Silk and North Square

Dear readers,

I’ve mentioned in my little rant the other day that I have been watching BBC’s Silk. I do this you see, store shows for a rainy day (like major holidays and during the summer) when there is absolutely nothing to watch. As has been the case of late.

And overall Silk wasn’t bad. For what is worth I really know very little about UK law (no surprising given the fact I was exposed to US law shows since I was in my teens. And I wasn’t the only one. I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who used to shout objection, objection when she was sloshed and she disagreed with something we said). I’m sure lawyery types from UK would tell me all about how little it resembles the realities of working for a chambers. Isn’t that always the case with legal/medical/police procedurals though?

But I thought the storyline was interesting, if a little uneven and the cast was very good (Maxine Peake was brilliant, I quite enjoyed Neil Stuke‘s performance as the senior clerk and even though I like to harp on just how good looking Rupert Penry-Jones is, the man is far from being just an eye candy, his acting abilities are nothing to sneer at either).

I was happy to watch something interesting the only snag was the series was only six episodes (dang and bollocks). So I did a bit of googling and it turns out the writer of the show Peter Moffat did another show of the same type back in 2000 called the North Square. And reviews were overall positive so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Did I mention this one actually has 10 episodes? Yay for that.

Anyhow the premise of North Square is the same as for Silk, the only difference being the show is set in Leeds. And the actors are different. It does feature rather fresh faced Rupert Penry-Jones (yup!) and (AND!) Kevin McKidd (of the Grey’s Anatomy fame. He also looks rather fresh faced too). And yes this show isn’t bad either. The only thing that struck me… well… it is not such an old show considering it was made in 2000. But for some reason it looks (and feels) like it was made in the 80s. Don’t know if it is because of McKidd’s Hawaiian shirts or the clunky mobile phones or a naff music but it has 80s written all over it. I’m not saying the show isn’t good (it is) that just struck me as a bit odd.

You can check the trailers below. Edit – I just realized the trailer below features Rupert Penry-Jones stripping to his undies. Hm I totes didn’t embed that trailer on purpose, I just remembered that scene. Consider it a bonus!

But now to you my dear readers, have you seen any British shows of late that you would recommend? Am I missing something really (REALLY) good? Please leave you suggestions in the comments below.

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