The Bronson Pinchot Project

Dear ladies and gents,

you remember Bronson Pinchot, no? Come on, it’s cousin Balki of course you remember. Who could forget the Dance of Joy?

Anyhow Mr. Pinchot has a new show on DIY Network of all places. The series will see him buy an old home and restore it to its former glory using the materials that were available at the time (I do wonder where does one find 18th century cotton? ebay?)

As Pinchot said

All the rooms look exactly like you would expect them to look if they had been locked in 1840 and just unlocked on the show. We do show how we get there, and it’s largely trial and error.

Which you know does sound interesting. And I think it’s safe to say noone will be doing the Dance of Joy (unfortunately). But I do have to admit that my initial reaction was – I hope he doesn’t turn into Jeff Lewis.

Source: Channel Guide Magazine