House. Revisited

Dear ladies and gents,

it’s been a while since I last saw an episode of House. Years in fact. When I’ve read that House has been canceled I decide to watch a random episode just to see what I’m missing, if anything at all.

And it turns out I haven’t been missing much. It was one of those episodes where House is in deep doodoo for putting another patient in jeopardy because he is right damnit. Only this time it wasn’t just the patient who got hurt but Chase as well. So yes House is still ahem misanthropic bugger (that would be a PC word, non PC word would be douchebag or SOB as Dean Winchester so eloquently puts it) and he is still popping Vicodin. I’ll admit I was kinda surprised about that one, I thought if they went that route again they would have him hooked on something stronger by now (drugs are bad kids of course they are, but we are talking House here).

So still a curmudgeon, still popping Vicodin, still insisting he is right all.the.time., people around him are in danger and as I have predicted still getting away with it – because he is brilliant. Given I haven’t watched an episode in 3 years so maybe he is a Buddhist and checks on daily basis now but they didn’t show that in this particular episode.

But just as I was ready to snort (cold went into sinus infection mode, snot galore) in dismay and grumble about lack of character development House himself calls this investigator person thingy a coward for not sending his ass back to jail (it seems House was in jail while I was watching other stuff?). And then, AND THEN he goes to Chase who is learning to walk again and tells him he is sorry basically admitting it’s his fault he got hurt. So awareness? He has some.

Of course I will watch the last episode, Shore and company were always good with season finales and premieres. But even though there were obvs baby steps made I think House needs to be put out of his misery.

Not because it’s so horribly awful – there is far worse stuff on TV whether scripted or unscripted.

It’s just that how many times can this man been given a free pass because of his brilliance? And (medicine aside) the show is realistic in a sense that this is what we humans do, think we are right all the time, refuse to change and screw up on daily basis, I don’t think anyone would be interested to watch me screw up time and time again, episode after episode. Because that is what House does. It’s just doesn’t make for interesting TV, you know?

What I’m trying to say, I found House – shock horror – boring (obvs Sherlock has rubbed off on me).

So ladies and gents, any thoughts? Is anyone watching House anymore? I will admit after watching the video below – there were some really funny bits. And I hope Hugh Laurie does some comedy again (after a nice, long break of course).