Weekly watch

Weekly laugh

Project Runway – usually it takes me ages to catch up on Project Runway. Not this season though. Love that Tim Gunn is more involved because obvs you can never have too much Tim Gunn. And the laughs – well, there is the general bitchiness, nastiness, ego trips and whathaveyou. But when a designer sends a model down the runway in a pair of short shorts, which are in fact so short her vajayjay falls out… I mean, you got to laugh, no? It was almost, almost as funny as this debacle Those poor buggers from Thunder from Down Under were so gracious I felt bad for them.

Weekly emotional performance

Initially I was going to say Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter. Given – previously I found her mildly irritating. However over the last two seasons, she really knocked it out of the park. BUT… the last episode of the Killing was just… Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman and Peter Sarsgaard delivered such emotional performances, it was a joy to watch. This sort of, but not really, makes up for the lull that were the last oh… 5 or so episodes (again, I sincerely hope you are smarter than me and didn’t get sucked in so easily).

Weekly hate-watch

The Newsroom. I can’t even… and yet I watch.

Weekly “I’m-mental-and-I-know-it” watch

Luther. Love it so much. And then I decided to savor it a bit longer (damn and blast BBC for making such short season) – I still haven’t seen the last 2 episodes. I know, I know! But I think I finally might see it this weekend.

Tell me dear ladies and gents, what is your weekly watch?

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