WTF of the week: The Following

Dear ladies and gents,

WTF of the week has been reserved for the Following. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t quit that shit. I need to see what happens. But seriously? I kant with these eejits.

Allow me a couple of rant worthy points:

  • WTF with that love triangle/threesome? A girl who stabbed her own mother, a dude who kidnapped a girl to prove he is not gay and wanted a girlfriend of his own and a dude who feels bad for not killing anyone just yet. What can possibly go wrong? Then again their romantic entanglements seem to be the least of their problems.
  • you can kill yourself by swallowing your own bandages – who knew?
  • WTF with all the cliffhangers? (me thinks someone has been reading too much Dan Brown)
  • it is always a good idea to let serial killers have access to Internet. Because I mean, what can possibly go wrong?
  • is it like a thing now to visit serial killers in prison? Because this dude has been holding more Audiences than the Queen of England
  • what’s with everyone going around stabbing everyone else? Seriously? All that blood is very unappetitlich.
  • dude whining to his girlfriend I cannot believe you left! after they got in a pickle with the FBI and SWAT and whathaveyou. O RLY? Maybe the fact she stabbed her own mother should have been an indication.