True Blood – an observation if you will

Dear readers,

I’ll preface this by saying I do watch True Blood for its storylines. Not all of them natch. Most of them. But let’s be honest – there is plenty of eye candy too and that’s big part of the lure, no? So when I’m not concentrating hard on the storylines I notice these kinds of silly things.

By now we know that Sookie is a fairy and her blood smells delish to vampires. But I have also noticed that any and every vampire that hooks with Sookie ends up with a bit of a problem. And no, it’s not that someone wants to impale their arse. Rather they are cursed with a fringe from hell. To put it simply – whichever vampire hooks up with Sookie gets his fringe shot to shit.

Before you a) call me shallow (I already admitted that I am) and b) call me mad let’s follow the evidence (Horatio Caine would be so proud).

Bill Compton


Now here we have a normal looking fringe, wouldn’t you agree? It looks as if not too much thought (or styling product) has been put into it. And now check the after pic below…


… see what I mean? WTF is that? Is that like blow-dried?

Eric Northman


Here we have exhibit B – Mr. Northman. Nice, relaxed, slick black hair. On first inspection there doesn’t seem to be too much hair product. Now let’s take a look at after pic…


… well, let’s just say this reminded me why I was always more partial to Norwegians. I mean seriously WTF is that? Are they trying to make him look horrible on purpose? Because that man is hot. His fringe meanwhile is not.

And in case you think I’m talking out of my arse… from another angle.

Now before you swoop on me and tell me off for being horrible – I’m not, honest! I like me some True Blood. I just thought it was curious. And funny.


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