Well played USA Network, well played

Dear readers,

last week Royal Pains started. And I like me some Royal Pains, you already know that. But with the latest addition of Suits and Necessary Roughness (which I both like) in my mind at least USA Network totally rules the summer programming.

I wasn’t even aware the network existed until the Starter Wife (remember that miniseries with Debra Messing? I thought the mini series was great but I maybe watched one episode of the regular series). And it wasn’t like I haven’t watched any of their original programs before (I quite enjoyed the 4400).

But it seems that after their revamp or whathaveyou they have figured out a summer formula that works. You get a few actresses and actors that are not too bad to look at and put them in lovely clothes. Add exterior shots of stunning locations and some interiors to die for. Add plenty of one liners, just a smidgen of drama so that it is not too taxing and presto – you’ve got yourself a summer hit!

If it seems I’m being sarcastic I’m not – I love what they are doing. So much so that in fact I managed to get sucked into watching two (TWO!!!) of their latest shows just one and two episodes in (respectively).

If you haven’t seen Suits it is about this dude Mike (played by Patrick J. Adams) who is really smart (and has photographic memory to boot) but is also a bit of a pothead and a lazy slacker. He gets into a spot of bother with the police and ends up working for this other dude called Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht). Now Harvey is a closer (some type of lawyer guy who closes deals) and he has to hire a new associate but since it is his firm’s policy to only hire Harvard graduates both him and Mike and forced to pretend that Mike finished Harvard. I saw two episodes already and as I said it’s quite good. The jokes are funny, there is some drama, both gentlemen are nice to look at and have good chemistry together.

Now Necessary Roughness premiered last week and it is based on a true story about doctor Dani Santino (played by Callie Thorne) who is a therapist and hypnotist from Long Island. She finds out her husband is cheating on her and decides to get a divorce. Because of the divorce proceedings she is left in a bit of a financial pickle and by chance (read rebound hook up with a random hot dude) she starts to work as a therapist for a football team. I’ll admit I found some bits of the pilot totes schmaltzy and whathaveyou but that didn’t stop me from watching and I’ll be tuning in again this week.

As I said in the title – well played USA Network, really well played.

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