CSI: Miami canceled.

Dear ladies and gents,

obviously this is old news but if it doesn’t give you the sadz you are made of stone. Stone I tell you.

CSI: Miami was canceled. I don’t understand the network’s logic because I always thought CSI: Miami was more popular than the NY version. Obviously not.

On the plus side since there are 10 seasons of CSI: Miami I’m pretty sure that from here to eternity there will always be a channel out there somewhere showing reruns in syndication.

I’ve checked David Caruso’s IMDB page but apparently he has no projects coming up. Well let’s hope he will be offered a role that will make use of his actings talents (we might have forgotten but man did movies at one point). And if that fails let’s hope he will be offered a role on a police procedural – I mean he perfected that sideways stance and the sunglasses move, it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

So in honor of Horatio and his demise check out the endless loop of his one-liners below. And I couldn’t resist but I threw in the sunglasses clip as well.

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