Stephen Fry returns to ITV with Doors Open

Dear ladies and gents,

am I the only one who thinks there isn’t much to watch these days? No, only me? I’ve been watching Scott & Bailey and Case Histories over the last month or so and now that has run out I’ve started on old seasons of Waking the Dead (all really, really good).

But I digress. In a bit of good news for all uncle Steve’s fans our lovely Mr. Fry is set to return to our TV screens in a new drama for ITV.

The bad news – it’s not Kingdom.

The good news is it is a 2-hour film based on the novel Doors Open written by Ian Rankin.

On a sidenote – if you are unfamiliar with Rankin, well you should familiarize yourself pronto as he is the one who wrote all the Inspector Rebus novels. If you like crime novels, these cannot be recommended enough plus there are 17 of them. 17! So. Much. To. Read. Alternatively you can also check out Rebus series with the brilliant Ken Stott.

Back to the matter at hand – Doors Open is about a dude named Mike Mackenzie (played by Dougie Henshall), a bored self made millionaire who after a night of drinking with his mates – art expert Professor Gissing (played by Mr. Fry) and banker Allan Cruickshank – decides to pull off a perfect crime. It involves Edinburgh’s private art collection owned by National Gallery of Scotland and not available for public viewing. The trio decide to swap the masterpieces with forgeries during the Doors Open Day when Edinburgh’s buildings of special interest are open to public.

So the plan is there is theory. The only problem is our band of merry robbers don’t have the criminal know-how. Mike decides to rope in his old school friend Charlie Calloway, who is also a small time criminal. But obvs Charlie’s involvement sparks some unwanted attention from the local gangsters and trouble ensues.

And there you have it ladies and gents, that’s the gist of it. The filming starts this month but there is no air date as of yet. I will let you know as soon as I know something.

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