On dads and Breaking Bad

So this happened 2 weeks ago

Da: What’s this show everyone is talking about?
Me: What show?
Da: mumblesomethingmumble
Me: EH?
Da: MUMBLESOMETHINGMUMBLE (my dad bless, tries with his English, but good God above)
Me: (having a little think)
Da (really, really loudly, like – duh you’re not getting it): MUMBLE…
Me: Ah! Breaking Bad!
Da: YES. That one.
Me: But you know what it is about? It’s about a school teacher who has cancer and starts cooking meth.
Da: Yes, yes, that one. Do you have it?

(Pardon my skepticism but a) my dad has an attention span of a gnat and b) the last thing he watched with any regularity was this so yeah, totes not happening).

A few days later

Da: Ok I need episodes 10, 11 and all the rest.
Me: There are no episodes 10 and 11. First season only had 7 episodes. Wait… that means you watched all of it?
Da: Yes, yes, now give me the rest.

A few more days later

Da: You know, that Walter White?
Me: Yeah.
Da: He’s really smart. Cooking meth was an excellent business idea.

After season 2

Da: You know Walter’s wife?
Me: Yeah.
Da: Why is she nagging him so much?
Me: Maybe cos he has cancer, disappears at all hours and cooks meth on the side?
Da: Yes, but he is providing for his family.
Me: By cooking meth (!!!)
Da: But still.

Dad after season 3

Dad during season 4

Dad during season 5

Also he wants to discuss it. Like all.the.time.


On the plus side a) he knows nothing about chemistry so don’t have to worry he’ll start cooking meth and b) at least he isn’t ending every sentence with bitch and yo. Small victories is all I will say.