WTF of the week – The Killing

Dear ladies and gents,

y’all know there isn’t much to watch at the moment. Most shows will kick off towards the end of the month and until then… well I’m trying to get through the Game of Thrones? (I know, judge me, please).

Yesterday I realized the Killing was on. First of all – I thought that got cancelled a way back?

And I mean… the Killing wasn’t horribly bad, but then it ended with a cliffhanger and then of course I had to watch the second season to see who the killer was and that big reveal kinda sucked and…

So anyway – yesterday I ummmed and ahhhed and tut-tut-ed but did I watch the Killing? Of course. Because will I ever learn? Hm, NO.

And the thing is – it starts so well… the story seems interesting, characters are compelling, not to mention Peter Sarsgaard plays the super creepy (no, really, the dude is super creepy) Ray Seward… all the ingredients seem to be there and it’s easy to get sucked in… but then the middle is boring and slow and sucks… it is a freaking time investment. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the big reveal didn’t totes jump the shark the last time.


What I’m trying to say – be smarter than me. Don’t get sucked in. Having said that, the intro trailer is below :) Because I am service-y that way and I want you to make an informed decision.