Alcatraz and Touch – reviews

Dear ladies and gents,

between Sherlock, Downton Abbey and Jo Nesbø I had plenty to watch and read in my spare time.But this week I managed to watch Alcatraz and Touch, down below are the reviews.

– well it has finally arrived. It seems they have been teasing it forever! And if first three episodes are anything to go on, it didn’t disappoint. Obvs I love seeing Jorge Garcia on a weekly basis again. Even though he hasn’t said Dude once I am still fond of him. Then there is Sam Neill, who well… it’s Sam bleedin Neill, enough said. Parminder Nagra seems like the most intriguing character but Sarah Jones was a revelation as the totally kick ass detective who gets roped into the whole thing after she learns her grandad was an inmate at Alcatraz rather than the guard as she previously thought.

So the story is that Alcatraz was closed. Only it didn’t really happen. Both the inmates and the guards have disappeared. And now they have started showing up in the present day and they still look the same and they haven’t aged a bit. The pilot was intriguing enough. But it usually takes me a few episode to get hooked. And I have to report that after episode three I am eager to find out what happens next. Where did they go? Why didn’t they age? What did they do to them? And who did whatever they did to them… it looks promising. And hopefully numbers will be good enough so Fox won’t cancel it before the writers manage to weave the story properly.

Now on to Touch. I didn’t know much about Touch apart from that it stars Kiefer Sutherland. And that his kid can predict the future. But that was all. I am not the biggest Kiefer Sutherland fan (I maybe watched 2 or 3 episodes of 24 in total). So this was more of a watchonwhim kind of thing. And I was pleasantly surprised by the storytelling. I really was. Kiefer Sutherland plays a dude who is a former journalist and whose wife died during 9/11. He is left caring for their son who doesn’t speak at all. But the boy is obsessed with numbers. In the end it turns out… well I don’t want to give stuff away I think you are better off knowing as little as possible about what the show is about. It’s a story that spans the continents and I thought it was rather uplifting.

Then I saw the credits – Tim Kring is the series creator. Which so explains it – I mean the story is truly great. But Tim Kring did the same thing with Heroes. Remember how great Heroes was in the beginning? Before it got turned into an incoherent, rambling mess with too many characters and too many storylines. I can only hope the same thing won’t happen to Touch. I can only hope that there will be someone designated to reel the bugger in before he gets too… ambitious? Because it is a great story.

So tell me dear ladies and gents, have you seen Alcatraz? Or Touch? What did you think?

Things I learned watching Sherlock


  • Did you know there are 243 types of tobacco ash?


  • There is no worse fate then being bored.


  • There is no worse fate then being boring and/or being surrounded by boring people.


  • If you are bored it is not advised to suffer in misery. It is mandatory to keep shouting at people as often as possible “Don’t be boring” (which I happened to be exposed to a good while back and it is not amusing. My heart goes out to Watson)


  • Solar system? Earth revolving around the sun? Not really important.


  • How to appear taller? Wear a good coat and have a short friend.


  • Ms Hudson? She is not a house keeper.


  • There is such a thing as a consulting detective.


  • There is such a thing as a consulting criminal. And even though I loved Holmes ever since I was little itsy bitsy part of me thinks being a consulting criminal might be a tad bit more fun?


  • You never ever turn your back on a boomerang. Never ever.


  • How to check if person has a dog – look for dog hairs obvs. However if the dog hairs are located lower part of the body only it’s a small breed dog.


  • There is such a thing as rabbits that glow in the dark.


  • Need the police? Find a gun and shoot in the air. Much faster that way you see.


  • Benedict Cumberbatch? Hot. Really, really hot. You just need to get over the pretentious name. But yes, hot.


Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol

Dear ladies and gents,

hm yes, so this happened last week. I was in cinema (willingly) and watched a movie with Tom Cruise (willingly). I don’t like Tom Cruise, never did. That is not to say I don’t think he’s talented – I liked Magnolia, Fourth of July and Collateral just fine, but I never really embraced the idea of Tom Cruise action hero/movie star. He is just so bloody enthusiastic!

So Mission Impossible. The movie is ridiculous. Obviously. It’s an action movie with special effects, it is supposed to be ridiculous. Tom Cruise leaps of tall buildings, leaps of some type of moving parking lot, walks into Kremlin with just a prosthetic nose and fake mustache for disguise and drives through a sand storm in a convertible with just a scarf for protection against the elements. As I said ridiculous. Not to mention almost every nation under the sun is deemed whats the polite word to put it – problematic? It’s your bog standard big budget Hollywood action movie. But Monika and I (hello Monika waves :) giggled through out. Convulsively. And I’ll be the first to admit after those 2 hours I left the cinema feeling entertained. After a Tom Cruise action movie!

For the life of me I couldn’t understand why. So I watched Mission Impossible 3. In interest of research. Obviously. And it’s much the same thing – things getting blown up, Tom Cruise leaping of stuff, the whole shebang – it still wasn’t nearly as entertaining.

And then I realized. It was that Simon bloody Pegg! He made it funny. He was the perfect antidote to all the Cruise’s action hero posturing and he wasn’t featured nearly as much in the third installment. Mystery solved.

So you see Simon Pegg made me like a Tom Cruise movie. I thought I was not feeling well or that I’ve been dropped on my head without even realizing.

Although come to think of it – I did bump my head about 5 times on our kitchenette vent at the hotel we were staying at (obviously there was drink taken). Oooh – so you think it might not be Simon Pegg after all?

TV I’m digging at the moment

Dear ladies and gents,

let me wish you and yours happy, healthy and prosperous 2012! I hope you managed to survive the holidays with your sanity intact. Please let me a share a few TV shows that have kept me occupied over the last few weeks. Do let me know what you have been watching, just in case I might have missed something great.

The Layover


Anthony Bourdain is back with more food, what’s not to like? The premise is that he goes to different major cities and in a short time span  (somewhere between 24 and 48 hours) gives you a lowdown on any given city you might find yourself in. I like the format, I like the useful information he provides and the first episode about Singapore made me want to visit something rotten.


Downton Abbey


I have to admit Downton Abbey made for some really nice and cozy holiday watching. It has drama, it has intrigue and it has funny quips courtesy of Dame Maggie Smith, what’s not to love? I still haven’t caught up entirely (started on season 2) but our American readers might be interested to know second season premieres on PBS on January 8th.




Look I’ll be the first to admit I turned my nose when I heard of Sherlock. I mean a modern version? Blasphemy! I’ve read all the novels when I was little and obviously got a tad bit attached. However Sherlock is not just good telly, it’s exceptionally good telly. And I would rate the last episode (A Scandal in Belgravia) as the best one yet. In part it is down to great cast, but also Steven Moffat wrote the episode. If you are being a snobbish bish like I was and refuse to watch it, please give it a try – you will not be disappointed.




I professed my affection for Leverage plenty of times. And I still like it, it’s funny, the cast is great and it is just irreverent enough to be enjoyable. Plus you have got to appreciate an American series that actually airs during the holidays and doesn’t go on hiatus.


Honorable mention

Ab Fab


Now let me preface this by saying I do love Eddie and Patsy. And while I thought the Christmas special was good, I didn’t think it was exceptional. It was funny yes, but I just… I don’t know maybe they need to get their groove back a bit?