David Caruso – life after CSI: Miami

Dear ladies and gents,

I’m sure you all know by now that CSI: Miami has been canceled. If this is news to you, my apologies, I really didn’t want to be the one to break it to you. So try not to retreat to a corner to gently rock back and forth. But look at it this way – there were 10 seasons of CSI: Miami, it will air in reruns forever.

So I thought we might play a little game where we could brainstorm the next David Caruso project. Obvs the guy will be able to live off royalties for a long (looong) time, however what is the fun in that?
Currently he has nothing in post-production. His Twitter feed meanwhile alludes to some projects (and there are a lot of good days and good nights for some reason) but me thinks it would be more fun for us to come up with his next project.

The only rule of the game is that he cannot play a character named Horatio Caine who joined CSI team in either New York or Las Vegas.

Once Upon a Time – I will preface this by saying that I don’t watch Once Upon a Time. However a cursory glance at the show’s wikipedia page reveals there is no Puss in Boots character. How can you have a show about fairy tales without Puss in Boots?! And why David Caruso? Duh. And enough said.

Downton Abbey – David Caruso plays Flynn Fitzgerald, much younger (and somewhat opportunistic) gentleman of Irish descent who starts a courtship with Martha Levison much to the chagrin (and shock) of all at Downton Abbey. Well… to all apart from Isobel Crawley, she’s all like… you go girl, defy the convention!

Luther – David Caruso plays a Jocker like character who is the mysterious mastermind behind some of most daring and senseless crimes London has seen in years. He has a particularly fond spot for Luther, who he taunts in a season long story arc. And when Alice decides enough is enough and tries to bish-slap the bugger, a deadly showdown between the two psychopaths begins.

Ok ladies and gents, that’s all I could come up with. Anyone has any suggestions?

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  1. David is an art dealer and visits England and meets S the owner of an historic building in need of great repair. They become friends and David wants to buy the building and restore it to its natural beauty with hopes of S becoming his wife. Their relationship goes from strength to strength and they fall deeply in love with each other but with the miles between them will it happen. S is in a loveless marriage but remains loyal to his health commitments David is single but will do anything to make this relationship work. They continue their relationship with heart breaking results.

  2. Mr.Caruso you would make a great sherlock type.Or some super hero. You will be great in what ever you choose to do!Remember there is someone who prays for you in Tn. Yourfan Jeannette

  3. So sad to see CSI MIAMI cancelled. It was the best of the 3 of them. David Caruso was wonderful. I miss the show very much. One of your biggest fans Audrey x.

  4. I’m trying to find out what David Caruso is doing now? I can’t seem to find out anything on the internet except he is involved in Lexicon streaming?

  5. I think that Mr. C. has a great sense of humor and as TPTB took CSI:NY off the air as well maybe they could combine the two stars into a comedy show about PI’s. My hubby offered a title of “Mac & Cheezy.” He’s living in the dog house now. But seriously, how about a show with L. Fishburn, G. Sinse, and Mr. Caruso. They all interacted well with each other.

  6. Arlyn, thanks for your comment :)

    Hm interesting idea, but don’t know how doable? Laurence Fishburne is doing Hannibal, also his sitcom got picked up?

  7. I love his acting. He reminds me of Jack Lord. If he’s playing a cop, he’s a cop. You never have to put up with those sickening sex scenes. I hope he comes back on TV real soon. He would have made a great ” Ironside “.
    I am certainly a loyal fan of David Caruso.

  8. Sorry to see the show canceled; was a fantastic series to watch. Mr. Caruso was perfect for CSI series. Great actor and the best actor.

  9. Thy

    The best CSI show that will ever be on TV to bad it is gone forever I watch the reruns all the time

  10. Such a great acting job on that show…think he should team up with Tom Selleck, but not his current show;however, it might make it better…but, a partner mystery type show..


  12. I’m from Indonesia. CSI Miami is really a fantastic series & i love David Caruso, i love Horatio, he’s so cool, calm & confidence. Really a gret actor. Everday i’m waiting to watch CSI Miami. Love…love…love….love….love

  13. CSI: Miami was the best of the three shows. I watch the reruns all the time. Great actor Mr Caruso

  14. I would like to see David Caruso play a character such as:
    a wealthy retired widower with a history in both academia and industry, who is called out of retirement to coordinate a new team of international crime investigators, all of whom are required to keep the new group’s operations secret.
    What d’you think? Endless possibilities to go in any direction, right?

