Things I learned watching Celebrity Apprentice


(on a side-note – of course I still watch Celebrity Apprentice – feel free to judge away. I know it’s horrible. But I can’t stop. I console myself that I have never watched them Kardashians. Or Jersey Shore. Not that Donald is any better).

Favorite catchphrase – it’s not personal, it’s business! Bish, you have got to be kidding me! You’d think they’d realize by now there is *NO* actual job involved

Having said that – if you had to work with majority of the people Trump recruits for CA… well… I hope you have access to good meds and/or hard liquor

The only person whose opinion matters in the boardroom is the Trump. Which would be fine and dandy if the man didn’t change his mind all.the.bloody.time.

I never thought possible person could be devoid of all humor. Donald Trump IS that person.

Person who does best in the boardroom – the one who can talk the loudest over people.

Person who does the worst in the boardroom – the one who doesn’t like to shout. And not even carrying a big stick will help them.

There is always at least one trainwreck per season (see Dennis Rodman; Gary Busey)

There is always at least one infuriating idiot per season (see Blagojevich, Omarosa, both Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day this season)

Having said that it’s not ALL bad, sometimes there are some decent (at least they seem to be decent), entertaining people (see Cyndi Lauper; Marlee Matlin)

Ivanka Trump got all the good genes in the Trump family.

There is no bigger celebrity ass kisser than Donald Trump.

Having said that am I the only one who can see the resemblance between the Trump’s mouth and chicken bottom? No, only me? Fair enough.

2 thoughts on “Things I learned watching Celebrity Apprentice

  1. Stopped watching the series after Lisa (abusive shit-stain) and Aubrey ruined it for me. Now I see the entire Trump family as a bunch of sleeze-peddling slime. No respect for them at all.

    I thought this season could be a turn-around but Omarosa is back. It just solidifies my feelings about Trump.

  2. John,
    totally agree! I haven’t watched one episode this season – I would say yay! for finally coming to my senses however me thinks this is only due to lack of time and I just might catch up eventually.
    But Omarosa, I CANNOT believe chicken-bottom-mouth Trump actually brought her back. For what?! Gawd, she only made me sympathize with Piers bleeding Morgan!
    Also (just my opinion) it’s horrible how Trump exploits people who are obvs unwell (like Rodman and Busey). Given it’s normal for reality shows, they sign up for it etc and given some of the people on the Apprentice should be on medication anyway (looking at you Ms Lampanelli), but it’s still horrible.
    Anyway John – thanks for your comment, it makes me itsy bitsy better knowing I might not be the only one cringing/throwing my slipper at the TV while watching Apprentice :)

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