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Dear ladies and gents,

a while back I did a post about Scandinavian shows. And a lot of people have been asking where these shows can be viewed.

So I tried to dig up as much information as possible to compile it all in one post and divide the links by countries. By all means if you have any additional info, please feel free to share it in the comments and I do hope you will find this post useful.


Almost all of the Scandinavian shows in the UK can be seen on BBC Four. Here is an update from BBC Media centre on all the upcoming shows that will air in the near future (if you can’t be bothered to click, it includes Borgen (season 3), The Bridge (season 2) and Arne Dahl (more details about the series can be found at the production page).

For people outside of UK, google Film on TV (but do take into consideration the time difference). And that is all I will say about that.

United States

Some Scandinavian shows are available on Netflix. I am being geo-cock-blocked so I can’t check, soz for that, but what I have gathered from our lovely readers shows that can be streamed on Netflix include The Eagle, The Protectors and the original Killing.

Borgen is available on Link TV (thanks again Cynthia!)

Wallander is available on Amazon

Wallander, the UK version, should be available on PBS.

Irene Huss is available on Amazon

Elinor asked about Annika Bengtzon and here are some of the details I could find on wikipedia. I did contact the production company Yellow Bird regarding distribution channels for some of the stuff they have produced and will update the post once I get the info.

Other countries

If you would like to check whether you can view some of Scandinavian shows in your domicile countries, it is sometimes useful to look up their wiki pages, as channels where the shows air are listed. See example for The Killing.

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  1. Annika Bengzton’s six episodes are available in Netflix ‘watch instantly’.
    Thank you for your recommendations!

  2. The Bridge (Bron Broen) is available online at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrerr4_bron-broen-the-bridge-s01e01-english-subtitles_shortfilms#.UdkL4pzt63Y

    The additional episodes are listed (out of order) to the right on the page. It’s truly outstanding. Wish I could stream to the TV, though.

    I also wish I could find where to see Unit One and Those Who Kill. I also want to watch the first season of the Swedish Wallander series, but for the moment am balking at paying Amazon when I have Netflix. Will probably hold out a bit longer.

  3. boo hoo. i could not find the Danish version of The Killing (Forbrydelsen) on Netflix. Only the US version is available, which is very good, but i’ve seen it..

  4. Watch The Eagle on Netflix streaming. It’s really good. Watch Spiral, a French crime show that is outstanding… also on Netflix streaming.

  5. The Swedish wallander is on streaming netflix. But it is under the title Henning Menkel’s Wallander, to distinguish it from e Brit. Version.

  6. Why is Netflix USA cancelling The Eagle on 8/7/13??? Now there is no where else to watch it.
    Danish version of The Killing (Forbrydelsen) is available on Netflix UK – you need a VPN.

  7. OK. Just got the scoop on The Eagle from NF USA.
    The Eagle, the TV show and it looks like the licensing is expiring on 8/7/13 with the studios. Not to worry though as NF are always renewing shows to stream again and there’s a chance they can get The Eagle back. YOU CAN ACTUALLY HELP US WITH THIS BY ALLOWING US TO SUBMIT THIS CHAT.

    SO, VIEWERS – IF YOU WANT MORE SCANDINAVIAN QUALITY DRAMAS, GO TO THE NF USA WEBSITE AND CLICK ON LIVE CHAT AND TELL THEM SO!!!!!!! Get your Facebook pages out and tell your friends!!! Imagine if NF got 1000 call in the next 10 days – that would make them sit up and listen!!!! Posting on this wonderful website is fine but ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!!

    NF APPRECIATE S YOUR FEEDBACK on this. It helps us out a lot. I know that we are always negotiating, always with the studios to get the best content and ONES THAT CUSTOMERS REALLY LIKE so we take these things seriously. I’ll submit this for you right now. Here’s a little inside scoop on how we get licensing as well.

    Hey viewers: There is a lot out there – as previous posts have shown – that they could be showing us!!!

    Netflix negotiates with movie and TV show content creators (studios) or resellers (distributors) to get movies and TV shows to stream instantly to you online. We don’t actually own the movies and TV shows – we’re licensing them, which is a bit like leasing a home or a car.

    Our movie and TV show licenses have an expiration date, so we give members a two week warning when our license for a movie or TV show is about to expire.
    • If we’re able to renew the license, we take the warning down and members can continue enjoying the titles.
    • If we’re not able to renew the license in time or we choose to license different titles instead, we have to remove the movie or TV show from our library. We make decisions about which titles to acquire or renew based on a number of factors, which might include the availability to license the title in a given region, APPEAL OF THE TITLE TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS, and economic factors such as the licensing cost for a given time period.

  8. The eagle is no longer available on Netflix or amazon, can not buy here in USA any idea where else I can continue to watch the series, so bummed

  9. I’m really sad The Eagle got pulled form Netflix! Great show; I was saving the last few episodes so I wouldn’t run out. Now I also cannot find it anywhere, would even subscribe to get DVDs from NF if they would provide it that way. Annika Bengzton is also excellent, as is Wallander. But NF only has 1 season of Wallander–aren’t there 3? More Scandinavian shows, please! The quality is so good, at least of what I’ve been able to see thus far.

  10. I love Scandanavian shows and movies. I have watched the Protectors, the original Wallander series, Anika Bengstrom (spelling)?, and the girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy (extended version) all on Netflix and all are Yellow Bird Productions or Diastribution. I would love to see more if the same on Netflix.