  15. I loved CSI Miami was the best of shows on tv I was so upset when it was cancelled I love David Curuso he is my hero. I wish they would bring it back

  16. Frankly, I don’t care what he plays. As long as He’s back on the air! I really do miss that Ginger Hair’d smooth talk’r!

  17. David Caruso is an outstanding actor, would love him in anything. A B C, C B S, Fox or network. Would benefit from having him.

  18. I LOVE CSI Miami. It is my favorite TV show. love David Caruso. He is so incredible and smooth in the way he operates. I always wonder how he is in real life. So sorry to see CSI Miami stop making movies but I will enjoy all the ones made over and over! Thank You

  19. You gotta be kidding me!!! It is a toss up who is the worst TV/movie actor of all times- William Shatner or David Caruso. What do you say Mr. Wolf.

  20. I kind of agree with you What!. Except William Shatner is a 10 time Oscar winner compared to Caruso. I can’t stand the way he crooks his neck whenever he wants to be serious. I avoid warching him in any thing.

  21. A great combo would be Gary Senise, David Caruso and Mark Harmon in a great CSI type show. I still watch the reruns of CSI MIAMI. Caruso showed great sensitivity, toughness and compassion. He is wonderfull. Hope to see him in another Series soon!!! Can’t seem to find what he’s doing on the Internet.

  22. I will miss the great guy and all the cast of CSI:Miami. Plus miss CSI:New York. I don’t know why they were cancelled. They were both current and exciting. I would certainly love to see David Caruso in another TV drama – he is an excellent actor even though he waivers towards cop dramas. I can see him as a Secret Service agent guarding the president.

  23. I think he ( David ) would make a great Dr. Or a medical detective of some kind. He would be great!! Maybe even back to a cop show of some kind. He rocks

  24. I am 85 years old and loved CSI Miami. Why do they always take off the best shows. I love David Caruso and at my age he gives me goose bumps all over. That is very rare in us oldies, so give us what little shivers while we can enjoy them! Bring back all the cast and make him the head of a special lab solving drugs and trafficking or unsolved murders. Also, give him a love interest again but with his brothers wife. I didn’t like her. Put him in anything and soon. He is still a good looking man!

  25. How we miss the show here in England, love Horatio, love his stance, the whole team were brilliant, just bought the full box set, working my way through them, please bring him back,

  26. Come on David your so sexy . Loved your show csi Miami . Find something to do with tv .i will be waiting to see you on tv again .

  27. I must also agree. This was THE BEST CSI show of the three. The mesh of the characters was so real you could actually see the the friendships heteren them. I really miss H’s sunglasses one liners. I’m loving the reruns that are going on right now. You can tell how popular the show is as the reruns are airing on three different channels. I can see this show being one of the only ones which survived into a post apocalyptic world and H being perceived as a god snd the show being worshiped. Sry for the sap but I think that would totally funny.

  28. I totally agree. CSI:Miami was THE BEST SHOW of the three. The cast just seemed so real. You could just see the friendship that was between the Charactors especially H, Delco, and Marisol. I love H’s sunglasses one liners. As for a show I think it would be so funny, a show set in a post apocalyptic world where one of the only tv shows that survived was CSI:Miami where H is worshiped as God and the show of how we are to live. All things In day to day affairs revolved around CSI:Miami.

  29. I’ve been under his spell since Hill Street Blues. What a man! His gaze just melts me.

  30. I know so many people who really cared about the character in CSI Miami. They can’t stand what we have on TV today, so most of don’t even watch TV. The characters you could tell they we very caring individual, which you don’t see any more. I would do anything to have them back, if I had a millions I would donate to get him back and the others back. Caring is the problems of the world today. Dog eat Dog world, where his shows you will not get away with it here. So much getting to the truth and caring for others is what I see in David shows. May God give him more to get to the truth of the world and show what all of us is going through. People don’t like being in the dark of what is going on in the world. Our world is getting sadder and sadder, because there is so much hate any more, why our world will come to an end if something isn’t done. We need more care and love for one another.

