Gold’s Only Fools and Horses Competition

Dears readers,

do you know it’s been 30 years (30!!!) since Only Fools and Horses first aired? I was aware I grew up with this stuff but 30 years!

To celebrate the occasion Gold is running a competition where you get a chance to stay at Del Boy’s humble abode at Nelson Mandela house in September. The prize also includes a takeway meal in the value of Ł40 (looove this!) The competition is unfortunately only open for UK residents. Visit their Facebook page to enter.

In case you do not win you can still apply and rent the flat for the total sum of Ł18 (yup those were the prices back in the day). You will just have to send an email to for your chance to win (there are still slots available and tenants can apply until August 30th).

As you can see from the pics it is not *precisely* as it was back in the day, but it is a damn good effort. Not to mention it is a piece of TV history, no? I heart that show so much and it still makes me laugh.

So go on, what are you waiting for?

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