House series finale (and a bit of Fry and Laurie news)

Dear ladies and gents,

so did you see the House finale? What did you think?

I’ll preface this by saying I watched about hm… 3 episodes of House in the last few years. So bear in mind I am not as emotionally invested.

Having said that I thought the finale was fine. You know – good, but lacking a bit of oomph? Sure it was nice to see all the familiar faces making cameo appearances – Anne Dudek, Kal Penn, Sela Ward, Andre Braugher and Jennifer Morrison – but I was expecting more… anguish, misery and desolation. As for the big twist – well I kinda knew they wouldn’t kill him off. Don’t know why but I just knew. I was kind of sad though no-one mentioned lupus as possible diagnosis at least once.

So after I had some time to digest what I saw I realized – the ending we saw is a happy ending in David Shore‘s world. Some things were tidied up, many things were left unsaid, but yes overall me thinks that was a happy ending. After years of people leaving and coming back, suicides and people dying, mental institutions, hallucinations, ODs and bleeding from the bottom – yes it was a happy ending and I found it quite satisfying, for me it was always, always about Wilson and House anyway.

And in case you are wondering what Mr. Laurie will be up to now that the filming has finished – Mister Pip is in post-production, there is the world tour with his band and this tweet might cheer you right up:

So tell me dear ladies and gents – what did you think of the House finale?

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