  31. His show is one in a million, like Jack Lord, you just loved them. The biggest reason, I believe they were very honest and respectful, something we don’t have to much in this world today. Belonging to clubs and organization I can’t believe the cheating, and dishonesty anymore that they have, most of them are going to close down because of it This is my feeling about TV, you give us what we don’t want, we are going to give up TV. Must have some cheats or dishonest people sponsoring these shows, because I done some rating on the CSI movies, 9 times out of 10 they don’t like the other CSI. Why do they want to show us what we don’t like. These actors must be related and want to keep the other CSI running so they can get their share, that the only idea we can come up with. We have so many quacks in the world today. It is pityful…I would like to cry. Most kids today don’t want to show respect anymore. CSI shows respect. No children in my survey likes the one on today because they don’t quite understand. Movies are getting as bad as the government, you can’t understand them anymore because they say one thing and do another We have so many wars going on today because there is so much greed and hate in the world. I believe in giving and caring, we don’t see this in the other CSI. Might as well go to cartoons for children.

  32. Am from ghana west afrcan i like the show and i like the way devid play thank to him keep it up

  33. David cursor is the man and always will be red hair and all he’s wonderful no one can take his place in anything

  34. I also watch the C.S. I. Miami reruns they are the best and yes David Caruso is very smooth talking and sexy. I would love to see him back on T.V. C. S. I. Miami may be over but is still one of the best shows on televison ever created.

  35. David why not team up with Brad Thor and do a TV series as Scott Harvath which is Brad’s main character in his books. If you never have read any of them you should. I think you would be great playing this character. Hope you think about it or look into it and if by chance you do all that I would like is to be able to see you do it. Get back to me if you care to. But seriously think about it
    I have watched you since the NAPDC Blues days with Dennis Frantz. By the way my name is Dennis Walk and you can reach me at the email address I gave.

  36. I want to see my ginger-haired honey on Empire, Chicago Fire or Blacklist… as a bad guy!

  37. Hope you are working on a new series! We need you on t.v. again. You are so great as a cop. Please dont let us all down. We miss you!

  38. Hope you are working on a new series! We need you on t.v. again. You are so great as a cop. Please dont let us all down. We miss you!


  40. David, you are the first white man I’ve ever loved.I keep telling myself its your character that I love, then my denial kicks in and says that it had to be type casting, he’s got to have those qualities.
    Future Project:
    I can see you as an undercover high school teacher that solves crimes of all kinds that happen on campus or the communities that the high school serves. Your compassion and your law enforcement would continue. And you’d be a sort of highly intelligent Sherlock Holmes. Having taught high school science for over 20 years, I’d be happy to be a technical adviser for your character.I’m also a good writer, And I’m easy on the eyes! And guess what, I never watched the show until less than a year ago, so I’m watching and recording reruns. LOL
    Love ya

  41. I love this show. I watch all the reruns during the day from 12-1 pm. Then Sunday to Monday night. I wish they had a reunion. The best CSI on TV. I don’t like any of the others and I don’t watch them either.

  42. David Caruso we all want to see you back on tv and you would have to be a detective only this time tell then to give you a woman of your.own to fall in love with I love watching you play and you are so sexy

  43. David Caruso Love CSI Miami and I can see you in many of the shows . Law and Order Miami, Criminal Minds Miami but we need you to come back you are the best.

  44. I think he should be a permanent cast member on Person of Interest. It is similar to his last few projects, yet different and would be challenging for him. I think it would peak his interest! We miss him!

  45. I love David Caruso!! I miss CSI Miami I wish they would start it back up again, they could but will they? I love you David from Apache Junction Arizona!!

  46. I think u would make a great serial killer in a movie . Actually u would b great u got the look actually so do connan obrian .

  47. I loved CSI: Miami the best out of the three CSI series. I don’t know what TPTB at CBS was thinking they could have let CSI: Miami run another five or ten years. Law and Order ran 20 years, and L&O: SVU still running after 16 years. Seem to me NBC know what their fans liked and keep those shows running long enough to satisfied them. CBS on the other hand dummies there shut down the best shows like CSI: Miami with David Caruso in ten years. I am no longer a fan of CBS for the reason that most of their shows are a bore-fest and when they cancelled David Caruso’s show, I watched CSI: NY than they cancelled that too. I don’t care for the other CSI show it’s corny and the Miami and NY ones are my favorites in that order. NBC, FOX or ABC should snap up David Caruso for a new series. Even better Netflix should do that and give him a show similar to CSI: Miami. Missed you David Caruso, you was BORN to play Horatio!!!!

