Things I learned watching the Big Bang Theory

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    • Sheldon is not insane, his mum had him tested.


    • Stan Lee is NOT Bruce Lee’s nerdy brother.


    • Sheldon saves his paychecks for the simple reason the things he wants to buy haven’t been invented yet (I wish I had the same problem)


    • No one sits in Sheldon’s spot. He has placed eternal dibs on it.


    • Sheldon Cooper is William Shatner of theoretical physics.


    • The appropriate ranking of cool models of transportation is jetpack, hover board, transporter, Batmobile and then a giant ant.


    • Your grandmother is not a grandmother, she is your meemaw.


    • Sheldon rarely kids and when he does you will know by the use of the word bazinga.


    • There is no reason to live if a disaster strikes and all USB ports get destroyed.


    • If you evacuate your bowels when you want to that makes you a hippy.


    • Gravity is a heartless bitch.


    • You can hack into government’s supercomputer and try to buy uranium but be prepared for Department of Homeland Security to tattle to your mother.


    • If you type 5.318.008 in a calculator and turn it upside down it spells boobies.


    • If you get bitten by a radioactive rat in all probability you will not gain superpowers and turn into a superhero but you will need a tetanus shot.


    • Aquaman sucks.


    • Social protocol dictates when a friend is upset you offer him/her a hot beverage.


  • If you go to a costume party and all of your friends dress up as Flash, you should all walk behind each other all night so it looks like it’s one person going really fast.

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