New (and returning) UK shows in September

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there haven’t been many British shows of note during the summer. Unless you of course count Celebrity Big Brother as interesting telly. But there are a few interesting shows out at the moment – 2 sitcoms, 2 crime dramas and Doc Martin returns for the fifth season so check out this short recap below and I hope you will find something worth tuning into.


Trollied is one of the two comedies that have premiered on Sky 1 this summer and it is a part of Sky 1’s campaign to revitalize British comedy. Trollied stars Jane Horrocks (who you might remember as ditzy Bubble, Eddie’s assistant from Ab Fab) as deputy manager of a fictional supermarket called Valco in Cheshire. She has the hots for her boss Gavin (played by Jason Watkins). As expected the series also features a number of quirky characters in form of the rest of the employees. It’s not hilarious, but it is definitely good for a few laughs and grows on you after a while.



Mount Pleasant

Another comedy for Sky 1, this one situated in the North. Mount Pleasant follows the story of Lisa (played by Sally Lindsay) and her husband Dan (played by Daniel Ryan) who live in a well off suburb of Manchester. Even though they do have their tiffs and scraps, Lisa and Dan have been married for 10 years and are very happy together (despite Lisa’s parents popping by unannounced on regular basis). To be honest, I liked this one less than I liked Trollied but if you simply have to check out every sitcom that comes out of UK it is worth a shot I guess.



Appropriate Adult



Appropriate Adult is ITV produced mini-series staring Emily Watson and Dominic West. The story centers on Fred West, a serial killer and Janet Leach who was his appropriate adult (term used to describe a volunteer appointed by the police to sit in on questionings of minors and sometimes adults whose duty is to make sure the suspect’s rights are not violated). The series follows the story just after West’s arrest, his prison stay and his subsequent suicide.


The Field of Blood



Another 2 part series this time produced by BBC. The Field of Blood is based on the novel written by Denise Mina. The series is set in 1982 Glasgow and follows the story of Paddy Meehan (played by Jayd Johnson), who is a copy girl for broadsheet the Glasgow Daily News. Paddy wants to become an investigative journalists even though it is predominantly male field at the time. But then a 2-year-old boy Brian is murdered and Paddy’s 10-year-old cousin becomes a chief suspect. Paddy embarks on an investigation of her own and soon finds herself in danger, not to mention torn between loyalty to her family and her dream of becoming a journalist.


Doc Martin



Doc Martin is a long-standing favorite of mine. So shoot me, I like Cornwall and its countryside. And cranky doctors. Now after a bit of a break (due to Martin Clunes’ other projects) Doc Martin is set to return this month with its fifth series. The story picks up where it left off – Doc has become a father, him and his partner Louisa are not coping well with all the late nights and he has postponed his return to London after the death of his aunt. The new GP arrives but soon it turns out she might not be up for the job after all.

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