  48. I miss CSI Miami with David Caruso. I cannot believe that he has not been picked up for another series. He is such a talented actor I thought he would have another crime show like Chicago PD in a relatively short time. Did he really piss someone off?? Seems like he has been blackballed. I wonder whether he will have opportunities in the future?

  49. Oh my I watch CSI MIAMI reruns all the time. Truly wish it was still on the air. He is magnificent in his character and I can’t help but believe that he is the same in real life. He’s cool, handsome and sexy. I will always be a fan.

  50. the only answer I can come up with is to resume with the original cast because CSI Miami can not ever be over.

  51. I found CSI Miami very interesting. I loved the cast especially David Caruso when he just POPPED UP when least expected and the criminal thought they got away. It seems he was also a bleeding heart. Most people are not the kind and caring of the victims. I love detective shows like ID, 48Hrs. etc. I did not like the other CSI shows. The cast did not hold my interest nor the story lines. It must have been the place the CSI Miami series was filmed in that made the show so appealing

  52. I miss seeing that handsome red head I wish u can bring him an his team from csi.miami back to do a different police show they were a good famliy I see he just made 60 year old he still look good to me am a black 55yr.old woman I live n suburb of Chicago am n Jacksonville FL every summer visiting my famliy where I get a t-shirt with the whole crew csi.my mom use to watch it she pass away n July 2014 she was from Jacksonville am single I hope I can meet me a man that is fine an sexy like david.

  53. Well there are so many things to act. An er doctor who ivestagates medical mysteries. Of course a great police show with crime scene investigators like you had. A hard nose detecvive that help solve murders that have been forgotten. Miss you your poses and of course the sun glasses. Come back to us please.

  54. Mr Caruso , I only remember, you from NYPD BLUE and CSI MIAMI. However these two series were were ‘simply the best’ .
    Admired the acting of all the guys in these shows … Mr Caruso you were the STAR ingredient . Thanks for all those ‘shows ‘

  55. It’s very ood that an actor/actress cann’t get a job if he/she is willing to act in the country known for its cinematography industry. There are hundreds of movies and series produced every year in USA.
    Why David Caruso cann’t get a job since 2012?

  56. Age is just a number and Mr. David Caruso could do anything he wanted. He is really good at acting, so why not try a play? They are fun to watch. Maybe he would like doing something like that.

  57. I am so upset right now. CSI Miami is my show and I watch it all day on Sunday’s and the Monday night show, as well. David Caruso is an excellent actor and he will be missed dearly.


  59. I miss csi miami.david is an excellent actor.He was great on nypd blue.I have 4 of his movies and in them hes at his best.Come back david.miss you.

  60. I have watched this show for quite a few years. Still each it on different channels.would hope some channel will bring all of them back some day.I am 73.

  61. Even thought the film Proof of Life seemed doomed because of actor’s indiscretions, I felt the film had great promise particularly for Caruso. The action and his ‘love the danger’ attitude of the character intrigued me. His loyalty to his friend and to his client showed a side of commitment. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like that in a series maybe more of a Private Eye in a Noir format.

  62. I’m from Arizona and I really missed the CSI show esp’ly David S. Caruso who
    portray the role as Horatio Cane he’s an excellent and super actor. Hope they’ll
    make a new series, love to watch Horatio Cane missed you, please come back
    I always watched the re-runs..

  63. I am a Auzzie CSI fan. Loved the TV Series and the Actors in the Show. Most Cop Shows today are rubbish. Such a shame that such an enjoyable Show had to end.

  64. Please bring David Caruso back to TV. There could be another spinoff to CSI Miami. We all miss him and his great one liners. He is a true talent and I have been a fan of his ever since he had a part on CHiPs. He is missed by all of us.

  65. Thank you David. Can you bring the British detective Adam Spanglish to life? Thus would be ideal, however so would thevroles in military, shipping nagbate, an Irish king, an Avengers, a guest on Suits and the Messengers. I would also live to see him play in a Christian film that is focused on the end times prophesies. There are innumerable characters he could play or attract as David Caruso, one day maybe he can play himself, his autobiography on film.Since seeing hus role in CSI Miami, it I s h aard to see him play other characters, however, one day maybe he will consider an autobiography approach as hus next project.

  66. How about a reality show? Showing him with his family. And his art exhibits.

  67. I would love to see him and the same csi cast in another TV series dealing with police investigation because csi miami was one of my favorite TV shows and I still watch the reruns.

