The Following


Dear ladies and gents,

have you by any chance checked out the Following?

The Following is written by Kevin Williamson (of Dawson’s Creek and the Vampire Diaries fame) and it stars Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent who captured serial killer Dr. Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy). Their encounter left Hardy a retired agent with a dodgy heart and an alcohol problem.

A decade later Carroll escapes from prison, goes on killing spree and Hardy is called in to help FBI capture him again. It turns out while in prison, the smooth talking former English professor Carroll has formed a cult like following online and has numerous serial-killers-in-training do his bidding.

Kevin Bacon is superb and, on a totally shallow note, looks great. Purefoy is sufficiently creepy.

The Following is good. Not great mind, but good enough to make me want to tune in and see the next episode. I do feel however the Following will be an acquired taste (think Dexter). It’s bloody and gory and creepy and intense. It is cliffhangers galore. As for the violence (and there is plenty) – shock value? For sure. And at some point we should have a discussion how desensitized we have become to blood and gore. But for me personally far creepier and horrible were the scenes where there was no violence shown. Also I think the series will benefit from the 15-episode season, which should make the story more compact.

Anyhow ladies and gents – have you seen the Following? What did you think?

Down below you can check the trailer and sneak peak trailer for the second episode.