Summer shows (return dates and trailers)

Dear ladies and gents,

summer season is upon us and well… I know there is nothing much to watch at the mo, but that should change in couple of weeks time.

Down below you can find the list of some of the more interesting summer shows (and trailers where I could find them. I am mighty peeved about that but there is still no trailer for Leverage tsk). Obvs if I have missed anything interesting please let me know in the comments.

Returning shows

Necessary Roughness (return date – June 6th)

a href=””>Royal Pains (return date – June 6th)

Suits (return date – June 14th)

True Blood (return date – June 10th)

Leverage (return date – July 15th)

Rizzoli and Isles (return date – June 5th)

Falling Skies (return date – June 17th)

New shows that look vaguely promising

Perception (premiere date – July 9th)

Political Animals (premiere date – July 15th)

The Newsroom (premiere date – June 24th)

And last but not least (and don’t even try and pretend you won’t be watching Dallas at least once. Especially if you grew up during the 80s!)

Dallas (premiere date – June 13th)

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