British shows to watch during the holidays (with trailers)

Dear ladies and gents,

unlike their American counterparts British TV networks go all out during the holidays. And when I say all out – I mean ALL out. New shows, old shows, specials, mini-series, TV movies, there is something for everyone. Down below is a list of shows that will air during the holidays. I do hope you will find something you’ll enjoy.


Absolutely Fabulous (Dec 25th; BBC)


No explanation need – Eddy and Patsy are back. Here is another sneak peek


Sherlock Holmes (Jan 1st; BBC)


Cumberbatch is wearing a sheet. Well… hello there!


Great Expectations (Dec 25th; BBC)
The adaptation of Charles Dickens novel the series stars Gillian Anderson, Ray Winstone and David Suchet.


The Borrowers (Dec 26th, BBC)


Based on a book written by Mary Norton The Borrowers is about tiny people who live under the floorboards in your home and survive on scraps. Stars Christopher Eccleston AND Mr. Fry.


The Gruffalo Child (Dec 25th; BBC)


Another children’s story this time based on a book written by Julia Donaldson and featuring voices of Robbie Coltrane, Rob Brydon, Helena Bonham Carter, John Hurt and James Corden.


Dr. Who (Dec 25th; BBC)


Please, what’s Christmas without Doctor Who?


The Royal Bodyguard (Dec 26th; BBC)


The Royal Bodyguard marks David Jason’s return to comedy.


Lapland (Dec 24th; BBC)


Lapland is a comedy drama series about the Lewis family who make a trip to Lapland to search for Santa and all other things Christmassy. But it is not so easy to leave your troubles behind. I couldn’t find a separate trailer but you can get a sneak peek in this BBC trailer below.


Raymond Blanc’s Christmas Feast (Dec 18th,; BBC)


I’m not saying I will be trying to attempt to cook any of these complicated dishes but you know… I love cooking shows. Plus it’s nice to see Adam again.


Downton Abbey (Dec 25th; ITV)


I love Downton Abbey so much, but I have been trying to pace myself and leave something for Christmas. The special will have to wait because I need to catch up. Hence I haven’t looked at the preview, but you can find it below.


Agatha Christie’s Poirot (Dec 26th; ITV)


Poirot returns and this story is based on the novel Clocks.


Just Henry (Dec 18th; ITV)


Just Henry is based on a book written by Michelle Magorian. Henry is a boy whose father died during World War II. When his medal is posted home Henry decides to investigate what he led to his father’s death. For the life of me I couldn’t find a trailer for the show but you can get more details at the link above.


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