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Dear readers,

have you seen Alphas? I had the chance to check it out (before I got sucked into a backlog of series that I haven’t had the chance to see since my holiday) and I quite liked it. It is about a team of people who have special superhuman abilities called Alphas and who work for the special branch of Ministry of Defense called Defense Criminal Investigative Service. The team is led by Dr. Lee Rosen (played by David Strathairn) and their main goal is to located other Alphas. Obviously there are good Alphas and bad Alphas and when an Alpha goes bad is usually with catastrophic results.


The good things about Alphas:


  • Warren Christie (plays Cameron). Duh, he is pretty to look at. Plus he is from Belfast and I’m a sucker for a good accent.
  • Ryan Cartwright. Because I just realized he is from Birmingham of all places. I have a soft spot for Birmingham so shoot me. Plus it’s nice to see a Brummie do good (other than Ozzy Osbourne that is).
  • I like that it’s SciFi. What can I say? I missed some SciFi in my life.
  • It’s a bit like Heroes. But not so… ambitious (for lack of a better word). And that is a good thing. There is no time travel/18-th century Japan/tons of new characters added just for the sake of it. You can watch each episode separately but there is usually something that ties in with the general storyline.
  • I like that the back story is revealed slowly but surely ever since the show started. I’d rather have that then some prolonged tease (cough Killing cough)


So these are the things that I like. It might not have too much wizz bangs and doodahs but it has some cool special effects and it is a solid, well written show that is like a breath of fresh air during these summer months. I mean a girl can stand only so much of Jeff Lewis’ antics (yes I’m still watching Flipping Out, feel free to judge me).

Anyhow check out the trailer for Alphas below.


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