  68. PLEASE HAVE DAVID CARUSO JOIN THE CSI CYBER SHOW!!!!!! Horatio Cane was about technology that created the CSI unit for the better in Miami as we saw in the first episode so it is only fitting for Horatio to branch out into cyber CSI as the years have carried on now with internet, cell phones, etc. Afterall, DB is in Paris on leave until whenever. NOBODY MESSES WITH HORATIO!

  69. Don,t ever leave notes but still watching reruns CSI Miami and wish David Caruso would get another show. Just love him and his shades.

  70. After retiring 2 years ago, while flipping channels, I came upon CSI:Miami,. Needless to say, I was instantly mesmerized. Never have I watched a TV show so immediately intoxicating! Now I’m hooked on the re-runs. Is there no way we can enjoy their talents other than watching re-runs? Networks, please see what you can come up with to whet CSI fans’ appetites. Truthfully, I watch very little network tv because it is so vapid! Give us something to make us “shake our tail feathers.” Think y’all can do that?

  71. I think David Carosu is a superb actor. I love his style and flair. Very smooth and ‘no nonsense characer. He is greatly missed by me. I hope they rethink a sequel tothr

  72. I miss David Caruso he played a hell of a cop on CSI that show should of never canceled it always left you hanging from one show to another I think they should put it back in to production

  73. Should of kept that show in production Caruso is a top notch actor that series kept you on toes from one show to another sorry to see it was pulled they should take another look and put it in production again

  74. I remember first seeing Caruso as a sherriff in the first Rambo movie…Caruso is a graet badass cop,,, wouldn.t want to run nito him if I were a criminal,,, maybe a network could come up with a made-for-tv-movie thast would bring back the origionasl cast to solve a crime…

  75. David Caruso is hot, hubby hated that I grew attached to CSI Miami, we grew up in the lower part of Florida, thru hurricanes, so when I started watching I was addicted, eventually got upset when they cancelled, so hubby managed to find every single series while trucking through states…I hope David is happy somewhere out there, and I see the rest of cast members keeping themselves busy…BRING BACK ANOTHER GET TOGETHER …My youngest son loves the theme song…

  76. Goodbye David and Horatio others are making fun but I loved David Caruso especially as John Kelly and Horatio Cain. I loved him he did a great job and I thought he was very handsome I loved his red hair his beautiful eyes. I really loved him as Horatio Cain I saw him being sweet to a molested little girl, I also saw him being kind to his nephew and Monte soul. I already miss him CSI. Miami is not and will never be the same without him. To his wives and children I am sorry for his death and the cruel statements about him. They are wrong so sorry,

  77. Has to be one of the BEST shows on TV we tape every episode and keep watching them?
    LOVE Horatio and those sunnies? The girls let it down a bit too much glamour for the job they were doing? Became a bit unbelieveable especially when we saw Kellie in those Christian Leboutin shoes?? Really!
    He has to be back in a detective role like Tom Selleck has done in Blue Bloods we LOVE that show too? Never that keen on CSI New York!

  78. David Caruso is the best actor of all time. It’s just too bad the show was cancelled.
    I always watch the reruns and II hope they’ll create another CSI Miami.
    I’m hoping all the best for you , Mr. Caruso
    Take care, you’re always in my prayers!

  79. I still watch it every time its on I have on my DVR an I never miss any of them..Its now on 4 days a week an even though I’ve seen them all over an over I still cant go to sleep without my Horatio fix..I am so in love with that man..I wish there was more men like him out there..He’s worm, caring, strong, trusting, an soo kind..They should bring it back with all the same crew cause all of them were just perfect together..I don’t get it why they took it off to begin with it was the best CSI on..The others cant compare…I wish you all the best to all of you guys..Looking forward to seeing you again David..

  80. I loved David Caruso. I am heartbroken! I really really need him to star in another series. How bout. He either solves cold cases !!!

  81. I am probably one of the most dedicated fans of David Caruso and CSI MIAMI in the world. Although the show was canceled I still follow and watch every re-run. I will always watch it and anything else he does.

  82. I too am a big fan of David Caruso and the CSI Miami series, which I watch in reruns. Would love to see him in a new series using his talents in a new and different way.For what ever the reasons he is not currently in the public eye aside from reruns it’s a shame his talent isn’t being utilized.


