The Killing – seriously?!

Image: Chris Large/AMC

Dear readers,

I have shared my enthusiasm for the Killing. And I liked the pilot and thought it had promise.

But by fourth or fifth episode the show started to drag on and not make much sense at.all. No, I didn’t make a list why some of the things didn’t make sense because quite frankly couldn’t be arsed (you can find a great list over at the AV Club). But after the season finale yesterday I have the urge to laugh hysterically and try to forget I won’t get these 13 hours of my life back (on the plus side at least I’m not this pissed off).

There is an interview with series creator Veera Sud over at TVLine and I do have an urge to blow raspberries her way because well… they were so sure their show was going to get picked up for second season they didn’t come up with an alternate ending? Seriously?

Look – I am all for NOT spoon feeding the audience and wrapping things up in little packages come season end. All.For.It. Because it might be ok to watch CSI: Miami once in a while and feel all superior and smug because you know who the killer is (because of that and obviously because of Horatio Caine’s profound one liners) but what is the fun in that? I mean, give me something like Veronica Mars to keep me on my toes any day.

So I have no problem with a cliffhanger ending, I’m ok with not knowing the killer just yet. But what bothers me are all the gaping inconsistencies that have led to how the story ended last night. What bothers me is the sloppy writing.
Because if you are not prepared to spoon feed your audience? Better make sure your story is airtight. And let’s face it, the story of Rosie Larson’s murder started off well enough but didn’t stay that way for long. And it definitely wasn’t airtight.

So tell me dear readers, have you seen the Killing finale? What did you think?