Have you seen any good thrillers lately?

Dear readers,

I’ve watched a few movies this weekend and found myself a tad annoyed to be honest.

Now I’m not going to tell you which ones because I do not want to spoil anything for you but…

The thing is I love me a good thriller. I do. But it feels that of late all the movies I’ve seen lack a bit hm imagination? I understand that not all movies can be made by Nolan. Or let’s say Fincher. But heaven wept do we have to have the same/slightly different formula all.the.time? It is like for a movie to be considered to be edgy, imaginative and forward thinking it has to have one of the following components:

  • one of the characters has to be dead/all of the characters are dead/someone talks to dead people
  • one of the characters has some sort of a mental illness/is a split personality/talks to imaginary people
  • movie going backwards
  • time travel/dream travel of some sort
  • if there is one actor in the background that you know/recognize from somewhere you can be sure that character is the killer/terrorist/whatever

I don’t mean to be a horrible bish of a blogger because I appreciate screenwriters for all they do. It must back breaking. It’s their imagination and words combined with director’s vision that bring us all these movies that keep us entertained. But ever since Inception I haven’t really seen a thriller that made me pay notice from start to finish. I’ve seen good movies, good-ish movies and some bad movies but overall it seems to me Hollywood bigwigs have decided that some of these things listed above work and now a variation of the above is the only thing they will commission. It all seems a bit… well lazy, I suppose.

And it’s not that I cannot be done in some other way and they don’t even have to be major tweaks – think of Seven, we only saw Kevin Spacey properly in the last 10 minutes of the movie. Primal Fear didn’t have wizzbangs and doodahs but a good story/cast and a character who was only supposedly a split personality. Think of the Millennium Trilogy – great suspense books, great movies which coincidentally now have to remade because it’s a drag to read the subtitles. I. Just. Kant. *sheesh*

It seems to me and again this is only my opinion studios presume the audience will not be able to keep up/is not willing to keep up. And I don’t think that’s the case. Maybe that is why when something challenging (for a lack of a better word) comes long, it is so successful at the box office. Because we can keep up. Dare I say, we would love to keep up?

So tell me dear readers, have you seen anything of late that has knocked your socks off and made you pay attention?

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