Are you watching Fringe?

Because my dear readers, if you haven’t been watching you simply have to.

This season Fringe reminds me of Supernatural last seasonthe writers are in the groove baby. Each episode is better then the next and each episode brings some new development that makes me go – oooooh I wonder how that will turn out! Given Fringe can still put me off my food, because let’s be honest the gross factor is still there what with people’s eyes bleeding and whathaveyou but even the gross hasn’t put me off.

And if you need another reason to tune in just check out the trailer below and see if you can spot who made a cameo appearance. Dude! (in case I’m not clear – not the original Dude as in Jeff Bridges but the other dude).

Also big shout out to Fringe’s promo department who are doing a brilliant job with these trailers.

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