New British shows in February

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I am fully aware Oscars were on last night. Is it ok for me to say I thought it was a bit blah? Yup. Not that funny (maybe they should have gone with Ricky Gervais instead of Hathaway/Franco combo?) I am delighted Colin Firth finally won (yay for that!) and yay for the King’s Speech winning but since I did bet on Geoffrey Rush winning the best supporting role I am a bit bitter about that (the odds on Colin Firth winning were too small, I didn’t even bother). Oh don’t be all shocked, I haven’t bet in ages!

Anyhow instead of harping on about who wore what/who was robbed (Nolan and Inception, sure they did win and I agree on cinematography and visual effects but overall I think that movie was seriously underrated) I will give you a list of a few new and returning British shows that have been hitting the screens over the last few weeks.

Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets

Raymond Blanc is back! I did harp on about him and some of his more complicated dishes (anyone in a mood to make a chocolate spoon and a chocolate cup? You can check how it is done in the trailer below) I do find his latest offering quite refreshing. He loves to cook, he loves to eat and he doesn’t shout – a definite win-win in my book. He can still get fiddly (the episode with shellfish featured a lobster recipe that involved making a jus that is too complicated for me to even attempt and replicate at home but that grilled squid salad looked absolutely delicious). Next episode – cakes and pastries, o la la!

I’ve also found a post on BBC blog written by the show’s producer and it was interesting to read how to show is actually made. All I will say is if they feed me I wouldn’t mind doing the washing up.


It has been a while since I last saw Rupert Penry-Jones on TV screen. Well he is staring in newest BBC show called Silk. Before your mind wonders no it’s not a spin off from Silk Stalkings, it is a show about the Bar and barristers who are all in competition to become the Queen’s Counsel. Whoever gets the job has to wear silk robes and a rather odd looking wig hence the name – it is called “taking Silk” after the robes. The rest of the cast includes Maxine Peake, Neil Stuke and Natalie Dormer. If you enjoy lawyer-y shows then this one is definitely for you.

Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner is latest Channel 4 sitcom that stars a face that you have maybe seen before – Simon Bird of Inbetweeners. I like the premise of the show – the two Goodman brothers return to their childhood home every Friday to have dinner with their parents and their gran. But their parents and their gran are a bit odd? Peculiar? I think the PC word would be eccentric? Well how would you call a gran that dances round the house in her bikini? Well that! Anyhow the series was meant for Channel 4 digital channel but they liked the pilot so much it is now shown on the main program. Overall it is giggle inducing.

Mad Dogs

Sky1 had a few shows that I have enjoyed of late – Thorne and Strike Back to name a few. And their productions are all snazzy and shit. But this latest production is not only snazzy and shit but also features quite an impressive cast – John Simm, Philip Glenister, Max Beesley, Marc Warren and Ben Chaplin. It a story about four childhood friends who travel to Majorca to visit their friend Alvo who is retiring. But Alvo is murdered and four friends get involved in world of crime against their own will. I found it funny and not bad at all.

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