Super 8 – trailer

Dear readers,

Twitter erupted in Super 8 buzz yesterday. I heard of the movie, I knew it was J. J. Abrams project but I didn’t really pay much attention to see what it is about.
I know it’s kind of silly but I’d rather go into the movie theater not knowing much about the movie and come out pleasantly surprised (like I did with Inception last year) then to go in thinking it will be great and come out thinking meh (think the Social Network). I know, I’m weird but it was Inception last year that changed my way of thinking about what to expect from movies.

Anyhow Super 8 is produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by J. J. Abrams and it follows the story of a group of teens living in Ohio who accidentally witness a train accident while shooting a movie. It turns out that a part of Area 51 was being closed and whatever was stashed here was transported by train just before the accident. After the accident people start disappearing and local sheriff (played by Kyle Chandler) soon discovers the disappearances are connected with whatever was in that train.

I think that’s about as much as you need to know without spoiling anything. And you know what really tipped me into territory of I-need-to-see-this-movie? People are saying it’s like Goonies. I freaking love Goonies. So that’s enough for me.

You can check the trailer below and if any of you fellow readers have been to the screenings, what did you think?

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