general’s daughter will get kidnapped. They collect her in order to transfer her to a safe house. Of course there is an oil spill on the road and OF COURSE it is really an ambush by the terrorists. O RLY?! You’d think they’d take that into consideration that any type of diversion on the road might be an ambush. It’s like these people don’t watch TV at.all.) Me think it will be a formulaic show – there probably will be a terrorist of the week story and a season long story arch that pertains to Elizabeth and her connection to Red.

Watch if you like Person of Interest.

The Michael J. Fox Show

To preface this by saying a) I loved Michael J. Fox since I was a kid so I’m biased and willing to let him slide even if the show was horrific. And b) my grandad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s (he was diagnosed much later in life and it was the early stages. He passed due to unrelated complications).

So. The Michael J. Fox Show marks Michael J. Fox’s return to our screens. It’s about news anchor Mike Henry, who after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, quits his job to concentrate on his health and to spend more time with his family. But after 5 years his family is getting a bit restless with his family-orientated ways. Mike decides to return to work to a) get out of the house and out of his family’s hair and b) to show people there is life after such a diagnosis.

I liked the show. It wasn’t super hilarious, but me thinks there is potential there, they just need to find their footing. For the pearl-clutching brigade (and there are bound to be a few of those types around, since the show is about an illness after all) – I didn’t think it was particularly non-PC about what it means to live with Parkinson’s. Yes, it pokes fun out of the disease, but it’s more about how people react to Mike/Michael (all emotional/huggy/whatnot which I’m sure I would do, if our paths ever crossed).

Watch if you like anything with Michael J. Fox.

The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones is about a Chicago advertising executive Simon Roberts (played by Robin Williams) and his agency that caters to some huge clients. The partner in the firm is Simon’s daughter Sydney (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), who, as it turns out, is a complete opposite of her father – he is a bit of a genius and an eccentric, while she (although talented) prefers to plan things out and take the safe route.

Now I love me some Robin Williams. He is probably the only man on TV who can make laugh so hard there might be a chance I’ll pee my pants. And he can do deep/troubled/sad well. But I thought the Crazy Ones were a bit uneven and again, it seems it will take them a few episodes to find their footing. The series was created by David E. Kelley so me thinks it is only a matter of time.

On a side-note – the Crazy Ones did much better in the ratings than the Michael J. Fox Show (15.6 million viewers vs 7.2 million). However they did have the lead in with the Big Bang Theory (18.3 million viewers for the season premiere).

Watch if you like Robin Williams

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I loved Avengers so this is a no-brainer for me. And it seems that’s the case for a lot of people because Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a huge ratings success for ABC (holding its own against NCIS which is the most watched show on television).

It sets up the S.H.I.E.L.D. universe well, there are some interesting characters (hello agent Coulson!) and it does that Avengers thing well – there are plenty of fast talking characters with witty one-liners playing off each other. While I didn’t find it riveting, I thought it was solid enough to see it again in order to see how it will play out.

Watch if you like the Avengers.


Mom stars Anna Faris as Christy, a single mum with two kids. Recently sober Christy works at a restaurant at Napa Valley as a waitress and is attending her AA meetings determined to move forward with her life. However her recovery is put to a test after her estranged mother Bonnie (played by Allison Janney) decides to make amends and get more involved in Christy’s life.

Mom is produced by Chuck Lorre, so obviously CBS is banking on another hit. Again like with other sit-coms on the list, I thought it was a bit uneven, but both Anna Faris and Allison Janney do have some comedic chops, so I’m not giving up until I see a couple of more episodes.

Watch if you like Roseanne (well sort of me thinks, Roseanne was much better obvs).

*Obvs I invented that term.

Useful TV – does it exist?


adjective: useful

able to be used for a practical purpose or in several ways.
“aspirin is useful for headaches”
synonyms: functional, practical, handy, convenient, utilitarian, serviceable, of use, of service More
“a useful multipurpose tool”
beneficial, advantageous, helpful, worthwhile, profitable, rewarding, productive, constructive, valuable, fruitful
“a useful experience”
antonyms: useless, disadvantageous

Dear ladies and gents,

let’s talk usefulness.

We can all agree that television is meant to entertain. But can it be useful? Obvs we can look at it this way – I can watch the Assdashians to see how I don’t want be. Or who I don’t want to turn into. So we can argue even the Assdashians can be useful in that respect.

However a) I have a short attention span so I can’t be arsed to watch Assdashians and b) I loathe famewhores so you know, there’s that. Oh and c) life is too short for bad telly.

So yes – can television be useful? I’d say it used to be. At least from what I can remember. Back in the prehistoric age I was still a kid. I remember educational programs, documentaries, even kid’s programs that entertained but also educated. Made you giggle, but also made you interested in science. And so on. Am I mental or they don’t make them like that anymore?

Anyhow I tried to rack my brains and think of some shows that I have found useful over the years, please feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments below.

Anything by David Attenborough – because I mean… if you want to see a natural history documentary done right, well… David Attenborough is the only game in town for me.

The Dog Whisperer – I talked about it at length and it still applies.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals – I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Jamie Oliver ever since I found a sliced chilli pepper in a pile of tagliatelle (this was Jamie’s Italian in case you were wondering). I mean why? WHY? Put it in a sauce, or do a marinade, whatever but why put it in the middle of a pile of pasta? I suffered for it later lemme tell you. HOWEVER… the show had some really useful tips and tricks so I’ll try to forget the pain I suffered.

Bodies in Motion – probably very few people remember this, but this was my go to back when I was in secondary school. It got me off my butt and moving.

So this is some of the stuff I found useful over the years. Anyone has anything interesting to share?