For our US readers – where to catch UK shows

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Dear ladies and gents,

it can be a bit tiresome to wait for some of the series to premiere across the continents. The only recent example I could think was Lost, when the series finale aired immediately after in the UK. And vice versa is also true – Downton Abbey was shown in January while US readers will have to wait until May to see new episodes of Sherlock. If you ask me – it sucks ass. Pardon my French but it does. Hopefully what with the Internet and all things will change soon but for now we have to work with what we got. Here are some of the places where you can catch UK shows. This list is by no means extensive so if you anyone knows of other places where UK shows are available by all means let us know in the comments.

BBC America

Obvious choice. Home to such shows as Doctor Who, Top Gear, Being Human, Tudors, Ab Fab, The Fades, Primeval, Luther and Inbetweeners. You can check their FAQs here and see what you have to do to tune in.


PBS is going through a revival of late mostly due to Downton Abbey. Home to such shows as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Sherlock, Birdsong, Miss Marple, Case Histories and Inspector Lewis. Since PBS is free you can support their Masterpiece series with a pledge to your local TV station.

Acorn TV

Acorn TV is home to tons of shows – Monroe, Doc Martin, Wish Me Luck, Midsomer Murders, The Commander, Prime Suspect, Cracker, Foyle’s War and Rosemary and Thyme. This is by no means the full list, it would be best to visit their website and see if there is anything of interest. US residents can access AcornTV for free however with the free access you can only preview the first episode of the series. Premium Access ($24.99 per year) offers unlimited access plus you will get free shipping for any of the products you might buy from their web shop. The list of DVDs with UK shows is rather extensive so if you are into getting the boxed sets there is tons to choose from.


Hulu is a bit of hit and miss. But you can still find some UK shows – like Kingdom, The Last Enemy, Black Books or you can look up under Masterpiece series. And speaking of which you can also check Amazon – they have both newer and older shows (Spooks for example but it goes under the name MI-5).

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