CSI: Miami canceled.

Dear ladies and gents,

obviously this is old news but if it doesn’t give you the sadz you are made of stone. Stone I tell you.

CSI: Miami was canceled. I don’t understand the network’s logic because I always thought CSI: Miami was more popular than the NY version. Obviously not.

On the plus side since there are 10 seasons of CSI: Miami I’m pretty sure that from here to eternity there will always be a channel out there somewhere showing reruns in syndication.

I’ve checked David Caruso’s IMDB page but apparently he has no projects coming up. Well let’s hope he will be offered a role that will make use of his actings talents (we might have forgotten but man did movies at one point). And if that fails let’s hope he will be offered a role on a police procedural – I mean he perfected that sideways stance and the sunglasses move, it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

So in honor of Horatio and his demise check out the endless loop of his one-liners below. And I couldn’t resist but I threw in the sunglasses clip as well.

Summer shows (return dates and trailers)

Dear ladies and gents,

summer season is upon us and well… I know there is nothing much to watch at the mo, but that should change in couple of weeks time.

Down below you can find the list of some of the more interesting summer shows (and trailers where I could find them. I am mighty peeved about that but there is still no trailer for Leverage tsk). Obvs if I have missed anything interesting please let me know in the comments.

Returning shows

Necessary Roughness (return date – June 6th)

a href=”http://www.usanetwork.com/series/royalpains/”>Royal Pains (return date – June 6th)

Suits (return date – June 14th)

True Blood (return date – June 10th)

Leverage (return date – July 15th)

Rizzoli and Isles (return date – June 5th)

Falling Skies (return date – June 17th)

New shows that look vaguely promising

Perception (premiere date – July 9th)

Political Animals (premiere date – July 15th)

The Newsroom (premiere date – June 24th)

And last but not least (and don’t even try and pretend you won’t be watching Dallas at least once. Especially if you grew up during the 80s!)

Dallas (premiere date – June 13th)

Two and a Half Men?!

Image: CBS.com

Dear ladies and gents,

I came to a rather shocking revelation the other day. Please let me elaborate.

See, I’ve been exercising. And even though it was tough going in the beginning, I’ve been sticking with it for a while now – on a side note I cannot recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred enough, that stuff works like you wouldn’t believe. However a word of caution – if you suffer from dodgy knees like I do, you might want to adapt the circuits otherwise you’ll be hobbling after you are done.

But exercise DVDs can get a tad bit repetitive after you’ve seen them a dozen times. So I switched on the TV to make the time go a bit faster. And since I exercise at roughly the same time every day… well that is how I saw an episode of Two and a Half Men for the first time.

I took pride in the fact I’ve never in my life seen an episode of them Kardashians, or Jersey Shore, or Two and a Half Men. Bah!

First of all – lets put aside the fact all women are portrayed as either crazy or stupid. Or some combination of two. Or the fact men are drunks, emotionally stunted, neurotic or seem to suffer from erectile dysfunction or a combination of two or more. Or the fact that kid is not cute.

Even in my oxygen deprived state it was obvious. It’s just… well… not funny. At all.

The one time I laughed was when Charlie Sheen’s brother didn’t have money so he took part in a clinical trial that made him look like someone attacked him with a spray tan. Lumps of his hair were falling out. And he had a seizure! That was the only time I laughed.

So I came to a conclusion that I’m either a) a bad person who finds stuff like that funny or b) devoid of all humor (and the irony of me making fun of Donald Trump for being a humorless person does not escape me).

Because ladies and gents – that series has just been renewed for 10th (!!!!!) season. And in case you were wondering – you can find the ratings here – 14.9 million viewers!

The only conclusion I can come up with is that I really don’t know what’s funny.

Well either that or people are idiots.

But for the life of me I don’t know which.

House series finale (and a bit of Fry and Laurie news)

Dear ladies and gents,

so did you see the House finale? What did you think?

I’ll preface this by saying I watched about hm… 3 episodes of House in the last few years. So bear in mind I am not as emotionally invested.

Having said that I thought the finale was fine. You know – good, but lacking a bit of oomph? Sure it was nice to see all the familiar faces making cameo appearances – Anne Dudek, Kal Penn, Sela Ward, Andre Braugher and Jennifer Morrison – but I was expecting more… anguish, misery and desolation. As for the big twist – well I kinda knew they wouldn’t kill him off. Don’t know why but I just knew. I was kind of sad though no-one mentioned lupus as possible diagnosis at least once.

So after I had some time to digest what I saw I realized – the ending we saw is a happy ending in David Shore‘s world. Some things were tidied up, many things were left unsaid, but yes overall me thinks that was a happy ending. After years of people leaving and coming back, suicides and people dying, mental institutions, hallucinations, ODs and bleeding from the bottom – yes it was a happy ending and I found it quite satisfying, for me it was always, always about Wilson and House anyway.

And in case you are wondering what Mr. Laurie will be up to now that the filming has finished – Mister Pip is in post-production, there is the world tour with his band and this tweet might cheer you right up:

So tell me dear ladies and gents – what did you think of the House finale?