What I’m watching at the moment…

Dear ladies and gents,

first and foremost do you know that Leverage started? Are you watching? And if not, why not?


Two new shows that I watched and really enjoyed are a) the Newsroom and b) Perception.


Perception stars Eric McCormack as Dr. Daniel Pierce, a brilliant but troubled neuroscience professor. And when I say troubled I really mean troubled – Daniel sees invisible people. Yup, it’s like A Beautiful Mind but a) on television and b) without Russell Crowe.

Who would have thought they would come up with a police procedural featuring invisible people?

Anyhow Daniel gets recruited by his former student and now FBI agent Kate Moretti (played by Rachael Leigh Cook) to help FBI solve more complicated cases. And while Daniel is rather brilliant, the disruption to his routine triggers his “episodes” and it gets progressively difficult to hide his condition from Kate. So if you don’t mind the invisible people I think you will quite like Perception, I know I do.

The Newsroom

I like the Newsroom. I like it a lot. That is not to say it’s perfect, it’s patently not, but even with its flaws it is still smarter than at least 80% of stuff you can see on television.

The Newsroom is about a cable channel news program headed by Will McAvoy (played by the ever brilliant Jeff Daniels) who is labeled as Jay Leno of the news anchors. That means he is as mainstream as they get in a bid to hold on to his ratings. But after a bit of a meltdown, the departure of his co-anchor and the arrival of his new producer (who also happens to be his ex girlfriend) Will decides (after a bit of cunning manipulation natch) that it is time he goes back to doing the proper news. The script is good, obvs, it is Sorkin after all (although he still can’t write female characters properly). And the cast – Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, Dev Patel, Sam Waterston, John Gallagher, Jr. – love them all. Well worth the watch in my opinion.

So tell me dear readers – what have you been watching?