Stuff I’m watching at the mo…

Nothing much to be honest.

Yes dear ladies and gents it is that weird period when there is virtually nothing on. Well there are Housewives or Big Brother (in case you are in the UK) but since that is not really my cup of tea I’ve been twiddling my thumbs as of late.

Well not twiddling my thumbs per se – there is always an episode of CSI on one of the channels. And I did manage to watch Scandal which I quite liked considering it is another Shonda Rhimes project (I will write about it in a bit).

I also managed to see Prometheus and that one will take a tad bit longer to write since well… it definitely wasn’t what I expected. And the experience was a bit odd since there was a rather burly gentleman present during the screening whose job was to spot any mobile phones and escort you out in case you were dumb enough to record anything. And you would have to be dumb to record anything since the movie was in 3D anyway.

But don’t mind me and my blathering on and on… what I would like to know is there anything worth watching at the mo dear ladies and gents?

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