7 British shows to check out in November

Dear ladies and gents,

down below you can find a list of few new British shows that you catch up on this November (or what is left of November). As you can see there is crime, there is drama, there is a documentary and there is Jamie Oliver so I hope you will find a new favorite.

The Jury – The Jury is the latest legal/drama/crime offering from ITV and this is the second season (believe it or not Gerard Butler stared in first season). The story centers around a high profile murder trial (or rather a re-trial) and 12 jurors who have to decide whether the accused man did or did not kill three women a few years ago. I found it compelling enough to tune in and this is the type of series ITV does really well so it is definitely worth the watch.



This is Jinsy – now This is Jinsy you will either love or hate. Because it is rather bizarre. And surreal. But it does have its funny moments. It was originally produced for BBC but now it is airing on Sky. This is Jinsy is about residents of Jinsy island (all 791 of them) who are being monitored by Arbiter Maven and Operative Sporall from the Great Tower and a system of tessellators (includes video cameras/slot for paying fines/pills dispensers respectively). As I said I think it is an acquired taste.



Top Boy – Top Boy is a Channel 4 mini series and a story about a group of young lads living on at Summerhouse housing estate in Hackney. Because they are so marginalized they have turned to gangs and drug dealing to get a sense they belong somewhere, anywhere. Rather grim but worth the watch.



Death in Paradise – a BBC production Death in Paradise is about detective Richard Poole (played by Ben Miller), a London police officer who is sent to Caribbean island of Saint Marie to investigate the death of detective who died at the mansion of the local aristocrat. After that murder is solved Poole stays at the island as the new detective. The only thing is he is not that into sea. Or sand. Or the heat.



Spy – Spy is another comedy series for Sky about a man called Tim (played by Darren Boyd) who is stuck in a dead end job and rather miserable. In a bid to impress his 9-year-old son he decides to apply for a job thinking it is for data entry with the government. However it turns out after he gets the job that the job doesn’t really involve data entry at. It does involve being an MI-5 spy.



Frozen Planet – if you love a good documentary you will love (loooooove!) Frozen Planet. It is produced by BBC and narrated by David Attenborough (the perfect combination really). It is about Arctic and Antarctic, the change of seasons in the region, the wildlife and the changes and challenges the region is facing due to the climate change. The camera work is unbelievable, the series is informative and educational and interesting. AND Blu-ray is out in UK on December 8th (which would make for a perfect Christmas gift is all I say).



Jamie’s Great Britain – you know I am more than willing to watch anything Jamie Oliver dishes out. And this is no exception. In this Channel 4 series Jamie travels all across UK in search for some new ideas and inspiration and to cook up some of UK’s most favorite dishes.



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