Grimm vs Once Upon a Time

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this week sees premieres of not one but two fantasy series – Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Which you know isn’t my cup of tea. At all. However since I am checking out pilots I thought – why not?


Well… Once Upon a Time was watchable. However. Even though I like Jennifer Morrison and Robert Carlyle (loved him in Cracker, loved him in Trainspotting, loved him in The Full Monty) and even though the series is written by 2 Lost script writers ( Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) and even though the present day bit of the series was as I said watchable sorry dudes me and this series? Not happening.


I’ll try to sum it up the best that I can – there is fairytale world and present day world of Storybrook, Maine. In fairytale world the Evil Queen unleashed some type of curse by which all the fairytale characters will not be aware of the magic and there will be no happy endings (only for the Evil Queen of course, how convenient for her).

So all these fairytale characters live in Storybrook, Maine and not only do they not know who they are, they know nothing about magic. Here comes in Emma Snow (played by Morrison), a bail bondsman (or person as she puts it) who gets a visit by a little boy named Henry, a son she gave up for adoption. But Emma is not only a bail bondsperson and Henry’s biological mum, she is also a child of Snow White and Charming Prince who was shoved in a tree cupboard of some sorts to be saved from the Evil Queen and must now fight her but in the present day world. I know!


The thing is I like complicated. I love complicated. But this, my friends, is just naff.

I thought that maybe the fairytale world stuff with the dwarfs and Evil Queen prancing around with some type of contraption on her head that would put Philip Treacy to shame was only to be used in the pilot. It seems I was wrong and these flash sideways (at least I think these are flash sideways) will happen through the series. And they bore me stiff. And are totally naff. Shame really because the other bit is quite good.

Check out the trailer below.



On to Grimm. I liked Grimm. I got enthusiastic about Grimm in fact. So much so I’d like to see what happens next. It reminds me a bit of Supernatural. There is lore and that sense of foreboding that Supernatural does so well when you know that the main character is about to get slam dunked by his fate yet again.

Grimm is a story about Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective who learns he is a descendant of the Grimms (hunters who kill all types of supernatural creatures). Burkhardt is played by David Guintoli, who I’ve never heard of before. But I think it is a good thing since it does give a dose of freshness to the series which I think wouldn’t be there if they used some other actor who we knew from a previous role. The other people who I recognized are Russell Hornsby as Burkhardt’s partner (who you might know from In Treatment), Silas Weir Mitchell (who has played a number of creepy characters over the years and this series is no exception) and Kate Burton as Marie, Nick’s aunt and a Grimm herself (who you might remember from Grey’s Anatomy as Meredith’s mum).


All in all I think besides the Fades, Grimm is the only solid pilot I have seen so far.

Check out the trailer below.



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