Things I learned watching the Avengers

Image: Marvel Studios via

    • People are petty. And tiny. Then again if you are the god of thunder I guess almost everyone would seem tiny.


    • Do not get into a discussion about percentages with women. It won’t help even if you are Tony Stark


    • Agent Coulson’s first name is Phil. Not Agent.


    • Tony Stark is genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He is also volatile, self-centered, and I doesn’t play well with others. Depends which way you look at it.


    • Dr. Banner’s work on anti-electron collision is unparalleled. But however pales in comparison when he turns into enormous green monster.


    • Having said that – I never knew turning into a big, raging monster is called having a condition nowadays.


    • Contrary to what you might think poking Bruce Banner will not make him Hulk out.


    • Having said that his anger management issues are spectacular.


    • Who knew demi-gods are so sartorially challenged? Thor does look like he is wearing drapes, meanwhile Loki and his helmet with horns? Yeah, not a good look.


    • In case you were wondering – this is what Shawarma is. And yes it’s delish, I’d murder one right now.


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