Dear ladies and gents,

Deadpool is glorious. Glorious!

It’s been a long while since I saw such a delightful movie. So vulgar, so gross, so violent. And so unapologetic about it. I swear as a fisherman’s wife and I absolutely relished every single curse (needless to say I am easily amused). I mean – when was the last time you watched a superhero movie that had curses in it? Quite imaginative ones at that.

There were body parts flying all over the place, people getting shot in the ass, all sorts of grossery (I’m aware it’s not even a word) and it worked. It bleeding well worked.

Another thing worth noting – for a movie that apparently had a super low budget (it is referenced often in the movie), it doesn’t look like it at all? It looks as slick as any superhero movie I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty).

And I have to say Ryan Reynolds = Deadpool. Simple as. To do comedy and to do it well, now that takes skill. I never had any particular affection for any of the Marvel’s superhero. I mean Iron Man was cool. In the beginning. Now it’s all about Jessica Jones and Deadpool.


Any movie that uses this song within the first 5 minutes gets a big thumbs up

If you haven’t seen Deadpool because you are all like

Go. Go now. And if you hate it, as always, you are free to come here and call me a silly cow.

I’m including the trailer because a) I like it so much and b) it actually lives up to the expectation, you know what I mean?