Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol Trailer

Dear readers,

Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol trailer was released yesterday. And I’m embarrassed to admit I kinda fancy seeing it. It looks all snazzy and slick and shit and I can even ignore the fact it has Tom Cruise in it. Because let’s face it – when was the last time Tom Cruise was considered cool? Top Gun? I loved Magnolia but he was a part of a large cast so it didn’t bother me so much.

And (AND!) on the plus side it also stars Simon Pegg (what’s there not to love about Simon Pegg), Josh Holloway (well hello there!) and Jeremy Renner. That’s a whole load of hot for one movie. Yes I am a shallow, shallow blogger but let’s be honest – it’s not really about the story line, is it?

Anyhow check out the trailer below.

Leverage is back!

Dear readers,

summer shows are back with vengeance. Thank heavens! For a moment there I thought I’d have to read or get some fresh air or something. Ah I’m only joking – I’ve been out with the dog at 6:00am this morning and if you are stumped for something to read can I recommend the Harry Hole series?

But it is at least nice to have an option to watch something, no? Royal Pains is back this week, White Collar already aired what 3 episodes, Suits is not half bad (although I think I will have to see at least another episode to see whether or not I will stick with it) and Leverage returned this Sunday.

I still haven’t gotten round to True Blood but I think I will have to get to it soon because well… obviously delish.

I tried watching Falling Skies. I start and than stop, start, stop and I’ve managed to get through the first hour. For some reason it’s not grabbing me as I thought it would. Again will have to stick with at least one or two more episodes before I decide whether it is worth my time.

But Leverage is back and I’m glad! I forgot how damn fun that show is. If you are not watching it yet, please do. And you can check out the promo for this week’s episode below.

So tell me dear readers, are you watching anything interesting? Am I missing something? Please let me know in the comments below.

Did you know? – Royal Pains

Dear readers,

I miss me some Royal Pains. When you think about it is a perfect summer show – wonderful location, light and frothy story lines, pretty cast who wear nice to look at clothes – what’s there not to like? Luckily Royal Pains returns next week (the season premieres on June 29th in case you were wondering) so I decided to do another Did you know? post. On the side-note – did you know that they are coming up with a line of books too? Well now you do.

Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein was known as sit-com kryptonite at one point, on account of staring in a number of sit-com that either got cancelled or did last longer than one season. You might remember him from Caroline in the City, Fired Up or possibly Good Morning, Miami. He appeared in two movies with Sandra Bullock – Practical Magic and Two Weeks Notice (but all of his scenes were deleted from that last one).

But did you know that he studied at Ecole Philippe Gaulier – where notably he had classes with their top clown teacher? That also might explain why his nickname is Chaplin (allegedly he has a knack for physical comedy).

Paulo Costanzo

Paulo Constanzo stared in such titles as the Road Trip, Everything’s Gone Green and Splinter but you might have noticed him before in sit-com Joey, where he played Joey’s nephew Michael Tribiani. On a side-note Drea de Mateo played the role of his mum but she is only 5 years older then Paulo.
Anyhow down below you can see a deleted scene from the Road Trip. And well… it’s hilarious.

Jill Flint

Unfortunately I could not find anything at all out of the ordinary for Ms Flint. But if you do like her, you might want to check out the Good Wife where she appears as a guest star from time to time.

Reshma Shetty

You might enjoy Reshma Shetty’s portrayal of physicians assistant Divya but did you know that she is also a trained opera singer? Yup she got her BA and MA in opera. Unfortunately I could not find a clip of her singing anywhere even though she was the lead in the production of Bombay Dreams.

Campbell Scott

I remember first seeing Campbell Scott in Dying Young. And than of course there were Singles. I think I kind of prefer him as cool and collected Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz though. Anyhow his list of movie and TV credits is longer than my arm but did you know that Campbell Scott is also a successful voice-over artist?
He did the narration for Häagen Dazs commercial Ode to Flavor (which you can see below) and audio books for Stephen King’s The Shining and Cell. I thought it was important to point that out since I love me a) some ice cream and b) love me some Stephen King.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – trailer

Dear readers,

it’s so hot where I am at I cannot muster much energy to sit at the keyboard (I had the best intentions to see Falling Skies, but I’ve just haven’t gotten around to it yet). So I’ll just leave you with the last Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part trailer. But you’ve seen this though, haven’t you?

Side note and totally OT I squealed a little when I’ve read this interview – Jon Hamm a Black Adder fan? Have mercy!