  11. Does anyone have a LIST already made of BBC/Swedish TV shows found currently on NF, Amazon, thedarewall.com/tv Etc.? I loved the killing, Wallander, top of the hill. I most have more :O)
    Available in the US plz


  12. Nordmon says Season 2 of Bron/Broen is on Daily Motion with English subtitles, but any Season 2 Episode I open has NO subtitles. Help!

  13. The Bridge, (Scandinavian Version) is on Hulu Plus. It is great. Not sure how many seasons though

  14. The Eagle series started April 25 on one of our bay area PBS stations, KCSM. It is part of the MHZ mysteries, I believe.

  15. It’s a slaughter: today Daily Motion pulled every Scandinavian crime show, I can’t find one of them still up. I was 1/2 way thru Bron Broen Season 2, Episode 6. Also Vera Season 4 is gone. If anyone knows of another website where I can watch ANY recent Scandinavian crime shows, please post the link. So frustrated… don’t the suits realize there’s a market out there? I’d happily pay to watch these shows (I live in the US), *especially* with decent subs.

  16. Haha I was also on episode 6, season 2, Broen. Does anybody know where can I watch the rest of the season 2, with english subtitles of course.

  17. I’d just like to echo Helen that some PBS stations are broadcasting the MHz network mystery shows (http://www.mhznetworks.org/programs/full-episodes). The Eagle, Unit One, and Anna Bengtson are running right now. In the past they’ve shown Irene Huss, Arne Dahl, and Wallendar, the Swedish version. All of this is free, no nf fees!

  18. The Bridge not on Dailymotion anymore, not available on YouTube in my country (SIngapore), Hulu Plus only available in the US. Where else?

  19. Here are some of my favorites (tried to send this yesterday, but disappeared as I see):

    Irene Huss

    Maria Wern


    Mikael Persbrandt
    in Hamilton 1

    in Hamilton 2

    (Check out Persbrandt in Hypnotist also)

    Van Veteeren

  20. I have had so much trouble finding some shows: borgen, season 2 dicte, and Netflix was no longer carrying Annika Bengston. It’s so frustrating. I did find Borgen season 1, episode 1-3 on some website named tzarmedia but they didn’t seem to understand a thing I said. I did not want to leave credit card info. I don’t know LinkedIn but will try

  21. I’ve been watching all the series mentioned by you. As I live in Brazil, the only way that I have to watch them is by download because they are not even on local netflix .
    I recomend: Maria Wern series; Broen; Dicte; Arvingerne (The Legacy on BBC); Rita; Wallander; Forbrydelsen; The Eagle; Arne Dahl.

    I found all them on kickass.to and piratebay.

  22. Where’s Annika Bengtson? I watched 3? and never saw it again. (now Octo 2015)

  23. You can watch the Bridge series 1, 2 and 3 on http:// watchseries-online.li. Don’t forget to install adblock before you use this site.

  24. Hi there anybody knows where or how can I watch the Eagle (danish series) given that it is no longer on netflix or amazon? ( It is for sale on amazon usa but it won’t play on uk dvd machines.) ..?……..Cheers

  25. Anyone know how one can watch Dicte season 2 in the US? It was on Netflix but then on Jan 27 (2016) it suddenly disappeared – even gone from my favorites list. And it is unavailable for purchase from Amazon or anywhere that I can find…

  26. Wallander season 1 and 3,but, oddly, not 2 are in Hulu plus in the US, not sure about outside the US. Its called “Wallander (2005)” to differentiate from the UK one

  27. International movies with English subtitles, $7.99/month, 30 day free trial. Watch/buy. Mhznetworks.com

  28. Found some great scandi series here http://www.dailymotion.com/limukohou and all subtitled but some of them are removed by the hoster (dailymotion) no sooner than he/she has posted them. Use the search tool on the page you may be lucky. The Vera series is still there.

  29. Amazon Instant Video:
    Swedish: The Sandhamn Murders
    Danish: Department Q”trilogy

    Swedish: 30 Degrees in February
    Norwegian: The Heavy Water Wars

  30. Amazon Instant Video:
    Swedish: The Sandhamn Murders
    Danish: Department Q”trilogy

    Swedish: 30 Degrees in February
    Norwegian: The Heavy Water Wars and Occupied

  31. If you live in the U.S., you can watch the following…

    Netflix: Occupied, The Heavy Water Wars (Norway) and 30 Degrees in February (Swedish)

    Amazon: The Sandhamn Murders (Swedish) and Department Q trilogy (Danish)

  32. Available as of today in the US

    NETFLIX: ‘Occupied’ (Norway). Season 1 (Season 2 filming) Highly recommended!
    ‘Dicte’ (Denmark). Seasons 1 & 2 ( Season 3 filming)

    HULU: ‘The Sandhamn Murders’ (Sweden). Seasons 1-3
    ‘The Protectors’ (Denmark) Seasons 1 & 2


  33. Hello – I am in US. I have found that I can get hard to find series like “Forbryoldelsen” (The Killing) originals from my local public library in DVD format (isbn for season one is: 9786314608293.)

    Also MHZChoice costs 7.99/mo and exclusively has International series. Not always the current year, but the original seasons which can be hard to find. I stream it through my Roku.

    I appologize if this is redundant information. I did not read the entire thread.

  34. I was watching The Protectors last night on Hulu and now it seems to be gone. Was it pulled by Hulu? Does anyone know?

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