  84. i love watching csi maimi and when it wasnt on anymore i sat down and cried i think david caruso was and is a great actor and so was the crew he had please bring him back ok

  85. The worst actor on tv. He stands like a half wit. Why stand sideways? He wears sunglasses inside buildings and has a head that flops to one side. I could go on, but I’m sure I would get hate mail from his ‘fans’.

  86. I think it very sad someone of his caliber does not have a project in motion. His one liner Witt and sweet yet not sweet attitude made him a real live character. Regardless of his persona l dilemma who cares. He needs to be on tv again. What a prick he is in real life does not reflect in his attitude of his shows. He’s s grest actor. If he chooses to not be on the screen that is different. Let’s see him again

  87. It’s simple. David Caruso should follow Adam Rodriguez and go to Criminal Minds as a behavioral analyst.That and a he should be cast as a mathematical genius, medical doctor and a former black ops Quantico-trained CIA agent. He should be a chess competitor for Matthew Gray Gubler’s Dr. Reid.

    David’s Caruso’s acting style would blend in perfectly.

    What I miss the most about the loss of CSI Miami is the cinematography. The wild colors are great.

  88. I think David Caruso should be cast as the new Jack Reacher , an older version of the character, possibly back from imprisonment in Middle East , rescued by Navy Seals . He’s looking for a way to go back and rescue other Patriots languishing in foreign prisons. I know many others who would love to see David come out of his self-imposed retirement….we miss your face David !

  89. David. Caruso
    My name is Ruth Ann and i love your series of CSI MIAMI and i really would like to see you in more shows like that, so I’m thinking making you can play on the series of NCIS with Mark Harmon who plays as special agent GIBBS and you can be special agent Brantley Morgan. That’s whole different name.
    Thank you so much for listening to me.
    Ruth Ann Muha

  90. I think you should play on NCIS with agen Gibbs anf the rest of the gang Mr. Caruso as agent Brantley Morgan
    Thank you for listening
    Ruth Ann Muha

  91. david created a character playing no one else could have done it so well as horatio

  92. I always thought David Caruso was so sexy with his sharp dressed man he was‍⚖️ and those sun shades ohhh those sun shades really took the cake… i still watch CSI Miami wouldn’t miss it for the world #of


  93. CSI Miami was clearly the best of the three shows, I endorse previous commenters , in that when you watched it you really felt like the characters cared about the people they came in contact with, the victims. You didn’t get that feeling on the other shows, they gave the feeling that they were just doing their jobs. That’s why although I really like Gary Sinese, Miami was the only one of the three shows I watched

  94. Loved CSI Miami, still watch the reruns. The powers that be should bring all the CSI s back! Old is new.

  95. I loved watching David Caruso in action, yes, yes, yes he is a great actor, and I too miss watching CSI Miami. But I would watch any show that he is in. We miss you so much . Mr. Caruso, please come back in action.

  96. Love CSI Miami and watch it still to this day! Would love to see a TV movie made for CSI Miami with the cast …like the Jesse Stone series. It would be so awesome to have something to look forward to. This is the best CSI show.

  97. He should replace Mark Harmon on it’s a shame about his health NCIS rather than cancel

  98. Most poorly written and badly acted show on TV. Stilted dialogue. The LEAST charismatic actor on earth. Rumor on set has it that his ‘brief and concise’ manner of communication is because he cannot remember a line that contains more than 8 words – not even if you held a gun to his head. I was happy when he left NYPD Blue and am thrilled that the powers that be finally saw CSI M for what it was – dross – and finally freed up an hour for something (ANYTHING) better.

  99. I would love to see a HILL STREET BLUES reboot with David in his role as head of the Shamrocks now being a cop :). But that will never happen so maybe Law and Order SVU? Olivia is always short handed. Would be a great addition to the staff

  100. they need to bring CSI Miami back with David Caruso give him his hundred thousand dollars episode or maybe more now that he’s been off the show I don’t know about a 38-foot trailer but that was the best show on TV everything else sucks I think you need to bring him back and the show back

  101. I would love to find out what is going on with his stores, “North Ranch” and “Caruso Art”? Anybody out there know?

  102. Sitting here watching CSI Miami .. love the Show .. always did. Loved it when Eddie and Rory were in the Cast. Shame that they cancelled CSI, NY, as well. I don’t think the Audiences shrank .. think the problem was with CBS.

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