True Blood – an observation if you will

Dear readers,

I’ll preface this by saying I do watch True Blood for its storylines. Not all of them natch. Most of them. But let’s be honest – there is plenty of eye candy too and that’s big part of the lure, no? So when I’m not concentrating hard on the storylines I notice these kinds of silly things.

By now we know that Sookie is a fairy and her blood smells delish to vampires. But I have also noticed that any and every vampire that hooks with Sookie ends up with a bit of a problem. And no, it’s not that someone wants to impale their arse. Rather they are cursed with a fringe from hell. To put it simply – whichever vampire hooks up with Sookie gets his fringe shot to shit.

Before you a) call me shallow (I already admitted that I am) and b) call me mad let’s follow the evidence (Horatio Caine would be so proud).

Bill Compton


Now here we have a normal looking fringe, wouldn’t you agree? It looks as if not too much thought (or styling product) has been put into it. And now check the after pic below…


… see what I mean? WTF is that? Is that like blow-dried?

Eric Northman


Here we have exhibit B – Mr. Northman. Nice, relaxed, slick black hair. On first inspection there doesn’t seem to be too much hair product. Now let’s take a look at after pic…


… well, let’s just say this reminded me why I was always more partial to Norwegians. I mean seriously WTF is that? Are they trying to make him look horrible on purpose? Because that man is hot. His fringe meanwhile is not.

And in case you think I’m talking out of my arse… from another angle.

Now before you swoop on me and tell me off for being horrible – I’m not, honest! I like me some True Blood. I just thought it was curious. And funny.


9 fall pilots to get excited about

Dear readers,

I know, I know you must think I’m mad. After all it’s still July. But September will be here before you know it. So let’s take a look at some of the pilots that look interesting and might be worth checking out come fall. Do remember though that these are still in pilot stages and that is no guarantee of a full season pick up. Also I’ve tried to find trailers but obviously not all are already available.


Person of Interest


Person of Interest is produced by CBS and it is based on a screenplay written by J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan. It stars Michael Emerson (as in Benjamin Linus) as a rich billionaire who has created a computer program that predicts future crimes. He hires a former CIA agent (played by Jim Caviezel) to help him prevent these crimes. Allegedly this was the highest rated test pilot CBS has seen in the last 15 years. I still haven’t decided if that is a good or a bad thing.





I’ve already written about Alcatraz and I’m hoping this one will get a full season pick up. If for nothing else than to see Jorge Garcia on weekly basis again.





Produced by Fox and created by Tim Kring (of Heroes fame) Touch is about an autistic and mute boy who can predict future events. The series will get a mid-season premiere and so far Kiefer Sunderland and Danny Glover have been cast in main roles.




Identity is based on the ITV series of the same name (which coincidently got cancelled after just one season). It stars Angela Bassett as the special agent in charge of the unit that deals with identity-related crimes. The series is produced by ABC and written by John Glenn.


Locke & Key

Unfortunately it seems according to latest reports Locke & Key will not get a pick up. The pilot did get screened at Comic Con last week but Fox didn’t pick it up. It is based on horror comics written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. It is a modern-day haunted house horror and I was really curious to see this one but unless someone leaks the pilot on the Internet chance of that is slim to none. Joe Hill is also a book author (I’d recommend his Heart Shaped Box). And Stephen King’s son.




Created by David Greenwalt (Angel) and Jim Kouf and produced by NBC Grimm is being sold as a cop drama but with a supernatural twist. It stars Dave Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective in Portland, Oregon who discovers he is a descendant of Grimms, hunters who fight supernatural forces.



House of Lies


House of Lies is produced by Showtime and stars Don Cheadle as a cut-throat consultant who will do anything to acquire the information his clients need. The series also marks Kristen Bell‘s return to television (which she should have done a long time ago).


The River


The River is produced by ABC and it is a paranormal/drama/adventure series. TV wildlife host goes missing in the Amazona and 6 months later his wife and kid receive his beacon signal indicating he is alive. Documentary crew is assembled and they travel to Amazon to the last destination he has visited to learn more and try to find him. But they are in for a surprise.



More As This Story Develops


There isn’t much to find about More As This Story Develops but it is produced by HBO and it is written by Aaron Sorkin. It is a show about well a TV show more specifically a TV news anchor (played by Jeff Daniels). The cast also includes Sam Waterston and Dev Patel


So tell me dear readers are any new pilots on your radar? Anything you are excited to see come fall?

Torchwood: Miracle Day – 3 episodes after


Dear readers,

I didn’t have much time to watch any of the shows last week. So I’m terribly behind on almost everything (on a side note I know I was complaining a few weeks ago there is nothing to watch but now all of a sudden I have trouble keeping up. Which although annoying is a welcomed change this summer).

I did manage to catch up on Torchwood. And it seems Torchwood fans have some strong reactions to the storyline so far.

I thought the best would be to just list the pros and cons.



– the premise. No one dies. NO ONE. And as Captain Jack Bollocks said himself it’s not so much that no one is dying but it is the fact it is happening on the global scale at the same time
– John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose
– it still has it’s funny moments. That guy that got blasted in the explosion and his head was not connected to his body but he was still alive? I know it was gross and horrible but it was also funny.
– Eve Moyles still looking normal (unlike her American counterparts who all wear stilettos with what look like at least 5 inch heels and not a hair out-of-place).



– the pace of the storyline. It picked up a little bit in the third episode but still, come on! And I know there are 10 episodes this time around but that’s no excuse.
– crisps/chips, I mean whatever, I get it Torchwood is in the US now but there is no need to harp on about differences between American and British English
– little to no introduction into the character’s back story
– repeating major story points time and time again. We got it the first time around – big pharma is bad. And global. Thankyouverymuch I don’t need it repeated in three consecutive scenes.
– Rex Matheson’s hole in the heart or whatever injury he has sustained. It looks gross. Really gross. And I don’t get grossed out easily. Also aspirin for pain management? Hm yes, good luck with that.

To sum it up – is Torchwood watchable? Yes. Is it good? Yes. Is it exceptional as it was last season? No. Not yet anyway.


On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 would be major drivel and 10 would be exceptional telly I’d place Torchwood somewhere around 6. Maybe it would help if we considered it as a spin-off or a reboot rather than original series? Although to be honest when I look at the list above it makes me miss Weevils, you know what I mean?

So what you do think dear readers, did Torchwood get better or worse?

The Dark Knight Rises – trailer

Dear readers,

I guess they call this type of trailer a teaser for a reason… because we can’t really see much of anything new. However just like with Fincher, Christopher Nolan could shoot a big steaming pile of poo and I’d still watch it. Once. But before you start to think I’m off my rocker I’m not. Then I’d see his next movie and if that sucked too, that’d be it for me (which actually makes me wonder – how many duds are you willing to tolerate before you give up on a director/actor/whoever?)

But I digress. The Dark Knight Rises trailer dropped yesterday. There is Gary Oldman. But no Tom Hardy (tsk!) And as I already said you can’t really make out much about what is happening. So I guess we will have to sit and wait for the next one.